Saturday, January 22, 2011

Persecution of dogs rescuers, lovers and fosterers

We have been informed that a few local councils - due to bad advise - will be going around inspecting homes to see if the dogs have been licensed. They owners will be issued licenses on the spot and then given a stipulated time to get the dog vaccinated etc. This is ridiculous as the purpose of a license is not to control numbers but to indicate that the dog has been vaccinated. According to these clueless people, this is THE WAY to curb strays!!!! We are shocked with the level of ignorance shown here. The ONLY way to manage the stray problem is to implement TNRM on the streets and not by persecuting people who own dogs. Let's say these bunch of clueless people go to a fosterer's home and she has six dogs whilst the by-laws state that she can only keep one - what will happen to the other five? Let's also say that someone has four dogs she or he is only allowed two - however, the dogs do not pose a problem to anyone as they live indoors with the owners. What happens to the other two dogs? Will she or he have to 'get rid' of them? The local council should refrain itself from implementing no-brainer plans such as these and should concentrate on busting illegal breeders and refrain from abundantly giving out permits for pet shops to sell animals. The councils should also seriously look at TNRM which is working well in neighbouring countries. Why can't we successfully implement TNRM like our neighbours? Are they soooo bodoh that they can actually think that persecuting dog owners, lovers and fosterers is the solution? We have also been told that a particular exco member will be going on the rounds. We have only this to say to him - you embark on this no-brainer persecution of dog owners, lovers and fosterers - you be prepared for a demonstration against you at the State Secretariat building! Think again before you knock on doors.

What's wrong with this fellow.

A rescued dog, now a therapy dog called Dr Adonis, at work in the Philippines.


We were alerted by Tracy this morning about a blog entry in Petpositive our statement in the press recently. All we said in the media was:

"The Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better canine welfare organisation urged the Department of Veterinary Services to investigate the living conditions and the kind of treatment previously received by the two dogs.

“The department should also find out if the dogs had a mix of the pit bull breed, which is banned in Malaysia for its ferocious streak,” said coordinator Christine Lai.

We were stating a fact. However, Anthony Thanasayan is going onand on and calling us names. We have included his post as well as marked his abuse against us. He even refutes the Wikipedia notes which were supported with a generous footnote. He is labelling us as people who are dissemeniting hatred fopr dogs. What about his statement below in Free Malaysia Today:

ANTHONY WAS QUOTED AS SAYING: “For example, it’s difficult to predict a mongrel’s behaviour due to its mixed parentage. It’s best to use pedigree dogs. ''
Isn't this dissemeniting prejudices against mixed breeds? More so that Animals Asia Foundation Jill Robinson uses rescued dogs, including mixed breed, in her Dr Dog therapy dog programme???

His Blog Entry
Local Dog Blog Slammed For Spreading Prejudice About Pit Bulls - Slammed By Whom??????

That noisome local dog blog - name intentionally withheld to "protect" the guilty (sic) - has very obviously bit off more than it could chew. - Pray tell how we have bitten off more than we can chew?

This happened when one of its members claimed to the media recently that pit bulls innately possess a "ferocious streak". - This is a true fact which many people including trainers and vets will support.

Now they are shamelessly trying to add a new spin to its story! - How so?

An unmatched breed
The blog author is now coming up with an even more ridiculous clanger saying that what the group meant to say was that pit bulls are okay as pet dogs - but but not as guard animals. Yes, and we explain why as well as stress the difference between pets, watch dogs and guard dogs.

And the reason for that big "NO! NO!" is also because of what the blogger - with a notoriety of using foul language - is adamantly claiming that pit bulls have a "natural ferocious streak". Ask other animal experts and they'll tell you the same.

What a load of codswallop! According to you - but that's not what experts and academic journals say.

This is typically what happens with people who are essentially amateurs. So the experts, vets and academic papers are all amateurs???

They try to proclaim themselves as so-called "experts" about dogs just because they happen to save one or two animals in distress. Wow, we can see the green-eyed monster clearly here.

Don't get me wrong.
The rest not worth responsding to as its purely ramble and rant.
Anyone who saves innocent and homeless dogs and cats from the streets and gives them a good home deserves a big pat on the back.

Blog spreading breed racism
However, to cross one's boundaries and try to portray themselves as an animal egghead is really too much.

Let us not become nutcases in such situations. Instead, let's educate ourselves with the facts of the matter.

PETPOSITIVE is against the discrimination of canines of any breeds.

We have - and will always maintain that it is never the problem with the dogs but the owners who should be brought to the book in situations where an animal has gone bad - except in situations if and when it rabies is involved.

Service pit bull
We firmly maintain that pit bulls make wonderful pets as well as in whatever service they have to perform; whether it be in crime-control, animal-assisted therapy or just a house pet.

What is of primary importance is that pit bulls should be bred by good breeders and raised up under the guidelines of good responsible ownership.

Back to the irresponsible blog and its author who is only spreading disinformation about pit bulls, and by doing so also harming the perceptions of all dog breeds including mongrels, please get your facts right from the people who work with pit bulls - and not from a cursory glance from Google or Wikipedia or even some crap purportedly on the Internet from the CIA!

Covering up your howler about pits will only make you look more stupid.

Here are some common myths about pit bulls that need to be debunked:

* Pit Bulls' jaws lock down like no other breed.

RUBBISH: Studies show that the jaw of the Pit Bull is in proportion to its size and is no different than any other breed of dog. There is no evidence that any kind of "locking mechanism" exists in the American Pit Bull Terrier.

* Pit Bulls are mean and violent (the 'ferocious streak' thingy).

NONSENSE: According to the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls pass the test with flying colors. In fact, the Pit Bull scores 82% or more. The success of Pit Bulls in this series of tests proves they are not naturally mean or violent.

* Pit Bulls cannot be used for protection work:

CLAPTRAP: The first United States war dog was a Pit Bull named Stubby. Stubby served in World War I and was honored with medals and a visit to the White House. He went on to inspire the United States Military K-9 Corp.

Here are more facts about the wonderful Pit Bull Breed:

* Pit Bulls have long served as therapy dogs. In fact, Helen Keller's canine helper was a Pit Bull. Organizations such as the Chako Rescue Association have Pit Bull therapy dogs across the country in Utah, California and more.

For more about this great breed of dogs, please visit this excellent Pit Bull rescue group's web page:


As to the local dog blog that is spreading distortions about Pit Bulls, and at the same time claiming to be a animal rescue group: they should be ashamed of themselves!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Selayang Pound Bodoh!

UPDATE: We received word at 4.00pm that the dog was released to its feeder who has found a place for the dog to be quarantined. Given that the pound has a history of being a place infested with distemper and parvo viruses, it will first have to be kept isolated before sending to the veterinary clinic for spaying.
Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300
Selangor's premier dog abuser the Selayang pound, which belongs to the Selayang Municipal Council, has done it again. Are the people managing it as bodoh as they behave? An independent rescuer who has been feeding a stray in Selayang, with the aim of befriending the dog pending vaccination and spaying before rehoming, was devastated when the dog went missing about a week ago. Her week long search led her to the Selayang pound where she found the dog. She asked to adopt the dog and said she was willing to pay whatever compound imposed on her. She had to use an intermediary as she has been banned from the pound for exposing the cruelty there several months ago. She was asked to go to the office where she was asked to apply for a license immediately. Are these people so bodoh that they do not know that to get a license the dog has to be vaccinated and photographed first? Are we wasting our tax RM paying for bodohs like this to man counters dealing with the public? They have isolated the dog upon request but knowing that the pound is still managed by Dr Razif and Evil Ernie, we won't be surprised if they rush to put the dog down. From this episode we know that Cruel Dr Razif and Evil Ernie are fueled by their personal prejudices against dogs - as they would rather kill them than allow the dogs to be rescued. I think its time for the Selayang Pound to be kicked in the butt again and let's see if their mascot will wheel himself there and defend their cruelty as he did the last time around.

The DVS Selangor has been informed

The Selangor DVS has been informed about the cruelly treated German Shepherd in Kota Kemuning and will be going there to do the necessary. Thanks again DVS.


We don't really know what's wrong with this clown Anthony Thanasayan. Since our adoption coordinator Christine Lai had been quoted in the media saying that the DVS should check to see if the Penang dogs which attacked the environmentalist were Pit Bull mix and that Pit Bulls were known to have a ferocious streak, he has been spewing shit at us. Firstly, the dufus must understand Christine was stating a fact and did not say all Pit Bulls were ferocious. Any fool, claiming to know dogs would also know that Pit Bulls are not suited as guard dogs because of this ferocious streak. However, they can be pets if they are treated well. And its also this ferocious streak which makes the Pit Bulls popular in the bloody dog fight tournaments. We have supported these with excerpts from academic papers but he supports his crap with blogs instead of concrete researched facts. However, just like what we had said, he states that Pit Bulls are banned by the DVS. He must have called to ask and we believe he did not know this before Christine mentioned it. He must now ask the question why the breed was banned? We remember a couple of incidents here - does he? He now says we are spreading prejudice against Pit Bulls - Bodoh, we are telling jackasses not to use Pit Bulls as guard dogs - just like how we'll also tell people not to use Poodles as guard dogs. We are against the use of Pit Bulls as guard dogs because we are an animal welfare group. Comprende? Would Crazy AT label them as crazy and laughable and support his criticism with more blogs?
Here's his shit.

Animal Control Officers Vouch For Pit Bulls

Animal expert Milan with a pit bull
RECALL THAT CRAZY AND LAUGHABLE COMMENT by a so-called animal activist from a local dog blog claiming that pit bulls have a "ferocious streak"?
Well, this is the sort of nonsense we get when amateurs try to play "overnight experts" on dog behaviour.
No need to take our word for it.
Here's just another myth-busting read about the true character of pit bulls which goes to prove how misunderstood this particular breed of dog is.
And it's just a terrible shame when people who profess to speak out on dogs end up being the very ones who spread prejudice over dogs in our society.
Pit bulls together with some other breeds remain in the list of banned dogs in Malaysia according to our local veterinary department.
None of the dogs in the Department of Veterinary Services should be on that list.
The DVS should remove such a listing at once.
Remember: Behind every bad dog is really a bad owner.

Just read the story below to see what we mean.

By Lynn Fredricksen
Post-Chronicle Correspondent

Hamden Animal Control Officer Chris Smith visits with Homer, one of several mixed breed pit bulls available for adoption through the North Haven Animal Shelter. Like the others, Homer was picked up as a stray in Hamden.
Because Hamden has no animal shelter animal control officers there work closely with North Haven’s Animal Control Officer and share North Haven’s facility on Universal Drive. To meet Homer or another available dog, call North Haven Animal Control Officer David Carney at 203-239-5321, ext. 415.
At the North Haven Animal Shelter, where eight dogs are available for adoption, it is easy to look into their soulful eyes and become smitten.
With eight of its nine runs occupied, seven of those with dogs of pit bull mix, other questions have risen: is there an epidemic of stray pit bulls? And, is the breed itself dangerous or threatening?
The questions arose after an incident in Hamden last month in which a 60-pound mixed breed dog, being walked on a leash with its owners in broad daylight on a Saturday afternoon, was brutally attacked by a stray pit bull.
The leashed dog survived, but the pit bull had to be shot four times by a police officer before it released its grip on the other dog’s neck.
“It was totally unprovoked and without warning,” Scott Howland said of the attack on his dog. Howland and his girlfriend have walked their dog in Hamden’s Dunbar Hill neighborhood daily for years.
Because Hamden does not have an animal shelter, dogs picked up in that town are taken to the North Haven Animal Shelter.
While Howland maintains the pit bull is by nature an aggressive dog, animal control officers in Hamden and North Haven believe otherwise.
“We’ve adopted out some wonderful pit mixes,” said Chris Smith, an animal control officer in Hamden. “These dogs want to be saved.”
Hamden’s Captain Ron Smith believes the Dunbar Hill attack was an isolated incident.
“I think some of it is due to economic problems where people can’t take care of their dogs and are letting their dogs loose,” Capt. Ron Smith said. “A lack of responsible dog owners is the problem, not the pit bulls themselves.”
Chris Smith adds that sometimes the dogs are found in unusual places. One pit bull mix was found at the Sav-A-Lot store on Dixwell Avenue running up and down the aisles.
“They’re really sweet dogs,” he said. “They want to please you.” (MDDB: So much so that they will even kill to protect their masters.)
But both Smiths and North Haven Animal Control Officer David Carney say they can tell right away if an animal is aggressive. Aggressive dogs are deemed “unadoptable,” and are not adopted out.
“If you approach the dog and it starts growling and showing its teeth, that’s an aggressive dog,” Capt. Ron Smith said.
The December attack on Howland’s dog led the Dunbar Hill Civic Association to host a meeting to address the issue of wild dogs.
“The primary advice is that everybody in the neighborhood needs to band together and if they see a dog roaming to contact the police immediately,” Capt. Ron Smith said.
He added that many who attended the meeting talked about carrying pistols and cited the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
But Capt. Ron Smith maintains that isn’t the answer.
“The biggest fear at the police department is that an innocent bystander would be struck by a stray bullet,” he said. “We’re not recommending that everyone walk around with a gun.”

P/S - We can now expect more shit to come into our chat box.

Another abuse case

A rescuer friend alerted us about this dog after she herself was tipped off by a concerned neighbour. We spoke to the neighbour and he said the owners had not been feeding their dog enough and this was not their first case of dog abuse. The dogs is skin and bones and we shudder to think of the suffering it must have gone through. The family lives in Puchong Intan and here's her narration:

I got a call regarding this dog from a man last Sunday morning. He explained to me then that the owners were nowhere in sight initially, and that this dog was 'about to die'. He'd tried to call out and feed the dog but it was too weak to move.
I couldn't go to get the dog myself, and so made arrangements with a veterinary clinic to pick it up . Thirty minutes later, the man called again and told me that the owners WERE in fact home, and he put them on the phone with me. When I questioned them, they told me that the dog had 'been lying that way for a week' and refused to explain what had led to it's condition.
Then they questioned my intentions, and after my explanation, told me that whatever i was going to do, 'kita tak akan bayar apa-apa untuk anjing ini'. I assured them otherwise and they agreed to hand over the dog.
More than THREE hours later, the drivers from the veterinary clinic arrived to pick the dog up. The rather inconsiderate receptionists kept calling to ask if the deposits they needed had been made, and quoted that they could just cancel the house-call if otherwise. No one really cared that the dog was dying.
Merely minutes after arriving at the clinic, just as i'd placed a call to another vet to pick the dog up from the first clinic, I got a call from one of the vets saying that the dog had passed away. A burial arrangement was going to cost Rm150, and so I told them to bring the dog over to my grandfather's farm instead.
I took this picture on Tuesday. I hadn't had the chance to visit the dog during the rescue attempt, and so this was very disturbing. My grandparents kept repeating how 'very big and beautiful' this dog was. The vets say it's a Great Dane, middle aged.
I hope that something can be done to have this dog's voice heard.

We at MDDB are greatly disturbed and will also forward this to the DVS and follow-up. Why do these people keep dogs if they don't want to care for them? What kind of values do they subscribe to - don't they understand that dogs are living beings that can suffer pain and anguish just like us? Given this sad situation, MDDB will also prioritise the bringing dog abuse cases to book this year. Please support us to teach the real animals about love and compassion.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yet another cruelty case

This German Shepherd lives in Jalan Anggerik Vanilla 31/98F, Canal Gardens, Kota Kemuning.
Its brutal owners keep its mouth tied up with rafia string everyday probably to keep it from barking.
According to the complainant, the dog is suffering and the
leash is also very short that the dog can only sit.
So much so that it sits on its urine and stool and as a result it's side is peeling from infection.
We have forwarded the complaint and picture to the Selangor DVS and hope that action will be taken soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost Dog

This dog was found loitering around in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. We think it must have wandered away from home. Anyone knowing this dog and its owners please call 019-3576477 or 0123211174.

Monday, January 17, 2011

THANK YOU Department of Veterinary Services Selangor

Handsome's remains being taken for post-mortem
DVS officers after collecting Handsome's remains
DVS officers before leaving with Handsome's remains
DVS investigating officers taking down the necessary details

We are very grateful to the Selangor DVS for promptly acting on our complaint re: Handsome. They were at our panel clinic where Handsome's remains were slightly over an hour after we called. The took down all the necessary information and also Handsome's remains to be sent for post-mortem to determine his cause of death. They are taking what had happened to Handsome very seriously and we are glad about this. DVS will take several days to carry out the investigations and MDDB will give them our fullest cooperation and help them in whichever way we can. Once again TERIMA KASIH DVS Selangor, your prompt action is greatly valued and appreciated. Thank you very much.

Sunday, January 16, 2011




Handsome thrown outside the house to die - exposed to the rain and sun.
Handsome lying ill in the cage.
Hansdome - left to die
A dying handsome.

This dog called Handsome and has been subjected to the worst form of abuse and cruelty by its owners. Apparently, the people who live in a big house in Lebuh Jelutong, Taman Selatan, Klang allow the dog to roan freely and Handsome tried to bite someone a month ago. He has been kept locked-up in his cage since then and it is believed that the owners had been hosing him with water everytime he created a ruckus to get out. Handsome became very ill and last night they dumped him outside their gate to die. A neighbour who went to place some food and water for the dog found ants crwaling all over Handsome and when he alerted the owners - they hosed the sick dog down again!!!! We asked one of our panel vets to go and have a look and our vet has taken Handsome to his clinic to be treated. He says Handsome has lung infection and its probably because of all the water that's been sprayed on him all this while. We have informed SPCA and will also contact the Department of Veterinary Services as we want these people to be charged for animal cruelty for what they have done. Let's see what happens.