Sunday, March 6, 2011


IT appears to be so easy for some people to be cruel towards defenceless animals. MDDB came across several cruelty cases within the last month and we are totally sick with what we have to endure seeing. Last week a lady from Klang called us saying she had seen a dog with a serious injury around its neck. Thanks to Lester and his mum, the dog was located the following day and brought to our panel clinic. We were outraged with what we saw.
Deep injury to the next which reached almost the neck bone. The wound was also infested with maggots.
The wound was caused by a tight rubber band which was wound around the dog's neck by some sick pervert.
Maggots had eaten away the flesh almost to the neck bone.
Upon arrival at our panel clinic, the dog was treated and put on drips immediately. It is still in our panel clinic and once the wounds have healed, we will neuter the female dog and put her up for adoption.
This puppy came to us three weeks ago. She was unable to walk and it is believed that she may have been hit on the back. We found out today that she is pregnant. So its a case of a puppy having puppies.
This is one of the dogs which live in a housing estate in Klang. We have seen this dog around and we believe it belongs to someone because it appeared to be well cared for. We found the dog dead this evening while we we on our daily inspection rounds. There was blood from the anus and we think that he may have been poisoned.

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Anonymous said...

investigate surrounding houses for rat poison, as the aftermath of this poor doggy indicates he has been poisoned with just that.