Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Given the large number of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens under our care – MDDB and MCCP will be holding an impromptu adoption drive this Sunday Sept 19.
The adoption drive will be held between 11.00am to 7.00pm.
The drive will be held at No 59, Jalan 5/58, Taman Gasing Indah, Petaling Jaya (same row as Gasing Veterinary Hospital).
Donations of dry/canned dog/puppy food, dry/ canned cat/kitten food, old newspapers, dog and cat shampoo, old towels, rice, cages, detergent and bleach are welcome.
Details: Tel: 019-357 6477 or 012-373 9007

Monday, September 13, 2010


Sunday September 12, 2010
Spay and release strays, says NGO

PETALING JAYA: An animal rescue and welfare group wants local councils to spay strays and release them back to the streets.

Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII) director Firoza Burhanudeen, whose organisation has launched two animal rescue and welfare projects, said this would be a more humane way of handling strays.

“It is time the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage system is implemented. This is the most workable solution as opposed to the current practice by local councils of capturing and culling strays,” said Firoza.

She added that the large budget utilised by local councils to capture and cull could instead be used to implement such a programme.

“We are urging the Federal Government to look into this seriously before implementing it in local councils. We can provide all the necessary documentation and literature on the programme,” she said.

Under the programme, adult stray dogs and cats are captured, spayed and released back in the areas they are caught or relocated to places tolerant of them.

Since the animals have been spayed, there will be no increase in population until the animals have lived out their natural life.

Firoza said the current capturing and culling system was a failure and created a bad image for local councils and Malaysian authorities.

“Since we are running two rescue projects, we know that the capture and cull method is a waste of resources because it does not present a permanent solution,” she said.

The NGO runs both the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and the Malaysian Cats Care projects, which rescue and relocate strays.

The NGO is inviting those who want to know more about the programme to meet their representatives at the main entrance at Summit Subang Jaya from 11am today.

Monday September 13, 2010
Time to help strays

REALISING that animal rescue groups need as much help as possible, footwear company Crocs has come forward to partner with a recently launched feline welfare project to do its bit towards helping stray animals.

Crocs’ partnership with the Malaysian Cats Care Project (MCCP) is part of the company’s corporate and social responsibility programme.

MCCP is a feline welfare project initiated by non-governmental organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDDI), which also helms the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) canine welfare project.

The partnership was sealed during the soft launch of the MCCP project at the Summit Subang Jaya recently.

MDDB director Firoza Burhanudeen said they were happy that Crocs had come forward to help the recently launched feline welfare project.

She said it was a great challenge for both MCCP and MDDB to rescue and rehome the countless canines and felines they rescued almost daily.

“It is a never ending story and we know for a fact the situation will remain unchanged if the relevant authorities do not implement the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage programme,’’ said Firoza.

Firoza hoped more companies would come forward to help CDII’s canine and feline welfare projects.

“We are working towards acquiring tax exemption status and hope this would get us more corporate sponsorship,’’ she added.

Firoza said MDDB was in urgent need of rice as well as puppy and dog food.

Under the partnership, Crocs would be providing free Crocs footwear for all MCCP/MDDB volunteers, custom-designed T-shirts for sale to raise funds, RM30 vouchers for those who adopt a cat, kitten, dog and non-woven bags will be given for adopters.

Crocs would also be placing collection boxes in all of its 24 Crocs Concept Stores nationwide until Dec 31 to collect funds for MCCP and MDDB.

CDDI also announced that MDDB and MCCP were teaming-up the Fire and Rescue Volunteers Malaysia (MVFRA) to start a training programme for rescuers.

The programme is aimed at teaching people on how to rescue trapped and injured animals effectively.

For details on how to help MDDB and MCCP, visit or call 019-357 6477 or 012-373 9007.


We were alerted to this post by one of our friends and are once again astounded by Petnegative's top honcho Arsie's myopic views. Arsie is talking about ethics......Arsie??? The piece of posterior who defended the local council's dog catching scoundrels mati-mati because he wanted to continue being a councilor - talking about ethics? Anyway, here's a cut and paste of What Arsie said in his blog and our response to his myopic ramble?

aNt's aNgle:

I WAS SHOCKED BEYOND BELIEF to discover in the newspapers recently of what one local animal group was doing in its pet adoption campaign.

It was giving out RM30.00 vouchers from an expensive footwear company to anyone who decides to adopt a dog or a cat.

MDDB: So, what? We give away free food, free cages, free medicines, free vaccination, free neutering to some adopters - so what the big deal if we want to share the vouchers given to us by Crocs?

As seemingly noble as their efforts are in finding homes for our unwanted strays - but folks; really, VOUCHERS as encouragement or rewards for pet adoptions?

MDDB: What's the big deal if we want to reward those who are kind enough to adopt a stray instead of heading towards the pet shop to get a pedigree. Furthermore, its only RM30 and our adopters are not cheap Arsies who will bend backwards for a mere RM30. You have no business insulting them Arsie.

Has someone lost his/her marbles?

MDDB: Yes, Arsie - you have lost your marbles by insulting our sponsor as well as our adopters. Marbles both upstairs and downstaris.

Has the status of animal adoptions in the country descended so low that one as to resort to offering free gifts and incentives from profit-making companies just so that people will be motivated to bring a pet into the family?

MDDB: What a stupid statement. We scrutinise our adopters and ensure that they qualify to adopt. If Crocs wants to reward those who adopt strays as pets instead of heading to the petshop to buy them - who are we to say that they should'nt?

Two dogs for attractive footwear?
Isn't simply saying an animal needs a loving home enough reason and impetus to give a desperate stray a home?

MDDB: Its an RM30 voucher you fool! Crocs footwear are expensive and RM30 won't get you anything there. You have once again proven how dumb you are by insinuating that our adopters are there for the gain. We have been doing this for over two years and have been humbled by the countless people who come and take in our dogs and pups - most of the time with mange and all both into their homes and hearts. For you to insinuate otherwise only proves that you are an Arsehole of the highest order.

Do highly respectable animal shelters like the RSPCA and People for the Ethical Treatment of Pets (PETA) employ such unscrupulous practises in their adoption programmes?

MDDB: I am sure they would if Crocs offers them the sponsorship.

What about ethics - or is there none to consider when it comes to living creatures in the animal kingdom?

MDDB: What's so unethical about giving someone a RM30 Crocs voucher together with a box of free dog/cat food, a free leash and collar and a bottle of free shampoo (all sponsored) when they adopt a dog or a cat?

Will strays with vouchers attached to them from now on be a better attraction and bargain than unwanted animals, say in the Selangor SPCA, PAWS, right down to the local councils pounds and their animals on death row?

MDDB: We give our animals for FREE as opposed to PAWS, SPCA and the pounds. The shelters charge more than RM200 per pet adopted. Is this regarded as selling?

Will all other animal shelters rush out to clinch deals with other companies as a competition of sorts to see which can offer better freebies in their adoption programmes?

MDDB: We think this is a good idea. The pounds and shelters should get freebies and sponsorship so that they need not charge so much for the pets put up for adoption. This way their adoption rate would also be higher. Matter of fact we believe that some of the big cash sponsorship should also be channeled towards their adopters by way of freebies. Sharing is after all caring.

What about the stringent principles of responsible pet ownership or will that also have to go down the drain too.

MDDB: You are one patronising piece of dog poo aren't you? How dare you insinuate that our adopters are irresponsible pet owners simply because they receive a RM30 voucher from us?

There is a very uncomfortable practice among Malaysians that annoys me a lot.

That is the craze for door gifts, vouchers and generally anything that is free. Nowadays it doesn't seem to matter what event it is, as long as there are door gifts, people will flock there. So much so the content of a show or event is unimportant or forgotten but the cheap treats are not.

MDDB: Who cares what you think? What about you? you receive a lot of freebies for your organisation. Why the double standards? You are merely being a sour puss because we are receiving sponsorship. You did the same thing when Jill Robinson introduced animal assisted therapy here through an animal sanctuary. You attacked her like how you are attacking our sponsorship. You actually thought you were much better than her.

Competition for adoptions?
In the same vein, how will one tell if the real motivation of people at a pet adoption is not actually about the footwear discount that is being offered rather than giving the dog or cat a good home?

After all, it may just be a parent and his kid going out for the voucher so that his or her child can get a discount for a good pair of shoes for their worn-out footwear.

MDDB: I think you should be castigated for your very low opinion of people in general. Just because you are a coniving cad doesn't mean everyone else is. To say that our adopters are taking in a cat or a dog for a mere RM30 voucher is down right insulting. Dear people, please tell Arsie the cad what a piece of dog poo he is with his wild allegations.

And the pet?

Well, one can just show it the backdoor when the "shine" and excitement of a new toy fades away.

MDDB: Arsie, you don't know how our adoption system works. So, shut up will you?

In Petpositive where I serve as President, disabled and elderly candidates are rejected from adopting pets even though they may benefit from them.

MDDB: Then your association is misleading the public. You state that yours is an organisation which helps the disabled and elderly by using pets. Refusing the most vulnerable group of the what you profess to offer is misleading the public and the ROS.

Our focus isn't on the benefits alone but also on the animals' right and welfare.

Petpositive will never embark on a programme that will compromise with our pet partners care and safety.

MDDB: Arsie, you can con a lot of people but you cannot con everyone. Tell us how many theraphy pets does your association have?

So if it isn't a footwear company now what will it be next? Free vouchers from KFC or McDonalds?

MDDB: No, we are going to get the same hotel which sponsored your buka puasa recently to sponsor a high tea everytime we have an adoption drive. No fast food for us, thank you!

Let us not forget that animals are not objects but living creatures that deserve each and every owner's unconditional love and attention.

And they must be adopted purely for those reasons and nothing else.

Imagine with the increasing abandoned babies in our society today, what would happen if we started adopting babies with vouchers from a toothpaste company or diapers?

MDDB: You are rambling. Drunk?

As animal lovers, should we be also helping companies sell more of their products through vouchers?

MDDB: Why not if the increase in sale will see their CSR progress further.

If it's not good for human beings, folks, it certainly can't be good for animals, too!

FINAL WARNING! This is a final warning to you Arsie. Stop your agenda of discrediting us. It is very simple. You are a councilor because Dr Xavier Jayakumar recomended you. You misbehave and we will pressure Dr Xavier to ask for your removal. Do not think this cannot be done. People living in glass houses should not throw stones.