Friday, June 11, 2010


Herewith a pictorial narration of the journey taken by Forrest from the time he was rescued from being put to sleep at the Selayang pound to the present.


VENUE: Summit Subang Jaya
Sunday, June 13
TIME: 11.00 am to 7.00pm

Ready to be loved: Little Forrest is no longer little but still waiting to be adopted.

Friday June 11, 2010

Little Forrest among 12 puppies up for adoption

CANINE welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) is hoping plucky puppy Little Forrest finds a loving home at its adoption drive at the Summit Subang Jaya shopping complex on Sunday (June 13).
The adoption drive at Summit’s main entrance will be held between 11am and 7pm.
MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai said Little Forrest was rescued from the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) pound in February.
“He was rescued by an animal activist who visited the pound. Little Forrest was very sick and had countless ticks on him,’’ said Lai.
Thanks to the dedication of his rescuers, he pulled through after being put on drips and given a blood transfusion.
Currently, after being discharged from the clinic last week, Little Forrest is a happy puppy in need of a loving home.
She added Little Forrest had almost died on several occasions at the clinic after his rescue.
Luckily he had pulled through and Lai attributes this to the puppy’s fighting spirit.
“He has a strong will to live and fought very hard to survive. Sadly, most of the puppies rescued with him succumbed to various illnesses they contracted at the pound,’’ said Lai.
Besides Little Forrest, MDDB will also be putting up more than a dozen puppies for adoption at the adoption drive this Sunday.
According to Lai, MDDB rescues many puppies monthly and always in a dire need to locate good homes for them.
“People have also taken to leaving puppies at our door step and because of this we are always full house,’’ said Lai.
Lai added MDDB has also started to actively rescue cats and kittens and would be launching a feline rescue group called Malaysian Cats Care Project (MCCP) soon.
Those wanting to donate cash and kind can also drop their contributions off at the adoption drive this Sunday.
“We need dry and canned dog and puppy food, dry and canned cat and kitten food, old newspapers, dog and cat shampoo, old towels, rice, cages, detergent and bleach,’’ said Lai. For details, call 019-3576477, 012-3739007 or visit

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It came to our attention that the so-called CAT committee (Canine Advisory Team) held a get together for dog catchers to show them how to make their dog catching sprees more effective.
The dogs catchers were also termed as being noble by the head honcho of the spree who heads an NGO for people with special needs. (We would like to know is this NGO represents people with special needs or is an animal welfare group?)
The honcho also lambasted animal rescuers and feeders and said dog catching was necessary to make the streets safe. He called the dog catchers unsung heroes and said the session with CAT was a platform for them to go on their dog catching spree more effectively.
They had also brought someone to show the dog catchers how to trick the poor canines and lure them to death with food such as chicken bits. More stupid statements were also made with the dog catchers saying that life as strays were not worth living.
Meanwhile, the honcho also said the MDDB was circulating lies by saying that PAWS did not want to participate in its dog catching sprees. We we informed of this by people in PAWS. Why did they not attend the recent spree in Klang if they felt it was ok to do so? Pray tell how many CAT events has PAWS attended? Isn't it telling that only SPCA and the honcho's organisation for the disabled were they only participants in addition to two local councils?
Where are the other rescue groups?
We also spoke to Klang MP Charles Santiago who informed us that over 40 calls, SMS and emails were made and sent to MPK acting health director Zul Abas to discuss about the unnecessary catching of dogs in Klang which also included people's pets.
(MDDB had also caught the dogs roaming around looking for dogs after office hours and we were told that they were doing it to obtain overtime.
This is uncalled for. )
Coming back to the Klang MP, Mr Santiago told MDDB that he had also called Zul personally on many occasions but Zul had been avoiding him with the excuse that he is busy. This is insolence of the highest order i.e to deny your MP a meeting.
It is clear now that rogue dog catching outfits are hiding behind the so-called CAT (which only represents two groups and one of it is not even an animal welfare group) committee which is encouraging them to go out and kill dogs. More so the committee does not understand nor is endorsing the TNR system. HAs time finally come to push for the removal of certain local councillors? Your comments please.


ME - Busy strategizing
CHEENAPOP - Busy Praying
ME - Mentally Exhausted
CHEENAPOP - Exhausted After Praying Very Hard

Dear Peeps,
My apologies for being silent for quite a while. I have been very busy thinking of strategies to help MDDB counter the many problems we face. Strategizing can be very tiring as it involves a lot of brainwork and I am mentally exhausted at the end of each working day. My sister Shalini ‘Cheenapop’ Kiki-Mae has also been busy praying as she is a very spiritual four-legged individual. She confided in me that she is praying for the local councils to show some compassion for us dogs, as they are the country’s biggest animal abusers. On another matter, I would also like to urge members of the public to help MDDB when they chance upon stray puppies and dogs in need of help. Usually they expect MDDB to immediately go to the spot and pick-up the doggies and puppies the moment they call. This is not possible as all MDDB members have fulltime jobs and some even have second jobs to help them fund their rescue activities. So, please help them by taking the doggies and puppies home first or better still - foster them until our monthly adoption drive. We will provide food, cages and veterinary care while they are being fostered. Secondly, MDDB has no power or authority to confront owners who mistreat their animals. So, please do not demand we do this and then castigate the poor two-legged when there is no positive response from the evil owners. My human underlings in MDDB have also reported to me that we are in the red after paying for brother Lester’s medical bill. So, please kind people – send your loose change our way as we have many more dogs in need of help. Lastly, please also send positive energy our way so that Cheenapop’s marathon prayer sessions are not in vain.
Woof, Woof
SPS (Ms)
(Shamini Popiko Sasha)