Saturday, November 12, 2011


The total cost of RM8,000 paid for the surgery. Heartfelt thanks to our compassionate donors
Justice responding well to Reiki with Tania
Being healed
Listening to Tania's reassurance
Being told that he is much loved'

It was a very harrowing experience for the five of us who were at the Gasing Veterinary Hospital for Justice's major spinal surgery. We were all jittery as we knew the risks involved in the surgery which was being carried out to align the puppy's completely transacted spinal column.

We were duly briefed by the surgeon that there is a possibility that joining the spine may be a futile effort if the broken segment had degenerated from the time the MRI had been taken more than a week ago. We hoped for the best as we sat waiting for the outcome of the 2 1/2 hour surgery which began at about 3.30pm.

But prior to the surgery Tania Leong did some reiki on Justice and we were amazed to see how well he responded to it. Tania as well as Myers also reassured Justice that all will be well, and it appeared he understood that we cared and wanted him to fight his odds.

Once the surgery was over, the surgeon told us he was able to join the severed spinal column together with a long pin but unfortunately while he was operating, he was not able to see any nerves in the area. This means Justice is paralyzed and would probably need wheels to move around.

We were prepared for this as our only hope is for him to regain bowel and anal control with the surgery as well as subsequent physiotherapy and acupuncture that we would be arranging for Justice.

Justice woke up less than 1/2 hour after surgery but looked confused and spaced out but appeared much better several minutes after that. We massaged his head with some essential oil given to us by Tania and left Justice to rest after reassuring him that we loved him and wanted him to recover.

After what we had experienced today we can now say that Justice has become a dearly loved puppy. He will stay at the veterinary clinic pending recovery and will receive physiotherapy and acupuncture there.

Once his wounds are healed, he will go and live with an MDDB member who will give Justice the love and care he deserves.

At this juncture we would like to say that the credit for saving Justice's life belongs to Hargovin Dhillon of Kuantan who had contacted us and followed through to ensure that Justice received the necessary care.

In spite of the tragedy that had befallen him, Justice is indeed lucky to have found Govin.

Please keep Justice in your thoughts as there are still risks such as infection. All in RM 8,000 have already been paid for the surgery.


Waiting to be prepared for surgery
Being prepared for surgery
Justice being operated on
The surgical site
Justice after surgery

Insertion of pin
Aligned spine
Spaced-out after surgery
Still spaced out
A little better

Friday, November 11, 2011


Dear all,
Justice is going in for his surgery tomorrow (SAT, NOV 12) and we ask of you to channel healing thoughts his way. What has happened to Justice is a very sad reflection of the blatant disregard people have for dogs here.
We are still not able to fathom the reasoning, if any can be given at all, behind why so much anger was directed towards a puppy. How could anyone inflict such an injury which has severed his spinal column and chord into two?
The force that had been exerted to hit him with an object, which is probably a piece of wood or a metal rod, must have been extremely excessive for such an injury to have been inflicted. We hope with all our hearts that the surgery will be a success - because Justice deserves to live.
It is now up to all of us to ensure that this innocent puppy which lies maimed and broken due to human cruelty is given a chance to live. Please keep Justice in your thoughts tomorrow.
The surgery will start at about 2.30pm at Gasing Veterinary Hospital and is expected to end several hours later.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


CANINE WELFARE project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) will hold its monthly adoption drive USJ Subang Jaya this Sunday. Besides having more than 20 dogs and puppies for adoption, MDDB will also be having some cats and kittens.

Venue: Main entrance Summit Shopping Complex, USJ, Subang Jaya

Date: Sunday, Nov 13

Time: 11.30am to 7.30pm

Details:, or e-mail or 019-357 6477, 012-373 9007 or 017-2081844

MDDB will also have a booth at the SPCA’s World Animal Day celebrations at Desa Park City on the same day. Besides having our merchandise on sale there, MDDB will also have a puppy or two for adoption at the venue. Please visit the MDDB booth to see our story board on animal cruelty and rescue. The event starts 3.00pm and ends at 6.00pm. Bring your pets to have a good time with them as SPCA has lined-up many interesting events.


Justice will be going in for surgery this Saturday afternoon and we are fervently hoping that all will turn out well. The surgery is to set his fractured spine and spinal cord straight with implants and although we know Justice may not ever walk again, we hope it will return his bowel control with subsequent physiotherapy and acupuncture. His surgery and post-surgery veterinary care is expected to cost about RM10,000 whilst another RM5,000 is needed for subsequent care and relevant medicines for stem cell treatment. So far we have raised slightly over RM7,000 and are working feverishly raising the remaining sum. Some of you may ask why not just put Justice to sleep and save the money instead of spending it on one dog - our only response would be that he deserves to live. Having dealt with many seriously injured and dying dogs over the years, we can easily see in Justice's eyes his desperation to live. What has happened to Justice is reflective of the scant regard for animal welfare that we have here. What could the poor puppy possibly have done to deserve such a severe beating which resulted in his spine and spinal chord being severed? Please help us to help Justice and please keep him in your thoughts.



This is to announce that the Malaysian Cats Care Project (MCCP) and Kucing Terbiar Dan Anjing Jalanan (KTAJ) have now merged and will be known as Stray Cats Rescue and Treatment Community Help (SCRATCH). Given this MCCP and KTAJ have been dissolved and replaced by SCRATCH. SCRATCH is now a feline welfare project under non-governmental organization Community Development and Integration Initiative. However, the KTAJ FB page and blog will be maintained but the MCCP logo and name will be removed from the MDDB main blog. More announcements on the merger will be made soon. Stay tuned.