Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Hello everyone,

We will be holding our adoption drive at the NZX Mall at Ara Damansara on the 28th and 29th of this month and need volunteers to help us.

Since we would be bringing our dogs as well as those of other rescuers – and some cats – we need volunteers to supervise and coordinate them.

There are also other things that will need to be taken care of and those interested in volunteering could also give us ideas on what they can do/want to do.

We are also planning to have some exhibition booths as well as talks and demonstrations by vets, groomers as well as those benefiting from just being in the company of pets.

The event will be organised with little fuss and a lot of camaraderie.

Let’s all get together and have a good time but at the same time – work towards finding homeless animals good families.

Please pass the word around.

Those interested in volunteering please write to:


Monday, March 16, 2009



my name is London and I am in need of a home. My brother and I were abandoned by our mother's owners near some houses about a month ago. Unfortunately, a car ran over my brother killing him instantly. I am now left alone and will remain alone unless some kind soul takes me in. I am a nice puppy and promise to love you with all my heart if you give me a home to stay. Please dont let me grow-up as no one's puppy. If you want to take me home and love me - call 019-3576477. Thanks.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


We are very happy to inform that all the dogs infected with the distemper virus are doing fine.

Thank you to all our supporters and friends who had helped us through this difficult time with donations to pay for the expensive immune boosters as well as veterinary care.

We would also like to inform members of the veterinary fraternity who opined that distemper is beyond treatment and treating these animals were a waste money - THAT THEY HAVE BEEN PROVEN WRONG.

Proper medication and care can help dogs fight the distemper virus - we have seen this ourselves and would like to inform pet owners NOT TO LISTEN TO VETS WHO ADVISE THEM TO PUT THEIR INFECTED DOGS TO SLEEP.

Get immune boosters and vitamins as well as force feed the dogs when they lose their appetites and you'll see how fast they recover. Call us and we will also try our best to help you.

Don't get spooked - put the infected dogs in a cage and keep them isolated from your other dogs and remember to wash your hand with a disinfectant after touching them.

I would also like to advise a particular so-called senior vet in Subang Jaya not to behave like a fish wife by bad mouthing our efforts and the vets who work with us.

You make money out of sick animals because it is your profession and we respect that.

However, please understand that we do what we do because it is our calling to help animals in distress - please respect us for this instead of persecuting us with baseless allegations.

We would also like to thank Dr Edmond Yeoh, who brought the six-month-old puppy 'back to life'. He didn't give up whilst some others vets said they were considering putting the puppy down.

We also thank all the fosterers who took in the infected dogs into their homes to nurse them back to health. We are all very humbled with this humane gesture.

Bless all of you for helping us help them.