Saturday, July 2, 2011


This old male Pomeranian was left tied to a post near an MDDB volunteer's house in Klang recently. He had a maggot wound in his mouth and is partially blind due to cataract. One of his testicles also appears to have a tumour on it. According to our Klang panel vet one of the old dog's testicles is embedded inside - the one outside has the tumour.
His maggot wound has healed and given that the vet reckons he is really a very senior citizen, we have been advised against any form of surgery as the anesthetic may kill the old boy.
He is currently boarding at our vet as we do not want to stress him by bringing him into our half-way home. We are now looking for a fosterer to take this fellow in and give him love and care for the last few months or couple of years of his life.
We do not have the heart to cage him up at our half-way home as he deserves a chance to be with a human family that will love and care for him. If you are willing to foster him, do not worry about Uncle Pomeranian's veterinary care as we will open an account for him at one of our panel clinics and you can take him there whenever there is a need. MDDB will fully cover his veterinary expenses.
However, apart from his tumour and cataract, Uncle Pomeranian does not appear to have any other medical problems.
Whoever that had abandoned him at his twilight years is nothing but a piece of crap. How could they do this to their pet? Didn't they even love him a little?
Those willing to foster Uncle Pomeranian please call 019-3576477 or write to

Friday, July 1, 2011


WE would like to invite people from other parts of the state to kick start Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better chapters in their state. If you are interested, please write to Please write in again if you have written before and did not receive a reply. Our mail traffic is very high and some mails tend to get 'lost' in the process. It would also help if you can SMS 019-3576477 once the mail is sent. We will render all the necessary assistance to help set you up. You can also start-up MDDB in districts. MDDB Northern is doing very very well and we would like to see more successful chapters ion other parts of the country as well.


Tuesday June 28, 2011

Spaying vouchers for pets


IN a bid to reduce the number of strays in the state, the Penang Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) will give out vouchers worth RM70,000 for the public to spay their pets.

Penang SPCA chairman Datuk N. Ramanathan said owners in Penang could apply for the vouchers ranging between RM100 to RM150 from SPCA Penang during the three-month campaign, which will kick off this Friday.

“A spaying voucher will be given to only one animal per household for either a cat or a dog.

“The pet animal must be vaccinated with proof of a health record from a veterinary.

“They should also be licensed and in good health condition,” said Ramanathan during a press conference at Penang SPCA’s office in Jelutong, George Town.

Ramanathan said pet owners can use the voucher in any private or public veterinary in the state.

Penang SPCA honorary secretary Dr Gurdev Singh Gill said the money would be sufficient to neuter some 600 animals.

“It’s the tip of the iceberg as there are about 60,000 unlicensed animals in the state but it will go a long way to reduce the number of strays.

“For example, a female dog which is not neutered can eventually lead to 4,000 dogs being born over a period of 10 years,” he said.

Dr Gurdev also reminded the public not to feed strays and to store food waste properly to discourage the animals from congregating.

“This will reduce the chances of strays mating,” he said, adding that those who adopt animals from SPCA would be entitled to having free spaying for their animals.

He said half of the RM70,000 was from a charity run held on May 29.

Also present at the press conference was state Local Government, Traffic Management and Environment Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow, who welcomed the move.

On another matter, Chow said the River Road slaughterhouse would be taken over by the Department of Veterinary Services.

“The Penang Municipal Council has been informed of this through a letter from the department recently.

“It’s up to the department whether to retain the slaughterhouse or build a new one,” he said.

For details on the spaying campaign, call 04-2816559.

MDDB SAYS: What are these chaps trying to say and why are they using public funds to neuter pets? If they want to help, they should instead make avail low cost neutering like Selangor SPCA does through its Klinik Kembiri. We were also made to understand Klinik Kembiri also only offers subsidized neutering for mix breed pets.

Dr Gurdev says that there '60,000 unlicensed animals in the state' and it looks like he is equating that with the high number of strays in Penang. We gather he is referring to unlicensed pets - so what happens to the strays that belongs to no one? Catch em' all and kill em' eh Dr Gurdev????

This approach, whereby dog owners and unlicensed pets are targeted as supposedly being the main cause behind the high number of strays is not only myopic but downright stupid. As rescuers, we can vouch that most of the litters of pups rescued on a daily basis are born as strays to stray mothers and fathers. So instead of taking the easy way out by using public money to neuter pets - and then thumping their chest that they have done something - Penang SPCA should tackle the stray problem by ensuring that the strays are prevented from increasing in numbers.

Not by catching and killing but to instead neuter and release them back to their colonies. Dr Gurudev's advise to the public not to feed the strays is shocking and downright cruel. With people like this in the SPCA, no wonder independent rescue groups are mushrooming all over the country to push for a more humane and practical approach in countering the increase in stray cats and dogs.

Its time someone told the good doctor that feeders are the most important people in the implementation of TNRM. Without them, the exercise would be futile. MDDB urges everyone NOT TO HEED the ridiculous and cruel advise dished out by Dr Gurdev. Please feed the strays - they too feel the pangs of hunger and starvation like us.