Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Dear people,

we have ten puppies at our half-way home in Klang that are down with distemper. Two little ones are doing poorly, one four month old puppy is coughing and has red spots in its belly whilst the rest appear to be tired and eat very little.

We are feeding them high protein food as well as giving them antibiotics, vitamins, imune boosters, chicken essence and whatever else we can think off.

We are desperately in need of volunteers who can come and help us in the evenings in Klang to administer these things to the puppies.

Since they eat very little, we have to also look into force feeding the puppies. Currently we are force feeding them the chicken essence.

The caretakers will do the morning and evening rounds and I find that they are dead tired by the time the evening round comes and I'm afraid that they would cross-contaminate due to tiredness.

It is also an emotionally trying time for all of us.

We need volunteers who will commit to help us over the next ten days which are crucial in ensuring that the puppies do not take a turn for the worse.

Do write to malaysiandogsdeservebetter@gmail.com
or call 019-3576477 if you can at least spare one evening to come down to Klang to help us. We are desperate.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

We are hoping and praying

Dear people,

the adoption drive at the Summit Subang Jaya went on well. All the puppies put up for adoption had been tested for viruses, including distemper, the evening before. All had tested negative and were robust and active.

Off all the puppies put up for adoption, only four were born to a stray mum who had been rescued and boarded at a veterinary clinic pending adoption.

The others were all rescued of the streets and a couple were also rescued from a garbage dump.

We will remind the adopters to deworm them a few more times but our main worry is for them to remain healthy.

We had done our best over the three weeks that they were with us by giving them vitamins, immune boosters as well as feeding nutritious food.

But experience tells us that the puppies need to make through all three vaccinations before they are really safe.

We have so far given them all the first shot.

Stray puppies have poor immune systems and we hope it does not crash. We have also reminded adopters not to take them out to public places until all shots have been completed.

Now that this batch is out, we have undertaken a batch of ten puppies which have all tested positive for distemper but the testes show that the infection is slight.

So, we will be spending the next three weeks fighting to save the lives of our new batch of puppies and we hope they will all be well enough by our next adoption drive.

The vets tell us that there is an parvo and distemper epidemic going on and sadly its the strays that are badly hit.

Two weeks ago we found and old stray walking in circles and frothing in the mouth. We managed to get him to a vet where he was admitted but the poor dog died the following day.

The vet says it was distemper.

So, please pray with us that the puppies adopted out today will all be fine and the new ones will successfully emerge healed and well like our Victor and Patches.