Friday, January 22, 2010

A nation's greatness and moral progress can be judged by the way it treats its animals. - M. K Gandhi

Would our authorities ever do this?

Dog bites its rescuer (We think a better headline would be - Firefighter risks life to save dog)

LOS ANGELES: A German shepherd hoisted to safety from the storm-swollen Los Angeles river Friday is fine, authorities said, but the firefighter who splashed down in the daring helicopter rescue was hospitalised after being bitten by the dog.

Los Angeles fire officials said 50-year-old Joe St. Georges, who suffered severe hand and arm injuries, was taken to County USC Medical Center.

“He has significant injuries, bites and punctures, to his hand and arm and is being seen by a specialist,” Los Angeles fire Capt Steve Ruda said. The 25-year department veteran was in good condition, Ruda said.

The dog, nicknamed Vernon after the Southern California town where he was found, did not have a name tag or computer chip, said Sgt. Charles Miller of the Southeast Area Animal Control Authority in Downey.

It was quarantined to be monitored for rabies, but “appears to be well-maintained and cared for,” Miller said.

At least 50 firefighters responded to reports that the dog was in the river. For an hour, firefighters stood at the top of the steep, concrete banks, throwing life vest and float rings, hoping the dog would grab on.

Most of the time, the canine walked along a pipe or ledge in the centre of the river, sometimes slipping. One firefighter got into the river and tried to catch him, but the dog took off. Soon the pipe was submerged.

When the helicopter hovered overhead, the dog scrambled to the side of the river and tried to climb the slippery sides, only to slip each time.

St. Georges finally splashed down from the helicopter, wrestled with the frightened canine and lifted it to safety, using the dog’s collar and a rope to hoist him up. Despite St. Georges’ injuries, he didn’t fail the dog.

At a late afternoon news conference, helicopter pilot Scott Bowman said St. Georges took a muzzle with him but he wasn’t able to get it on, “so he decided to go for the capture.”

Miller said the dog had some scrapes and worn nails, but was otherwise fine. “He was fearful when he first got here, understandably. He went through a big ordeal,” Miller said.

The dog will be quarantined for 10 days, unless the owner shows up with proof of rabies vaccination, Miller said. Then, the dog could be monitored at home. If the owner doesn’t show up, officials will try to find the dog a new home.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Distemper and Parvo

This is Victor. He was rescued from the Setapak dog pound and came down with distemper. His condition was so bad that his eyes even became cloudy. We were advised to euthanize him but are glad we never listened to the advice given to us. Victor, who now lives Subang Jaya, survived the ordeal and has grown into a cool cool canine dude.
This is Patches and she too was rescued from the Setapak pound. patches too was infected with distemper but we did not give up on her. She currently lives in Subang Jaya and has a penchant for chapatis.
Patches during her distemper days.

Our friend Evelyn called us today telling us that there is a parvo outbreak which is affecting stray puppies. She said some pets were not spared as well and we reckon they must have been infected when taken out for walks. The next thing she said was very troubling - according to her vets were advising owners to euthanize their infected pets as 'it was difficult' to care for them. Taking care of a sick animal or person for that matter is not easy - but it is our moral obligation to stand-by our pets when they need us the most.
It is also a practice here to euthanize dogs down with distemper due to the fallacy that there was no cure. This is also not true because we have cured many dogs and puppies down with distemper. So folks, when your dog is down with parvo or distemper - do not listen to your vet and put them down. Care for them - contact us and we'll teach you how to do it.

We received this in the mail today.

We received this from a Mr Tan today and are hoping that the International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (Iapwa)would look this way too.

Sabah’s stray animals attract international attention

KOTA KINABALU, Jan 21 — The International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (Iapwa), a non-profit organisation based in the United Kingdom, is looking forward to working closely with the Sabah government in dealing with stray animals, such as dogs and cats, menacing public places in the state.
Its co-founder, Nicola Stevens said Sabah is popular for its wildlife conservation efforts which should also be extended to stray animals. “We have lots of people from the UK visiting Sabah and they tell us how marvelous and beautiful Sabah was.
“But we do have those who bring back stories of poor conditions of dogs or cats they saw here and said that the Sabah people were cruel and did not know how to take care of these small creatures.
“In the end, there is this bad perception of Sabah when it comes to dealing with animals which could also affect your tourism industry. We want to change that perception because so many people keep coming here and we want them to bring back only good news of your country,” she told Bernama after meeting State Local Government and Housing Minister Datuk Hajiji Noor here today.
Stevens, who was accompanied by co-founder Lynsey Gill, and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Kota Kinabalu (SPCAKK) president Iskandar Mohd Ali said Iapwa would be formulating the best practice template for Kota Kinabalu to follow which would then be duplicated by other district councils.
“This is not something easy to do and we cannot implement something and see results overnight. “We are delighted that the government acknowledges our concern and willing to work with us in finding short-term and long-term solutions in dealing with the problem as well as providing financial assistance,” she said.
Stevens and Gill were here to establish a network with the local government and other related bodies on the protection of animals in the state.
Meanwhile, Hajiji welcomed IAPWA’s assistance and requested the organisation conduct a briefing with district council officers on how to deal with stray animals in a humane way.
He said it was important that international bodies point out what was needed to be addressed in Sabah to minimise bad reporting of the state in other countries. — Bernama

The unlucky Lucky.

We first heard of Lucky several months ago when one of our supporters spotted him. We couldn't do much but several of our volunteers and supporters alerted all the relevant authorities about Lucky's sad plight. He was tied all the time and took shelter under a lorry if it was parked there - otherwise he would be expose to the elements. Our friends spoke to the owner and told him that Lucky deserved a better life - he promised to change things but never did. A few days ago one of our volunteers passed-by Lucky's place and saw the poor dog lying motionless. He was also not chained up as he usually was. Upon speaking to the owner, our friend was told that Lucky was sick and was left there to die. Our friend rushed Lucky to one of our regular vest where he was tested positive for parvo. He brought Lucky to us and we admitted Lucky to our panel clinic where he was medicated and put on drips. We had hoped to give Lucky a better life but he died this morning. We are rankled and pissed off again because none of the relevant authorities had bothered to help Lucky even though they were informed of his plight. All those who want to bring real change to the way animals are treated here - join us in our legal action. Write to

R.I.P Lucky.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Klang MP Charles Santiago's visit to the Klang pound


As promised, Klang MP Charles Santiago visited a spruced-up Klang dog pound yesterday. However, he was also privy to the way the dogs were dragged into the pound by the dog catchers who had arrived with some new victims.
Mandy was not able to take many pics - but there is one which shows how dogs are treated at the pound. He also said one of the pups brought in had an injured jaws as a result of its jaw beiing looped instead of its neck.
Mr Santiago spoke to Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better after the visit and said he would be organising a discussion between animal activists, lovers amd the local council people.
Let's just wait and see and meanwhile those who want your names included in the law suit against the local council - please write to


This is Madeline who is in the care of seasoned fosterer Lynette. Madeline was among the first batch of puppies rescued from the pound and handed over to us. Does she look like she cannot be saved?

We are pretty pissed-off with what we heard today. Apparently a vet with the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) has instructed that all the puppies in the Klang pound be put to sleep because they 'won't survive.'

No doubt, some of the puppies have succumbed to distemper, parvo or corona but many have also survived including Madeline - who is ready for adoption.

This vet Dr TR (who is incidentally a Klang girl) has no right to make such sweeping and stupid statements.

Her instructions were conveyed to us by the pound workers - and we feel that even though the Klang Municipal Council had waived all payments to encourage people to take dogs from the pound - Dr TR has just thrown a spanner into the MPK's efforts.

Instead of making stupid statements such as this Dr TR should advise the pound people to:

  • separate mothers and pups from the rest of the dogs
  • separate pets and strays
  • separate sick dogs from healthy ones
  • instruct MPK to provide the pound with disinfectant and detergent to clean the place
  • instruct the MPK to build a proper drainage system for the water from the pound to flow out (it is now seeping out onto the road outside - creating contamination of sorts)
Sadly, Dr TR's constipated mentality is what we get in a large number of young vets these days.


A young lawyer, who is also an animal activist, has suggested we institute legal action against the authorities to pressure them to embark on more humane, holistic and long-term measures to control the stray problem.

We are looking at the appropriate legal avenue to pursue and have decided that the matter should be filed at the High Court Registry as soon as possible for it to have the necessary impact.

Hence, we need plaintiffs and desperately require 50 dog lovers, who are disturbed with what's going on, to come forward to have your names included in the suit as plaintiffs.

Your move will result in a land mark occurrence which will probably halt for good the abuse of dogs by the local authorities.

Interested parties please write to

We shall arrange for a meeting soon to initiate discussions with the lawyers.




Mandy, who volunteers for both the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and AnimalCare visited the pound today to deliver our weekly ration for the Klang pound dogs and what she told us is indeed very depressing.

Here are excerpts of Mandy’s findings as well as photos taken by her.

 According to the caretakers most of the dogs are being put down yesterday morning to 'clean up' the place before the DVS visited the place yesterday afternoon.

(We expected this and even informed Klang MP Charles Santiago that his staff should not have announced his visit.)

 I heard that the big shots from MPK are coming down to the pound this afternoon at 3 also that's why they were hosing down the place this morning.

(We were also told that they were going to have a briefing at the MPK HQ at 4.00pm - but both the briefing as well as the visit to the pound did not take place.)

 Now the enclosure have around 2-6 dogs each only.

(Thank heavens - we have pictures as evidence as well as the recording by the TV3 camera crew.)

 They must have put down close to a 100 dogs and the Dalmatian which had been roaming freely outside was also nowhere to be found.

 The pups are being put out in the sun too and some look really weak. However, a volunteer from AnimalCare who came later brought some plastic sheets to be used on the floor of the makeshift guardhouse to place all the pups in order to shield them from rain and shine.


 I was also told by the caretakers that their 'superior' from MPK made some allegations about us (the independent rescuers). The pound workers were told that we had made postings on the internet alleging that they clubbed and killed some of the dogs.

(This is fitnah of the highest order. None of our blogs had ever mentioned this.)

 I told the caretakers that we have never made any of those false allegations before, and we need the public to know that the 'superiors' in MPK were making false allegations against us.

 These false allegations have made the caretakers very angry and they refuse to let us take any snapshots when I visited this morning.

 They were told by their superiors that we can feed them but not take photos.

(Of course - the pictures have made things rather uncomfortable for them.)

 My question is this, What are they afraid of, since they refuse to let us take snapshots? I can only think of this, they have not been properly feeding and maintaining the dogs and the enclosures that's why they have doubts on themselves.

(We think so too.)

 Another matter i want to highlight is they do not use any detergents or bleach to clean the place and it could lead to an outbreak of diseases such as distemper, corona and parvo.

(This is what we mean by mismanagement. they want to catch strays and pets and hold them in enclosures but don't have the most crucial stuff - disinfectant (bleech) and detergent. Ask any vet and they'll tell you how important bleech is when handling dogs. I wonder why the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS) don't tell the pound this?)

 That's why most of the dogs are sick and most of the ones we rescued before are sick too. It is because they are infected when they are being put in the filthy enclosures without any proper disinfection.

 We should put our views in writing and those who are interested to go tomorrow can contact me too. We need more voice to improve the situation.


 We should also highlight the fact that they're trying to sweep the dirt under the carpet by putting most of the dogs to sleep on Monday in order to look as if they've been doing a proper job.

(Yep, that's the way things work around in places where guilty people have been caught red-handed.)

 They are not! We need more enclosures to put sick dogs away from other healthy ones and dogs with collars should also be segregated from the strays.

(Yes, way to go Mandy. Hopefully more people like Mandy would come forward to help the voiceless. Attached pics taken by Mandy.)

Monday, January 18, 2010

We guessed as much!

Our friend just called from the Klang dog pound to say that there are very few dogs there. Apparently, most has already been put down and the pound has been cleared-up. That's exactly what we said would happen before Klang MP Charles Santiago goes there tomorrow. Apparently, the dogs were euthanised yesterday morning. We also came to know that the council president was going to visit the pound today afternoon before the briefing Kapar MP Manikavasagam. Anyway, our friend is there delivering the weekly food for the dogs and puppies there. The council should now seriously look into TNR instead of merely catching the dogs and putting them to sleep.


There will be a briefing at the MPK auditorium in Klang on Jan 19 at 4.00pm to explain about the MPK's dog catching antics to Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam. It would be good if a large group can gather at the MPK foyer or outside the auditorium to show the local council that what they are doing is not right. Please be there to help the poor animals. All the MPK officers responsible for the carnage will be there.

You can also show support by going to the MPK pound in Northport at 11.00am on Wed when Klang MP Charles Santiago visits the place. Details - call YB Santiago's assistant Yap at 012-2658448.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Majlis Perbandaran Klang is now feeling the heat. They have realized their folly of cramming their pound with dogs. They are now allowing people to adopt dogs from their pound for free. Please help us by adopting a dog each – our next move would be to push the local council to embark on a TRAP-NEUTER-RELEASE project. However, we still need to email the relevant people protesting over the carnage. Please help us by sending emails of protest to:

If you can please also lodge police reports for the torture of the dogs at the pound against.

a) Selangor state executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu

b) MPK president Mislan Tugiu

c) MPK Health department's acting director Zulkfli Abbas

d) MPK dog catchers

e) Majlis Perbandaran Klang