Thursday, January 14, 2010


The man responsible for the carnage


Frightened and hungry


Frightened to even move - probably bullied by the other dogs

Mother dog and her pups
Anyone missing their pet?


The situation at the Klang Municipal Council dog pound has reached a critical state. A friend who had gone there to feed the dogs said there were almost 200 dogs crammed there and some were terribly sick.

She has taken some photos and the sight at the pound is terribly heart wrenching. The Klang Municipal Council refuses to look at other alternatives instead of catching and putting these dogs through hell.

To make matters worse, they pay their dog catchers incentives which has resulted in them going out to catch dogs at all times of the day.

Their favourite time is about 6.00 or 7.00 pm when home owners come back from work and release their dogs to ease themselves.

Most of the dogs caught have collars on and if allowed to go on the situation will only get worse.

We have posted pictures taken by our friend and will also give out pamphlets this Saturday calling for people to gather outside MPK next week. We will announce the date soon.

Meanwhile, we are attaching a message to be sent to the relevant people as well as their emails. please send them mails telling them to stop the carnage.

The emails are that of the Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the state executive councillors, Klang Municipal Council officials as well as the Klang MP Charles Santiago.

The Klang Municipal Council’s dog catching unit is going on a rampage as the dog catchers have been given incentives for every dog caught. The situation has gotten out of hand with the dog catchers even going out to catch dogs late at night.

Their favourite modus operendi is to go to housing estates in the evening when dog owners return home and release their dogs out for a while. The dogs are nabbed and manhandled before being brought to the pound. A large number of the dogs at the Klang dog pound have collars.

Yes, no doubt there are complaints about strays but this time MPK has embarked on a rampage of hate against all dogs under the instructions of its health department head En Zulkifli Abbas. The dogs are cramped in cages without proper food and water and many end up dead.
Hopefully, the state government will look into this as soon as possible and failure to do so is reflective of the Pakatan Rakyat’s inability to control its local government machinery. We also urge the Pakatan Rakyat government to transfer En Zulkifli Abbas out of MPK.
Failure by the state government to do so will result in aggressive groundwork being immediately launched to ensure that it’s booted out of Selangor in the next elections. We animal activists are willing to put any party which propagates compassion for animals in power because our main priority is to stop this cruelty and viciousness against dogs.


straydog said...

Any lawyers out there prepared to give some legal advice? Is it possible to get a Court Order to stop the Klang Council from catching any more dogs until they are properly equipped to handle captured animals?
Use animal cruelty as the reason why the council should be stopped from catching any more dogs until it has the facilities to take care of the dogs, food-wise and medical-wise.
If that is possible, start a legal fund for this. I am sure all animal lovers will donate to this legal fund to obtain a court order.

Anonymous said...

I am fowarding to a few chinese as well as english press, hopefully they can help to publish if they have compassion.

from Penang

Anonymous said...

Other than protest (which they will not care) can we arrange to take them out - like the previous batch.

Animal Rights said...

I think the best thing to do is to get the public to do something, a public outcry and in the meantime get a lawyer who is willing to help us out. The last time we approached the assemblymen, it's just all talk and no act. One of them even think that euthanasia is the solution. We need to do something drastic to get it through their thick skull. And people please stop dumping your own dog and take responsibility in protecting your pet.

Anonymous said...

Whoever sanction to such action will never be able to live a happy life. The souls of these helpless will come back to haunt them. To have such person as a friend worst of all a family member is a S H A M E!!!!!

Anonymous said...

MDDB, please highlight these cases to the foreign press or foreign animal organisations since our local press does not seem able to do much..By highlighting our cases internationally, maybe the politicians will wake up from their thrones and do something..
PKR what are u doing??? We have elected you to do something for the rakyat as well as the ANIMALS..don't just go for cases that give you publicity so that your face can be shown in the newspapers

lainie Yeoh said...

When I was living in KL, there used to be this curious coincidence. Every time before the dog catchers came about, someone would have mysteriously left poisoned meat around on the streets.

By the time the dog catchers get here, the dogs will be lying by the side of the ground, weak and defenseless. Curious coincidences, that.

Not forgetting the time dog catchers opened my gate and let out the dogs in the garden, then proceeded to nab them. My aunt ran out of the house screaming that she was going to sue every one of them (she's a lawyer). They returned the dogs.

Anonymous said...

omg.... that's horrible. my heart aches for them.

Vernon said...

This is terrible. Terrible.

Buddhaphish said...

errr... I sent emails to these e-mail addresses but at least six have bounced back..

Please update your e-mail list thanks

Anonymous said...

here we go again...there dumasses r doin it again..

eventually..ppl learn from mistakes..but looks like if given a dumass team to do a proper's what we get..

meiyen said...

My God, the dog in the top-most picture looks like a stray I used to feed =[ But he didn't look close to be that injured and horrid before.
There has to be a way to solve the problem of strays without killing them by the masses.

Anonymous said...

Any motherf$%^&er tries to catch my dog, by God, I'll kill him with whatever weapon I can lay my hands on.

We know exactly why there is this habit in Malaysia.. why there is a serious lack of compassion for strays, especially DOGS. We know exactly why there is a deep illogical and unjustifiable hatred for DOGS in Malaysia.

It's because of religion. It's because of certain practices of certain religions that spread hate against animals, against fellow human beings.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible act of cruelty! Euthanasia is definitely not an option either! Cant we do a petition and let the general public be aware that this is an ongoing problem that needs to be rectified? Owners should be more wary about this dog catchers and perhaps walk their dogs on leash? I know in Singapore, there are a few dog catchers around, however, I never realised that they would put this stray dogs in such confined and starved environment. I'm appalled that people are willing to work extra hard to capture dogs just for the extra cash. My heart aches for this poor dogs :(

Anonymous said...

What should we do now? Please advise

Anonymous said...

The Klang Municipal Council is stupid or what? Dogs have life too should be treated well! Please advice on how to save this dogs..

Anonymous said...

To answer to the "what should we do now? question posted by someone on 15 & 16 January 2010 - go get one or two dogs out from the pound. MDDB had promised to help....

Anonymous said...

To certain group of people even a tiny chihuahua is a big rotweiller, trust me. I drove my dog to MacDonalds Drive-In a year ago to buy a burger and when the staff saw my dog inside the car , guess what is their remarks - "AIYO, ANJING LAH, SAYA TAKUT" and back away from the tiny window where food was supposed to be passed to their clients. These people are just crazy and they are the influence of these dog catchings in Malaysia. I am sick of all these, who ain't??

ganesh said...

i've sent the emails. let me know when the protest in front of mpk is on.

FloraLuvEden said...

Poor, innocent, and helpless.... Please stop cruelty i beg u all fking dumb@ss MALAYsian.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Majlis Perbandaran Teluk Intan is rewarding RM45 for every dog/puppies caught n killed. Someone will come n identify where the dogs in hiding, snapped pictures & they'll then someone else to come n killed the dogs. They were strangled with wires & died on the spot.

How could we stop this from going on?

Anonymous said...

please stop talking and start doing.

Anonymous said...

fuking dog & cat should be die..they are look dirty animal..its parasite..i dun wan to see a group of the wild dog bite all human..fuking mentality

Anonymous said...

hey guys i'm a klang citizen since i was born i swear upon god that if i see any dog catchers around taman sentosa klang i will chop than into pieces!!!

too all dog catchers if you dare enough come to my place and do it in front of me!! mother f@#*ers!!!

i hope i can help...