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Animal pounds ordered to clean up their act
by Meena L. Ramadas

SUBANG JAYA (March 2, 2010): The Selangor government has instructed all municipal councils to “clean up their act” concerning the management of animal pounds.

State executive councillor for health, estate workers' affairs, poverty eradication and caring government Dr Xavier Jayakumar said today all municipal councils have been told to maintain the cleanliness of the pounds, work with the Veterinary Services Department under the Agriculture Ministry and that officers have to treat sick animals and follow guidelines on euthanising them.

He said the recent spate of media reports on the poor condition of local council pounds had resulted in checks made to the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), Klang Municipal Council (MPK) and Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) pounds.

“The reports about the MPK pound was found to be not true,” he said, after launching a workshop organised by Canine Advisory Team (CAT) on the management of stray animals and pets in Selangor at the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ).

“As far as MPS is concerned, we have informed the health section of the council to make the necessary changes,” he said.

A blog posting revealed that a dozen dogs had died in the MPS pound over the last one week due to mismanagement and slacking of caretaking duties.

Jayakumar said the state is working to streamline animal licensing guidelines across municipal and city councils.

He said the licensing guidelines vary across councils and the state intends to create a uniform set of guidelines to be practised by all councils.

“We are looking into the differences among the councils’ guidelines and we will consider all sensitivities,” he added.

He said the guidelines have been in place for a significant amount of time under the Local Government Act and changes take “a bit of time”.

Jayakumar said the state is also studying total procedural matters concerning the way in which animals are treated in municipal council pounds after receiving complaints on the management of pounds and animals.

He said the public should expect more information soon about a centralised pound to be established by the state.

Jayakumar said the facility requires at least two hectares and the only available land is in Sepang.

“I have plans for it and I have also spoken to consultants on ways to establish a environmentally-friendly facility,” he said.

“I am thinking about hiring veterinarian officers and veterinarian animal assistants as well as members of non-governmental organisations to educate owners on pet management.”

Meanwhile, the forum organised by CAT yielded five recommendations: local councils to work together with the veterinary department and officers, local councils to cooperate with NGOs on catching strays, microchipping for easy ownership identification, educating pet owners and more stringent licensing laws.

A total of 12 local councils participated in the forum. -- theSun

Councils and animal welfare groups must work together
Yia Zhi Jern and Stephanie Augustin

RAWANG (March 2, 2010): A non-governmental organisation (NGO) wants greater cooperation between animal welfare groups and local councils in dealing with the alleged mismanagement of pounds.

Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive) and Canine Advisory Team (CAT) president Anthony Thanasayan said both parties have to work together to ensure animal welfare.

He was responding to the recent case of alleged mistreatment of dogs at the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) pound in Rawang.

The case came to light when the NGO, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), posted eyewitness accounts and photos on its blog on Feb 21. The photographs of dog carcasses, diseased dogs and tick-infested kennels outraged many animal lovers.

Following this, several other parties, including the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), MPS councillor Gunarajah George, and Petpositive's Thanasayan, who is also Petaling Jaya city councillor, visited the pound.

"It is not true that the pound is a hellhole. I’ve been to the pound and the dogs had food and clean water. I don’t know what happened before but today it looked okay," said Thanasayan who visited the pound on Feb 24.

However, he admits there could be negligence. "They have probably 60% knowledge required to look after the pound. The caretaker, who has come under fire, is actually knowledgeable in pound management as she attends CAT meetings on dog care," he added.

Thanasayan believes in engaging the council instead of hurling accusations at them.

"Clearly MPS needs help – they have admitted so. The council has immediately implemented some of the guidelines we submitted to them while some others will start in a month," said Thanasayan.

Some of the guidelines the council has decided to implement immediately include not entering compounds during operations, to stop catching puppies and unlicensed but collared dogs.

He said MPS Director of Health and Licensing Dr Razif Zainol Abidin had told him the pound would put in place measures to improve the situation within the next month.

These measures include separating strays and pets, looking into nutrition and canine healthcare, as well as euthanising strays.

Gunarajah, when contacted, said MPS will also form a committee involving representatives from the Health Department, MPS, Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), Petpositive, MDDB and SPCA to monitor the pound.

Meanwhile, MPS and DVS have both launched separate inquiries into the Selayang pound situation. -- theSun


Anonymous said...

Well, that is the way it is people. These naive people turn up after the whole mess is all cleared up and they see a more 'sanitised version' of the situation and they pretended to be God and declare that all the cruelty to dogs allegations are not true.
And they are the people who wants to be in control of the animal welfare issue in Selangor. With such morons in charge or providing so-called advisory services, I feel sorry for the dogs... the future is full of suffering and pain and only the genuine animal welfare activists can save the stray dogs in Selangor from a slow painful death upon capture.
So sad, this country is full of morons in positions of power and they are messing up the whole country and to think we VOTED them in!

Anonymous said...

MDDB, please sit on the CAT committee so that the so-called CAT does not abuse their positions. They say they fight for the dogs, but from their blog, it is more like licking somebody's shoes and fanning somebody's ass. I wondered how CAT can say they fight for the welfare of the dogs when all they can think of is their own benefits. THE POUND IS CLEAN?? Bullshit!!!! I shuddered when i see the ticks crawling all over the place.
We, the rakyat, are not so stupid to believe what CAT says - the animals are NEGLECTED/ABUSED and the pounds are GROSSLY mismanaged. To CAT, please don't do a NATO (No Action, Talk Only). Why CAT only comes in after all these have been highlighted in the media? Where were you guys when all the dirty work needs to be done?

Dog Lover

Anonymous said...

If picture does not paint a thousand words,what does?Are these photos fabricated? What is the purpose? Just to ask others to help animals? Is this a crime to help a living being? Do we humans have to fight so much just to help these 4 leggeds.

Anonymous said...

I saw in Petfinder many Klang pound dogs that are going to be euthanised in a few more days. Petfinder is urging the public to adopt these pound dogs before they are put down to sleep. What appalled me is that most of these dogs have collars. That means they have owners.

CAT must ACT and do something about this. Why are the council workers snatching away people's dogs and then asking rescuers to get these dogs adopted? This is DOUBLE WORK. Why remove people's pets in the first place? They have OWNERS (i.e. somebody that love these dogs like their own sons/daughters/ family members).
Is it because the dogs have no license? Even so, they should fine the owners first before catching these dogs/ strays. Also from my personal experience, my dog who has a license was taken away because he was found outside my compound. I searched high and low for the pound before i managed to locate and redeem him back. FYI, even the local council workers don't even know where the pound is located when I asked them. Imagine, those without transport, elderly, disabled etc - how do you expect them to locate their dogs?

So my dear local councillors, what is the point of dogs having license? Is it to enrich your coffers?
Are you using the money you collected from the dog's license for spaying/neutering?? NO.
Are you using the money to educate public about pet management? NO.
Please do away with incentives/commission to your council workers and contractors to catch strays. They are abusing their positions.

Please allocate money for spaying/neutering. Then you will have reduced unwanted births, thereby reducing number of strays, reduced public complaints, then less strays in the pound, then less money needed to upkeep pound and less flak from the public about mismanagement of pound etc. It is a win-win situation for everyone. SIMPLE ECONOMICS.

To the politicians/ councillors, ALL DOGS have lives too. Remember, what goes around comes around.


Anonymous said...

Do not 100% believe newspaper, media and broadcast. Believe your own eyes...

Anonymous said...

The liars are those who are trying to cover up the cruelty in the various dog pounds. CAT is a discredited group and its only purpose is to do a public relations exercise for the councils whenever dog cruelty incidents crop up.

Dr Xavier is a politician and also has his own political agenda in trying to cover up for the oouncil. Pictures cannot lie. Politicians can.

Anonymous said...

Anthony from Petpositive covers MPS cruelty act in hope he'll be re-elected as councilor

Anonymous said...

Well, the MPS (Selayang Municipal Council) has proven to be a bunched of retards, in particular this Dr Razif.

Look at what he said in 2007:

PS: Came across this, as I was reading up and digging up on the history from the web..

Anonymous said...


News Release From SPCA Selangor in 2007
28th November 2007


SELAYANG - Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) had a meeting with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) last week to discuss strategies of stray dog control, as the municipal is facing problems as the population of stray dogs in their municipality escalates out of control. Mr Brian Faulkner, a representative from RSPCA, UK and Dr Kate Blaszak from WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) travelled down to Kuala Lumpur to attend this meeting, as the international community have been voicing their concerns about the welfare of the animals in question since the MPS’s announcement of the quickly-scrapped “Dog Catching Competition” in September this year.

An overview of the sources of the stray problem and the various methods to overcome the stray problem was explained by Dr Natasha Lee, Director of SPCA’s MissionHELP. Besides humane dog catching and euthanasia, the other avenues to pursue were education on responsible pet ownership, tighter legislations, promoting neutering, and rubbish control.

Mr Faulkner and Dr Blaszak gave successful examples of stray animal control implemented in various other countries, such as the change from cruel methods of dog catching to a more humane approach in Dubai, and the successful public education program in Singapore. They offered to provide the municipality with training workshops for dog-catchers on humane methods of dog-catching and euthanasia. However, they stressed that dog-catching in itself was not an effective way to curb the stray problem, and that the municipal should also implement other measures to achieve a long-term solution to their problem.

After the meeting, Dr Razif Zainol Abidin, head of the Department of Health in MPS, said that he has a better understanding on the various approaches to stray dog management, and will look into implementing other strategies besides the usual ‘catch and kill’ method of stray dog control.

SPCA will continue to work hand in hand with MPS to help them curb their dog overpopulation problem. SPCA and MPS jointly organised a Pet Care Day in Rawang on the 10th of November, and SPCA will have a “Kempen Kembiri” this Saturday (9am-3pm) at the Jabatan Perkhidmatan Haiwan, Rawang to further their efforts of encouraging pet owners to sterilize their pets to prevent unwanted litters. To register for “Kempen Kembiri Rawang”, please call Dr Natasha Lee at 012-6040760 or send an e-mail to

For enquiries, please contact Dr Natasha Lee at 012-6040760 or at

Note To Editors:
• The Society For Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA) Selangor is an NGO which serves Selangor and The Federal Territory.
• SPCA Selangor was established in 1958, with the aim of protecting defenseless animals and alleviating their suffering.
• The SPCA does not receive any government funding, relying entirely on donations from the public to support its services & activities.
• The SPCA Animal Shelter & Adoption Centre at Ampang Jaya temporarily homes 300-350 unwanted animals at any one time while seeking new homes for them. The animals are made up of surrendered pets, rescued cruelty case animals and stray or abandoned animals brought in by Good Samaritans.
• The SPCA would like to work closely with the people of Malaysia to elevate the welfare standards for our Malaysian animals – ensuring they responsibly neuter their pets, provide adequate food, space, exercise, care and medical attention, as well as encouraging them to be responsible neighbors.

Anonymous said...

This is Star Wars happening all over again.
Dr Xavier and Anthony are like the evil Darth Vader and Jabba the Hutt and the other animal welfare rescuers are like Jedi Knights fighting for justice. Where is Luke Skywalker? Busy romancing Princess Leia or whatever her name is?
So, nickname for Dr Xavier is now DARTH and for Anthony it is JABBA. God help us all and especially the stray dogs and all dogs outside their houses.

Anonymous said...

May the Force be with all stray dogs to protect them from Darth and Jabba.

Anonymous said...

I am a Muslim.And honestly,I am mad of what that moron Doctor did.Plus,u guys are totally right.Picture cannot lie,but politician can.

Im wondering where are the budget provided for the dogs?I bet they must have provided a sum of money for the management of the dog.And it all gone into the stomach of all the officers.



Anonymous said...

“The reports about the MPK pound was found to be not true” - BULLSHIT

I am from Klang and have been to the pound before. The conditions there are APPALLING, not even fit for ANIMALS. Food are practically non-existent, the dogs are all skin and bones and sick. Dogs are injured as they are crammed into a cage (sometimes up to 20 dogs per cage) and fought with each other. Some even have to stand on the ledges. The pound workers said there is no food budget for the dogs. The caretakers told me they went out to source food for the dogs out of compassion. At least these caretakers are more HUMANE than their superior.

Thank you to MDDB and Animalcare for highlighting these issues because there is some slight improvement to the Klang pound now, although not much. Let's hope MPK will make the pound a better place for the dogs since they now know the public is keeping an eye and putting pressure on them.

Also to CAT, jangan buat kerja hangat hangat tahi ayam. Don't do it for publicity sake.
Please make sure there is a REGULAR food supply and HYGIENIC condition in the pound. And STOP catching strays, instead SPAY/NEUTER and rehome them.

Anonymous said...

Advisory entities like CAT are just exactly that... advisory in nature. The various local councils do not have to take the advice nor are the advice enforceable on a council.
What is happening is that the various councils will clean up the dog pounds and euthanise all the sick and shaggy looking dogs and pretend that all is well before entities like CAT visits them.
The councils are very good at pulling the wool over the eyes of entities like CAT and CAT gets fooled every time.
Selangor needs a proper Canine Protection Council which have a strong say over how council dog pounds are run and have the power to intervene to right things if the various council dog pounds do not follow a code of proper conduct in running a dog pound.
Further, inspectors from the Canine Protection Council will have access at all times to any council dog pounds to check on the conditions captured dogs are kept in.
This real authority together with the employment of staff who love animals in the dog pounds will greatly alleviate and cut down the incidents of cruelty in the dog pounds.
Pointless for councils to have budgets for dog food and medical treatments if the council staff hate dogs and do not take the trouble to feed them proper food or provide proper medical care. It is always a people problem.
From: Straydog

Anonymous said...

My Conclusion:
It appears that Dr Xavier and Mr Thanasayan are under Peer Pressure. Sometimes it afflicts us in school, sometimes it stalks us in our careers. More so if we want to keep our cushy seats.

In case you see this Dr Xavier & Mr Thanasayan, for a while, I admire what you folks were doing in your constituencies. In fact I enjoyed following Anthony Thanasayan's columns about his dogs.
Seems you were correcting the wrongs and making improvements. There were glimmers of hope.

Not anymore after this. I come from Selayang area. Grew up there. So, dont bother sugar coating what aint right to begin with. I guess integrity and courage - TOO MUCH TO HOPE FOR.

Anyways, my respect for both of you just got squeezed out of the shit hole. Ingestion turned to food poisoning - I cannot stomach what you just said in the press.

Please dont bother sugar coating and covering up, if you dont intend to make a positive contribution. That just makes me puke.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha...... I like the Star Wars connection. Actually, Han Solo and Princess Leia are the other two who pretend to be animal and wildlife activist. Han Solo loves to fight to protect his pakatan buddies and princess leia is a member of CAT!!

Anonymous said...

Jabba in cahoots with Darth to protect the local councils so they can torture defenceless poor stray dogs to death! What kind of perverted psychos will do such cruel things? Good lord, send them to Tanjong Rambutan, they need a psychiatrist who specialises in animal sadism to treat them. If they can't be treated, at least euthanise them at Tanjong Rambutan, so no more stray dogs will have to suffer. What is this world coming to? I want my mummy!

Anonymous said...

Theyre so full of sh*t. MBBD already accused them of putting all the starved dogs to death and kidnapping a whole new batch so that the animals there 'look healthy'

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Han Solo is President of Malaysian Animal rights and Welfare Association. See link

Princess leia is president of Malaysian animal Welfare society. See link below.

Both are pakatan and petpositive people. COINCIDENCE????

All theyre good for is talking to the press to make themselves look important but not doing the actual work. Have you seen them at a pound or saving a dog?? NO. So who gives them the right to talk about how the animals should be treated. And not enough, they are also poking their heads into wildlife issues as well.

Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know, not all Pakatan Rakyat people are like these Four Evil Ones. There are other Pakatan people quietly working behind the scene to improve things for the stray animals. I am one of the Pakatan people who work quietly behind the scene to see how a permanent solution can be worked out for the betterment of the stray animals. But it is not easy with the Four Evil Ones messing things up.
The local councils are all filled with Barisan Nasional supporters and they do not like to take orders and advice from Pakatan people. So you see the problem? For all we know, these BN supporters in the local councils are deliberately messing things up so Pakatan gets blamed? Maybe they deliberately torture the dogs to death and then wait for everyone to blame the Pakatan for inaction? It is hard to prove they did it deliberately but there is definitely mismanagement resulting in needless suffering for stray dogs in the pounds. It cannot go on like this, Pakatan Rakyat must find the political will to change things in a concrete manner or else alienate a lot of dog lovers come the next general election.
But like I said earlier, we have the Four Evil Ones messing things up while others are trying to find a solution.

Anonymous said...

Whether it is Pakatan running Selangor or BN running Selangor is immaterial. Cruelty to dogs in the dog pounds have been going on for like since Independence.

It is a people problem. Dog haters running the dog pounds and the lack of political will from those running the state to change things for the better.

When Barisan Nasional was running the state we also have horror stories of dog cruelty. Very few politicians care about the dogs. They cannot vote.

During the last general election, many animal lovers voted Pakatan hoping that there will be a positive change for the better for stray animals once Pakatan takes power. Well, they were disappointed. Politicians are ... well politicians... whether BN or Pakatan... dogs cannot vote...tough!

Anonymous said...

By the way, how are the Jedi Knights doing in the fight against Jabba, Darth, Han Solo and Puteri Leia?

Anonymous said...

Read Jabba's updates and you'll see another dark force featured today.

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, yes and he has also interviewed himself and written a report. As usual defending the local council and making wild allegations against MDDb and Animalcare.

Anonymous said...

Jabba's allegation in his blog. This dude is really evil.

""One so-called dog-friendly blog was clearly exploiting the situation by playing up the story to collect donations from the public.

"And I don't think people realised the subtlety in this."

Anonymous said...

The Four Evil Ones?? I think thats a bit harsh. I am a muslim man and cat lover ( i have no problem with dogs too) and i hate the local councils just as much. Now darth Vader is a politician but at least he's showing some interest.....maybe for political gain but who cares.

Jabba the hut is clearly defending the council over and over again, i dont know why...a bit misguided if u ask me.

Han solo and princess leia in star wars are the good guys (and girl) and based on the links, i see nothing wrong with them so how did they become evil? and what wrong with defending the wildlife? they are animals too who need defending.

Just my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Jamal, you are right that there's nothing wrong in defending wildlife. But the crux of the matter is, their act of defending wildlife is only media deep. They give press statements and it ends there. The same goes for the current situation involving the pounds. they are all publicity crazy and do nothing beyond that. Their associations are also dormant.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Jamal, you are right but also very naive. Have u seen those 2? han solo is always in his expensive shirt and tie and loves talking to the press non-stop and princess leia always looks like she just came out of a beuty spa in a fansy suit and high heels!!!!. Do u think they would even bother to go into a monsoon drain to save an animal? NEVER! He wouldnt want to dirty his shirt and she wouldnt want to break her precious nails!!!!

And jabba IS EVIL. Just read his blog. And dart vader supports them all!! DISGUSTING!


Anonymous said...

Let's think positive and be pro-active people. All animal rescue groups and independent pet rescue people should join the forthcoming umbrella group as suggested by MDDB to present a united front.
Then, come up with a concrete plan to present to the Selangor Mentri Besar and State Exco on how to resolve this no-ending problem of animal cruelty in the dog pounds and by dog catchers from the councils or outsourced contractors.
Then, maintain the pressure. Lobby, keep knocking on the doors, issue press releases, keep up the publicity and don't give up.
The Penang State Govt has allowed a piece of state land to be used as an animal sanctuary by an animal rescue group. If a single group can keep knocking on the doors of the Penang State Govt and eventually got something for their persistence, surely an coalition of many animal rescue groups in Selangor can also achieve something? No?
Even if we fail, it won't be for want of trying. Fight the good fight.
And for those trying to protect the councils and slandering the animal rescue groups, who are they? They are just pathetic humans who want some publicity for their own egoistic ends. Just ignore them, push them out of the way. We don't have time for them!

Anonymous said...

This is the reply that DAP Malaysia sent to me on Sept. 30, 2009.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your concern regarding animal welfare and the role DAP can play.

The Penang State Government has taken the initiative to lease out a piece of land, at a nominal rate, to a group of animal lovers in Penang.

The land will be used to build an animal shelter for strays.

This was reported on the Star in Saturday.

Thank You

Yours sincerely,

Anonymous said...

If the DAP-led Penang State Govt can lease out a piece of land to a group of animal lovers at nominal rate, will the PKR-led Selangor State Govt do the same?
Selangor is the richest state in Malaysia, not only can it lease out a piece of land at nominal rate to a coalition of animal welfare groups and individuals but it can also afford a one-off grant to put up the initial facilities.
If Darth, Jabba, Puteri Leia and Han Solo were to butt out and not spoil the party, I think a piece of state land on cheap lease and a one-off grant is possible.
Alternatively, a big abandoned factory on state land too can be used for an animal shelter as it will be close to residential areas. The factory can be easily converted into a shelter with a vet clinic at minimal cost.
So, who will be the animal rescue group to put this all together? MDDB? AnimalCare? or an individual?
When we do things unselfishly, not for ourselves but for others, animals or humans, a great divine force will spring up behind us to push us forward and help open doors which have remained locked before.
The Universe also provides an answer for those whose hearts are always for others.

Anonymous said...

WoW. Ive been following this blog for awhile and this post has generated a lot of interest so i went through every comment and i realise i know princess leia. She lives in bangsar, her dad drives a C-Class and they have a lot of cats but she's a snob. Although the letter she wrote says that she doesnt trust the council, yet she still associates herself with them and the others. For publicity probably. And i dont think her family have ever had dogs. What a hypocrite! Can't believe i used to have a crush on her!

Anonymous said...

jabba's interview about himself is hilarious. he is contradicting himself all the time. more like promoting himself than the dogs' welfare.
also what is the point of CAT having a dog workshop for the local councils if the situation seems to worsen? is it just for show? is it to appease the public? FYI, the public wants REAL action, not empty talk.

the interview with DVS vet is also mind-boggling. why still let that lady ernie still be in-charge? why dvs comes into the picture now? why not earlier? isn't dvs suppose to be in-chareg of animal's welfare?

Anonymous said...

I like the bit about Jabba 'catching-up' with himself for the interview. That was so funny.

Anonymous said...

Jabba The Butt insists there's nothing wrong with the Selayang pound. From his posting today:
“It is not true that the pound is a hellhole. I’ve been to the pound and the dogs had food and clean water. I don’t know what happened before but today it looked okay,” said Thanasayan who visited the pound on Feb 24.

Anonymous said...

The DVS vet is one of his sidekicks just like Princess Leia. She went on a dog catching spree with him in PJ.

Maybe her boss should know about her Jabba connections and how she is helping him hide the truth.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Malaysians clearly has urgent needs to be educated on pet owning and the benefits of adoption would bring to the society.

Also, best to set up constant speeches on animal care and what it involved and what are the important responsibility of an owner and a civic minded citizen should do. It's best to start young, as they are the more receptive and pure generations. To educate the young generations would be more effective in any good cause because they are our future, it's in their hands. An educated generations would then have the right knowledge/wisdom on what is the right thing to do.

Normally, the message would reach the parents too by their child's influence.

Therefore, to make a better world, education and knowledge are most important to make your positive ideas materialized.