Sunday, December 21, 2008

My sister the Doberman


Pitiful sight: The Doberman is believed to have been abandoned by its owners.

Saturday December 20, 2008

Emaciated dog with inherited skin condition found wandering in Klang


INDEPENDENT animal rescuers are crying foul and want the relevant authorities to monitor dog breeders in the country after an emaciated, weak and disoriented Doberman was found wandering in Teluk Pulai, Klang, recently.

The dog, which is literally a walking skeleton, is also hairless due to a genetically inherited skin disorder.

The dog, which was wearing a good quality choke chain around its neck, is believed to have been abandoned by its owners who might not have known how to manage its skin condition.

Independent rescuer Leigh Chen said the Doberman’s inherited condition might be due to too much in-breeding.

“Many pedigree puppies come from backyard breeders and unlicensed puppy mills.

“These unscrupulous breeders have no qualms about mating siblings with each other or even offspring with their parents,” alleged Chen.

Chen said the Veterinary Services Department (DVS), as the custodian of animal welfare, must be given the power and legal right to crack down on errant breeders.

“In addition to this, it must also be made compulsory for pet shop owners to microchip the pets they sell, for identification,” she added.

Fellow rescuer Sherrina Krishnan concurred and advised the public to be cautious when buying pets.

“My only advice to people who buy pedigrees is, please don’t just buy one for the sake of buying one. Check the breeding conditions, check the breeders – ask for papers,” she said.

Meanwhile, a passer-by rescued the Doberman and handed it over to non-governmental organisation Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII), which recently launched its canine welfare project dubbed “Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better”.

The dog has since been sent to a veterinary clinic where it was diagnosed to be suffering from severe heartworm infestation, low platelet count and malnutrition.

The attending veterinarian also said the dog was only about two years old.

According to CDII director Clarence C.R. Chua, his organisation’s canine welfare project emphasised a no-kill policy and therefore the dog would be treated and taken care of until its last day.

“It’s only two years old and therefore deserves a second chance to continue living,” said Chua.

He said CDII’s canine welfare project was a long-term plan aimed at opening a sanctuary and hospice for dogs in Selangor.

“We have a long way to go and need to raise funds to realise our plan.

“We also hope that the Selangor government will give us a helping hand by allocating us a piece of land for our sanctuary and hospice,” he added.

Those interested in sponsoring the abandoned Doberman’s treatment or adopting it can write to

Thank you for your kindness. We hope that we will soon be able to finance the rescue cases ourselves instead of depending on the public for help.

Meanwhile, we have no other choice than depend on you generosity. The rescued Doberman needs to be treated for at least six months for its skin condition at the Klang Clinic.

We could pick the easy way out by putting it to sleep – but given that it had staggered towards a crowd of people at a pasar malam - indicates that the dog wanted help and its healthy appetite shows that it wants to get better and continue living.

Furthermore, we subscribe to a no kill policy and would only put a dog down if there’s absolutely no chance for it to survive.

But most importantly, the dog itself must first give up its fight to continue living before we decide on that move.

This girl wants to live - and we can see this from the way she cooperates when being administered medication.

Once she has been treated for her skin ailment at the Klang veterinary clinic, she would be sent to our regular vets at Ara Damansara for recuperation.

We thank you again for your support and contributions can be made by way of cheques made out to:

Thomas Animal Clinic & Pet Corner,
c/o No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C,Bukit Jelutong,40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Or bank into:
Animal Health Center @ Ara,Maybank Account: 512352602980

Please email if you prefer to bank in you donation.

Thank you again and bless you.



Sorry for not updating this blog for some weeks. My human was too busy doing other things .........duh! Anyway, my other brother has now been sent to live at a rabbit farm in Rinching as no one had come forward to adopt or foster him. My brother who was brutalised by the MPSJ jerks is still at Aunty Dr Gowri and Aunty Dr kavita's clinic and has since been named Russel. We are also looking for some kind human to take him in.

Meanwhile my human supporters and I are now dealing with another case. Am creating another post about the sad story.

Woof, Woof,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Woof, Woof,



Peace kind humans,

I've been briefed that my other brother - the doggie dude who was rescued from the Puchong pound with my injured brother - needs to be fostered.

This is to help him trust people.

According to Auntie Dr Kavita, he is very reclusive and keeps to himself.
He must have really been traumatised and may have sensed that he was at the brink of death when at the pound.

Herewith some pics - please e-mail me at for queries.

Woof, Woof

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Malaysian canines deserve better

Malaysian Dog Nov 19, 08 4:22pm

I refer to the letter Dog-catching: Malaysia's reputation at risk.

As an independent animal rescuer, I am very glad that we have caught the attention of the writer who is with the London-based Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre's international department.

My fervent wish is that Hogan would now consider venturing into Malaysia to help homeless animals like what his department does in Russia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

I am imploring Hogan to do so as I, like other independent animal rescuers, can no longer emotionally handle seeing stray animals, especially dogs, undergoing tortuous lives here.

Unless an established organisation like the Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre comes into the picture, the situation in Malaysia in regard to the treatment of strays will remain the same.

For the record, following an article in a local English daily about the dog which was brutalised by the MPSJ dog-catchers, about RM4, 000 has been raised to go towards its welfare.

A well-wisher had also paid the compound and rescued the dog and its companion from the Puchong dog pound and both canines are now recuperating at a veterinary clinic.

The money donated by so many kindhearted people, who were equally disturbed as us with what had happened to the dog, will go towards the medical care, vaccination, de-worming, neutering as well as accommodation charges for both dogs until they are ready for adoption in a few months time.

Thanks to the two young dedicated veterinarians who are looking after the dogs, the injured canine, which is still traumatised, is slowly beginning to respond to them.

I am also certain that many Malaysians are unaware that there are a good number of independent dog rescuers here who use their own resources to save many of these dogs from the clutches of death.

Most of them compromise on their own needs as whatever they earn goes towards their cause.

All these indicate that in the event Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre decides to venture into Malaysia, the organisation would receive overwhelming support from people who care about the welfare of these strays.

So, please, please seriously consider coming to Malaysia not only to save our strays but to also give us independent animal rescuers hope that better days are ahead for these unfortunate animals.



Auntie Dr Kavita sent this pictures of my brother who was mauled by the MPSJ people.

She says he is no as frightened as he was when he was first brought there more than two weeks ago and has warmed-up to her and Auntie Dr Gowri.

My human says she is glad to have asked for my brother to be sent to Auntie Dr Gowri and Auntie Dr Kavita's clinic as he probably wouldn't have gotten over his fear if he had been sent elsewhere.

Both my veterinarian aunties allow him to roam around in their clinic for a while daily so that he would not feel cooped-up.
I am happy to note that my brother is looking dandy. BTW in the pics of his mouth, you can see the scars on his lower lip.
This was caused by the injuries to his mouth.
SHARMINI POPIKO SASHA (SPS) signing of with a big loud happy WOOF, WOOF.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please, Please Uncle James, Please


I was very happy when my human told me that a human Uncle called James Hogan has taken an interest in the mistreatment of my stray brothers and sisters here.

My sincere thanks to my sister Cleo’s human, Auntie N, who had brought this sad state of affairs to his attention.

My only hope is that Uncle James would come here and help set-up a really humane shelter/sanctuary for my countless stray siblings.

Please Uncle James, please come to Malaysia and set-up something here to give my stray kith and kin a ray of hope.


Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS) signing of with a melancholic woof, woof.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Hello kind humans,

My brother is doing fine and certain developments have cropped-up.

Firstly, the entire episode had caught the attention of the London-based, Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre.

A Mr James Hogan, who is with the centre’s international department, has written in to Malaysiakini as well as the New Straits Times.

My human is hoping that Mr Hogan and his team will come in to give the unfortunate strays here some hope.

A well established legal firm has also offered to institute legal action free of charge against the local council to send the message that the Malaysian public will not tolerate brutality against strays.

This is good news but at the same time the shelter in Ampang Jaya is working towards jumping on the bandwagon, I believe more so after reading Mr Hogan’s letter.

Hopefully, they do not sabotage or derail the efforts being taken by other parties with their rekindled attempts even after the Department of Veterinary Services had said that there was no case.

They want to see the dog at Auntie Kavitha’s and Auntie Gowri’s to take its measurements to file a case again with the DVS.

However, one of our lawyer supporters tells us that in the event the DVS states that there is no case yet again, which it probably will, the legal action will be thrown out when it is filed at the court registry.

Therefore, there will be no outcome if this happens.
According to our contact, a check with the DVS also confirmed that the organisation has decided that there is no case and given this further pursuance of the matter with DVS will only derail all effort to ensure that justice is done.

So, all you kind uncles and aunties please hope that the Ampang Jaya will work together with the humans initiating the legal action instead of pursuing the DVS angle.

Please write to them if you have to.

Comments please.

P/S See letter attached below.

Dog-catching: Malaysia's reputation at risk

James Hogan Nov 17, 08 3:17pm

I would like to comment about the recent report of alleged cruel treatment of a stray dog by a team of dog-catchers employed by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council in Selangor, Malaysia but I would first like to explain why an international animal welfare organisation has taken an interest in this issue.MCPX

The Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre has been rescuing and caring for abandoned and unwanted animals in London since 1886 and today our work extends to places as far afield as Afghanistan, Russia, Romania and Algeria, where we advise city governments, provide special training for veterinarians and animal management personnel and promote ‘best practice’ across a wide spectrum of animal welfare activity.

We have a network of contacts across the globe and in recent times we have received an increasing number of disturbing reports from Malaysia about the treatment of animals there, especially regarding the issue of stray companion animals.

The latest report we have received from Selangor is about the dog which was allegedly beaten and injured as he was apparently forced through the railings of a locked gate by dog-catchers working for the Subang Jaya Municipal Council..

We believe the dog is now being kept in the local dog pound and requires veterinary treatment for its injuries, which should at the very least raise searching questions about the methods used in catching it.

I understand that the incident has been reported to the Puchong police and, while one does not wish to pre-judge any investigation, I have to say that this is not the first time that concerns about the operational practices of KL's dog-catchers have been brought to our attention.

Apart from the complaints of local animal welfare activists in KL, we have also received a number of critical independent reports from contacts in Europe and Asia after they had visited Kuala Lumpur on business or as tourists.

The concerns raised include the excessively rough methods used by the dog- catchers and the primitive conditions observed at the local dog pounds.

From a purely professional point of view, I would be interested to know what selection procedures are applied when local councils recruit staff to carry out this work and, crucially, what level of training is provided?

Malaysia is a successful country that thrives on international commerce, tourism and finance and has a right to be proud of its achievements in a fiercely competitive world.

However, Malaysia's image abroad is in danger of being tarnished by the negative impressions left with visitors to Kuala Lumpur when they witness stray companion animals being treated without respect or compassion, especially when this is done by the very people officially responsible for them.

The Kuala Lumpur Tourism Action Council website waxes lyrical about the joys of visiting KL, exclaiming: ‘KL offers a wholly unique experience to visitors.’

As someone who has a great affection for Malaysia and its people, I am sad to say that the individuals who contact us about distressing animal welfare issues after they have visited KL make it very clear that they have had ‘a unique experience’ that is very far removed from the image projected by the Tourism Action Council and is most assuredly one they do not wish to repeat.

The writer is attached to the International Department, Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre, London.

Woof, Woof,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Good morning all,

I am still awaiting for pictures of my brothers to be uploaded here. My human visited my two brothers yesterday and says that they are both still wary of people.

Can't blame them, can we?

Anyway, my human says that the donation from all you kind aunties and uncles will pay for their medical care, neutering as well as board.

My human says that she will give a break down of the expenses incurred as well as amount of donations soon.

My human is also looking at the possibility of initiating legal action against the local council via an NGO. What do you all think? Would it be a good idea?

Woof, Woof,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dear kind uncles and aunties,

My human visited my brother at the veterinary clinic yesterday and she reported to me that his wounds were healing very well.

However, he is still very frightened of people and my human thinks he probably would have to stay at the clinic indefinitely pending adoption.

The good news is that he is beginning to warm-up to Auntie Dr Gowri and Auntie Dr Kavita and this is excellent progress.

I will instruct my human to keep tabs on the efforts taken to get him used to people again as this is the current problem that has to be tackled.

I must also say that I am very touched with the care and concern shown by all you uncles and aunties towards my brother.

Some aunties and uncles have also commented how horrible Malaysians are i.e the dogcatcher brutes to have treated my brother in such an cruel manner.

I agree but at the same time would like to highlight the selfless Malaysians who would do anything to rescue and rehome a stray cat or dog.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to record my gratitude and lifelong loyalty to the likes of Aunties Leigh, Joanne, Amy, Sherrina, Christine, Rena, Vani, Adeline, Julie, Sabrina and many many more aunties and uncles who are literally the saviours of the strays.

Aunties and uncles, I salute you with a big Woof, Woof!

Will upload pics of my brother as soon as my human receives it from Auntie Dr Gowri.

Signing off with my tail wagging nineteen to the dozen,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)

P/S The aunties and uncles from the shelter in Ampang Jaya are still flogging the dead cat. Apparently an uncle from there called Auntie Dr Gowri. Sadly, the owner of the doggie brother in Setapak who was violated by the DBKL dogcatchers has moved out of the house. So, my independent rescuer aunties cannot pursue the matter anymore. Could the Ampang Jaya shelter aunties and uncles look into the Setapak case pretty please?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank you


Dear human uncles and aunties,

Thank you so much for inquiring about my brother who was mauled by the MPSJ brutes, Thank you also for the offers of financial contribution for his medical care.

The contribution would also go towards paying for his neutering, vaccination and deworming as well as for his friend’s.

The human aunties who rescued my brother say he is so traumatized that he may not be adoptable for at least six months.

Hence, the money will also go towards paying for his board if my human aunties cannot find a human family willing to foster him on a short term basis.

Anyway, will try to get my human to take some snapshots when she visits my brother next, so that all of you kind humans can ‘see’ his progress for yourself.

Now on another matter, I heard that the uncles and aunties in this place called the SPCA, where they keep dogs, want to pursue my brother’s matter.

Actually from a doggie perspective, there is no need to do so as the matter is being dealt with by my independent rescuer aunties.

I would humbly suggest that the uncles and aunties at the SPCA investigate the allegations that DBKL dogcatchers are wrongfully detaining doggies belonging humans in Setapak.

This is a serious allegation and I hope that someone at the SPCA acts fast instead of wanting to flay a dead cat over and over and over again. Oh, please forgive me for the pun – couldn’t help myself.

Sharmini Popiko Sasha signing off with a very big Woof, Woof!

P/S I think president elect Obama should get a doggie from a pound instead of buying one for his girls to take to the White House.

Cruel, cruel MPSJ dog catchers


To all the kind uncles and aunties who have offered to help my poor tortured brother, thank you very much. You generous contributions will not only help him but other dogs in a similar situation.

My brother is now being treated by Aunty Dr Gowri and Aunty Dr Kavita at their clinic.

Those who want to contribute can do so by:

Cheques in favour of: Animal Health Center @ Ara, c/o No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C, Bukit Jelutong, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Or bank into: Animal Health Center @ Ara, Maybank Account: 512352602980 If you have banked in your contribution please call 019-3576477.

For further details please call 019-3576477 as well.

Please forward this link to as many people as possible.

Yours truly signing off with a big woof, woof,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)

In pain: The dog with one of its ears injured after the ordeal.

Monday November 10, 2008

Dog catchers acted cruelly, alleges rescuer


INDEPENDENT stray dog rescuer Amy Foo had the shock of her life recently as she was taking a leisurely morning stroll near her home in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong.

Foo, 32, alleges that she saw a group of five men, several of them in Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) uniform, beating a dog and forcing it out through the railings of a locked gate.

“I heard a dog yelping in pain as I was taking my walk, and went to investigate what was going on.

“What I saw made my blood turn cold as several of the men had climbed over the gate into the premises of the locked empty house and were hitting a dog which had taken shelter there,” she said.

Since the gate was locked, the men proceeded to drag the medium-sized dog out through the narrow railings of the gate, she alleged.

“The railings began to graze and cut the dog in the mouth and ear region and there was a lot of blood, and the frightened dog was screaming in pain,” alleged Foo tearfully.

Foo said she approached the men who scolded her for interfering and threatened to compound her for obstructing them.

“They also began to use more force on the poor dog after I had approached them,” alleged Foo, who added that she believed that the dog was not a stray as it was wearing a collar chain.

Distraught and not knowing what to do, Foo contacted several other independent dog rescuers, who immediately called Selangor executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu, who advised them to lodge a police report.

Foo lodged a report at the Puchong police station and rushed to the MPSJ dog pound located not very far from the area.

“What I saw there only depressed me further as the dog was locked up in the pound, bleeding and in pain,’’ alleged Foo.

When contacted, MPSJ president Datuk Adnan Md Ikshan said he would look into the matter as well as speak to the relevant officers.

Meanwhile, Foo and several other independent rescuers are working towards getting the injured dog out of the MPSJ dog pound in Puchong to send it for treatment.

Said one of the rescuers, Leigh Chen, who had rushed with Foo to look for the dog at the pound after it had been brought there: “This dog has undergone a traumatic and merciless ordeal at the hands of the council dog catchers.

“Given this, it is only fair that this unfortunate dog be given a chance to live the rest of its canine life in a loving home after it has been treated for its gruesome injuries.”

Chen added that she hoped municipal council dog catchers and their appointed agents would not resort to cruelty when capturing strays.

“We, the animal rescuers, plead with those who deal with strays to do their job with a sense of compassion coupled with the realisation that animals, too, know fear and pain, just like us human beings,” added Chen.

Those interested in sponsoring the injured dog’s treatment or adopting it can write to

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please Help Me Help My Brothers And Sisters

Hello everyone,

my name is Sharmini 'Popiko' Sasha and I am a doggie activist.

My main scope of work is to create awareness among people on the importance of having compassion for us dogs.

Sadly, many of my kind are treated very unkindly and even cruelly by humans here.

We are Malaysians too, even though we have four legs as opposed to your two.

So, please human friends, do treat us canines with a little kindness and compassion.

Do not hurt us as we too feel pain, anger, humiliation and sadness.

Go the extra mile by lending a helping hand when you see us in trouble.

As it is, it ain't fun being a stray, given the scarcity of food and shelter.

I know that personally, I know nothing about being a stray as I was born in the comfort of my human's home but my mumsie was a stray until she was found and rescued.

My mumsie tells me that she was pregnant, tired and hungry as it was not easy to find food on the streets when a canine was heavy with puppies in her belly.

It's my mumsie's painful experience that has spurred me to embark on a journey to do what I intend to do for my stray brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties.

Do also please vist my blog regularly as I would be posting on how you can help us help disadvantaged Malaysian dogs.

Your friend Sharmini Popiko Sasha signing off with a big Woof, Woof.

P/S BTW I will be turning 2 on Dec 31st this year.