Friday, March 11, 2011


We have been receiving many emails asking us if we will be attending the demonstration at the DAP headquarters on March 12. We would like to say here that we will not do so because we do not want to divert the attention from the Serdang Kitten Killer. We are focused in bringing her to book and that will be our main goal. So, far the response we have received ftom the Department of Veterinary Services is very encouraging and we hope that she will be charged within the next week or two. Furthermore, its Ean Yong and Nie Ching that made the blunder and not the entire party. So far the DAP has been most supportive of us and some of its elected representatives have been sponsoring several adoption drives at their service centers for us. If any single party in the Pakatan Rakyat coalition will care to do something for the welfare of animals especially dogs, it will definitely be the DAP and not PKR or PAS. We will be arranging a dialogue with Ean Yong and Nie Ching where they will be told that they had behaved irresponsibly and idiotically by protecting the Serdang Kitten Killer.
We are also disassociating ourselves from the demonstration because it is being organized by several people who have strong links with PKR and one of its leaders Dr Xavier Jayakumar. This group is also involved in the CAT committee and have not done anything to counter the gross abuse of dogs by the local councils that we have been desperately highlighting. Hannah Yeoh also from the DAP had gone to organize a dialogue with Dr Xavier about a year ago on the plight of strays in the pound and even though we had handed over a proposal to him, nothing has been done thus far.
Matter of fact some of the main people at this proposed Sunday gathering has even gone to the extent of defending the pounds.
We condemn any form of selective persecution.
These are also the very same people who are targeting dog owners in their supposed countering of the stray population by even having gone on house to house inspections. This we, strongly believe, will result in those having more than the number of dogs they can keep, dumping their pets. This move also causes a lot of problems for rescuers and fosterers who have more than one pet at their homes at any one time.
Having said all this, we hope our friends will understand why we will not be participating. We would not have posted this if personal attacks and allegations had not leveled against us by a couple of people who made a sudden appearance and demanded that we attend the demonstration.
However, we will participate if a demo is held outside the Selangor state secretariat demanding that Dr Xavier together with all the other executive councilors and Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim take immediate measures to rectify the situation in the pounds.
We can also all collectively demand that the money used to pay the dog catchers can be utilized to launch the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage method.
If only the group that is organizing this Sunday’s event is prepared to organize the same at the state secretariat – We would be eternally grateful to them. But will they?
Thank you and please see links for info on the pound atrocities.


Anonymous said...

MDDB is doing the right thing by not getting involved in this protest organised by other groups. It looks to be more politically-inspired than out of concern for the stray animals.
Although the two DAP reps could have managed the whole issue in a more diplomatic manner, we cannot blame the entire party.
The DAP-led Pakatan State Govt in Penang for instance has even allowed an animal welfare NGO to lease a piece of state land to set up a no-kill animal sanctuary. That speaks volume for the animal-friendly stance of the DAP as a political party. The Selangor PKR-led Pakatan Govt has yet to set up any animal sanctuary or given any animal welfare NGO a piece of state land on lease for a no-kill animal sanctuary.
Moreover, the local Selangor councils are notorious for extreme cruelty in its various dog pounds and by its animal-catching contractors.
And what has those groups protesting the cat killer been doing about the stray dog cruelty by the various council?
Let's not be in a situation whereby we cannot see the wood for the trees. Thank you MDDB for being able to see through all the crap and political mist.

kl_boy said...

I fully support the organisation's stand on this. Makes sense and does not detract from the main message of getting the word across on the offender and the situation as a whole for abandoned pets in Malaysia.

Can't say the same for PKR or PAS. Very disappointed with their attitude towards animal welfare. However, I still think the MP and ADUN did the right decision based on the circumstances presented to them. They have a duty to help their constitutients and to send a public message to everyone that no cruel acts can hide away for long in this connected word.

Anonymous said...

These people are trying to hoodwink the public for their political goals. It is very stupid of them to use this to attack the DAP and shows that PKR will stoop as low as it takes to get its people into powerful positions. Lim Kit Siang should speak to Anwar Ibrahim and demand that Anthony Thanasayan is removed as councilor and Surendran is removed as party vice president. I think that the two DAP YBs were only helping their constituent and should not be punished for that.

Anonymous said...

I think the chief organiser Shenaaz Khan wants to join Surendran and thanasayan on PKR list of boot licckers. Well done Khan!