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 This is the last time Justice will ever be mentioned until his adopter comes back from overseas. A bunch of morons, who are trying to distract negative attention that’s currently on them, are making wild allegations about us and Justice. Besides making baseless allegations, they are also accusing us of stealing our own dog? Aileen is also lying through her teeth that Justice was forcibly taken. We had duly informed the adopter that we were removing the dog. Furthermore, Aileen had SMSed several times asking us to take him and now she’s changing her story? AND HOW DARE THE MIAR JACKASSES ACTUALLY THINK THEY CAN CONFISCATE JUSTICE? They have actually posted a video of Justice being removed from the shop that further strengthens our contention. 

1) That Aileen was twisting and turning her facts. I have SMSes from her asking when we were going to take Justice back. Now she refuses to give?

2) We went there with Eswaran's consent. We had a long conversation with him two days in a row.

So, the question here - they say we did not bother about him and that its our responsibility. But why when we went there, she tried to stop us. What's her motive?

What we see in the video is Aileen standing and talking - probably complaining? Do you all see Justice being dragged away? Do you see her trying to stop us?

And the MIAR jackasses say: Before, we highlighted, they never visited nor called to ask about why the making such a big drama now.

How would they know whether we spoke to Eswaran or not? Matter of fact it was only after our call to Eswaran that Aileen agreed to give him back.

 However, as the legal jargon Res Ipsa Loquitur goes, facts more often than not speak for themselves. Here are the facts:

 FACT 1: In November last year as we were driving back from Raub to Kuala Lumpur after visiting some of our dogs that are at a farm, we received a call from a man called Govin who is from Kuantan. He told us about a puppy with a broken back and asked us to help. We told him to call back and he asked us to drive down to Kuantan at that moment itself. He was told off and a small argument ensued. Nevertheless, he continued calling and we could sense the urgency in his voice. we told him that we will help provided that he took Justice back after the surgery and cared for him. We then told Govin to bring Justice to the Gasing Veterinary Hospital in Petaling Jaya and Myers Shane, Colin Kuan and I were there on the day Justice was brought there. Govin had also brought Justice’s X-rays. An MRI was done and Justice’s spinal column was found to be completely transacted. Dr Prem, the clinic’s chief vet gave us three options, which were:
)    to put Justice to sleep
b)   to do nothing
c)    to put him through surgery

As you all know MDDB is anti-euthanasia, however we left the option to Govin as he was the initial rescuer. Govin choose surgery and we could see tears in his eyes after Dr Prem had delivered his prognosis. We promised that we would do our best to help the dog.

QUESTION: Govin’s wife Sharma was close friends with the shit stirrers, why didn’t they offer to help then but are jumping around as if in an epileptic convulsions now?

FACT 2: Apparently there were only two surgeons who carried out the surgery and incidentally one of them Dr Phua, a Kuantan-based vet, was the first to see and diagnose Justice. However, upon seeing the MRI, Dr Phua declined to carry out the surgery due to the poor prognosis. He was concerned there would be a misconception that Justice would be able to walk after surgery. Govin kept calling me almost everyday and we could tell that he sincerely and earnestly wanted Justice to undergo surgery. Justice was still admitted at the Gasing Veterinary Hospital in Petaling Jaya while this was transpiring. But Govin strongly believed Justice required surgery and we agreed with him as we could see that Justice was suffering discomfort due to the transacted spinal column. Since Govin couldn’t convince Dr Phua, we took a taxi all the way to Kuantan and met the veterinary surgeon begging him to do the surgery. Dr Phua explained his concerns and we assured him we were not expecting miracles but wanted the surgery merely to straighten Justice’s spinal column to ensure no future complications. Dr Phua agreed to do the surgery and a date was set.

QUESTION: Why didn’t Shalinee Fernandez, who could attend our Project Gasing event, which was not too long after the surgery, visit Justice if she was that concerned about him? Why now?

FACT 3: This mangy bunch also allege we have collected so much of money for Justice and never paid his bills. What’s the big issue, just call the vets and find out if we paid them or not. When Justice’s surgery was arranged, there was a waiting period of one week as Dr Prem was on Deepavali holiday. We immediately set on a fund raising exercise in order to pay the vets on the day of the surgery. Dr Phua asked for RM6k as he would have to close his clinic and lose a day’s business to travel to PJ to do the surgery. Dr Prem asked for RM2k to assist as well as for the use of his facility. Govin was concerned that we would not be able to raise the money. I told him not to worry and that Justice’s plight will be made known widely to seek aid. We appealed for funds, Govin contributed between RM700+ to RM1k and we also started collecting from friends, family and colleagues to come up with the money. We also made personal contributions as we only had a week to come up with the cash. We managed to collect RM15, 000 and I told Govin about this and what we would do with the money. Once the amount was reached and we had paid the vets on the day of the surgery, Myers Shane took pictures of the cheques at Gasing Veterinary Hospital and we posted in on our blog to show people that the cost has been met. Myers Shane and I sat at the clinic from morning and only left at night after Justice had regained consciousness. No more requests for financial donations for Justice was made after that. That is the way MDDB operates, once case settled no more fund collection for that particular dog. You can see this for yourself on our blog and FB page. Govin knows what we did with the money. After paying Dr Phua and Dr Prem, we had a balance of RM7k – out of this we kept RM2k for Justice’s future expense and used the other RM5k to pay veterinary bills for several other dogs there including one belonging to another rescue group. He narrated this to his wife Sharma.

QUESTION: Since Govin’s wife was a good friend of Puspa Rani, did she contribute towards Justice’s surgery? Did Shalinee Fernandez contribute since she talking so much now?
FACT 4: After the surgery, Justice came to live with Irene but at the same time there was another disabled dog called Jimmy Boy who was also there. We called Govin and arranged a swap so that Irene could take care of Justice. Govin was also worried on how he was going to take care of Justice and we told him that Justice was so popular that someone may just come for him. Govin narrated this to his wife Sharma. After a month, Irene had to leave for an overseas working trip and we started looking for a fosterer but no one except Jennifer Leong came forward. This Jennifer Leong, a highly emotional and easily combustionble woman eventually became another headache. But we say she did do a good job in caring for Justice. We paid Jennifer for all of Justice’s needs via cheque and she bought the things she needed. We also paid for her patrol whenever she had to take Justice to the vet. There was one incident where Justice had bitten his leg and had to be admitted to the clinic. We paid for all that from the remaining RM2k – no more requests for money was made but we did ask if someone could buy us his diapers and some meds. Jennifer’s term to care for Justice was only for about two months and when the time was nearly up, we put up SOS requests for other fosterers. No one came-up as Justice was a special care dog. One woman called Meera Thuraivel called to say that a pet shop owner she knows had volunteered to care for Justice. We agreed and Justice was sent there. We issued Aileen a cheque and Irene paid her for the food stuff the petshop owner recommended that we buy from her. Meera says we did not send any food over.

QUESTION: Wouldn’t it be ridiculous to buy food from other stores when the fosterer herself sells dog food?
 FACT 5: A few days after Justice was sent to Aileen’s pet shop Myers Shane called to say that the petshop owner had put up a sign that Justice was up for adoption. She was told never to do that again as all adoptions would be carried out by us. Very soon after that she called to say that a gym instructor called Eswaran wanted to adopt Justice. However, she was not too keen that we met him. We told her that the adoption could only be done if we met the adopter face to face – this was done and an adoption form was signed. Aileen told us that Eswaran was a very private person and would not like interference from anyone. She also told us that Jennifer was visiting too regularly and that she had asked to meet Justice’s adopter. She also voiced her ‘concern’ that this may tick him off. For her to say that she was not told how to care for Justice is a pile of hogwash as I was told that Jennifer had actually drafted a manual on how to care for Justice. So, we told her that if Jennifer’s visit would in any way jeopardize Justice’s adoption, she should tell Jennifer not to go there anymore. This, we believe was conveyed to Jennifer, but we are not certain of the context it was said. Soon after, Justice suffered from a prolapsed anus and Jennifer called Myers Shane and told him about it. She was hysterical and wanted to go with Myers to see Justice at the clinic. Myers Shane was also requested not to tell me what had happened. Myers called me immediately and I called Aileen to find out what had happened. I was overcome with fear that something bad can happen to Justice and I demanded to know why we were not informed. The reason was that Justice was already adopted and it was Eswaran’s call now. I still called the vet and spoke to her about Justice and later came to find out that the adopter had paid the RM3+ bill. Someone who does not want their name dragged into this said that the prolapsed anus was because Justice was just left sitting there and sometimes in a dirty condition. This can be supported by Jennifer’s statement after she paid him a surprise visit “he pooed and his poo smeared all over the sores and my hands too. Soon he'll get an infection.’’ True enough the prolapsed anus incident happened. All this while Aileen never asked us to take Justice back nor did she say she couldn’t care for him. When the prolapsed anus incident occurred – we decided to take him away and put him up for adoption – but Aileen’s friend Ivy Loh posted something and accused of separating Justice from Aileen. All this crap happened in a span of four months. We have had a long good conversation with Eswaran and arrived at some terms. He called me again and requested that his name not mentioned again and our private conversation remained private. I will respect that as he is keeping his word re Justice and is standing by him albeit not being able to take him home. The reason being Justice is a barker and the very night he was brought home to his condo, the dog barked his lungs out at 4.00am. We were also informed by an interested party that Aileen had not wanted to give Justice even until recently but was pressured to do so.

QUESTION: What is Aileen getting at with her contradictory fabrication? She says Justice was dumped there by us and at the same time says he was adopted by Eswaran? Was she using him to lure customers to her shop? According to Meera Thuraivel, she had bought supplies for Justice. What happened to the money we gave her? People have also regularly been telling us that they were told many sob stories and had ended-up by stuff from the shop for Justice. Aileen says she never collected donations for Justice. When did we say she collected donations? We said she used him to lure customers to her shop and sell her stuff. This post by the person who visited the shops tells it all. Visitors were taking photos with Justice as if he were a sideshow.

 FACT 6: Jennifer Leong has been going around vindictively saying that we had used Justice to collect funds. Those who have been following us and Justice’s story will know that once we posted the pictures of the cheques – we stopped collections. NGOs and other rescue groups will also know that once you stop highlighting a case or a cause, the funds would stop coming in. So, when we stopped highlighting Justice, who would be contributing funds anymore? If funds kept pouring in just like that without appeals, we wouldn’t make an appeal every time a case comes in. The idiots making these allegations should also know this as they too make appeals for funds highlighting their cases. Now we have been led to believe that Jennifer’s anger and her morbid reaction must be due to two reasons, firstly her private message with Govin’s wife Sharma. Sharma, narration wasn’t exactly what we told Govin. When Jennifer queried her about it, she choose not to answer but went on with something else. When one does not clear a misconception, it is akin making an allegation. Secondly, coming to know of Aileen’s true colours now, we do not know what she told Jennifer when asking her not to come there anymore.

QUESTION: What did Aileen tell Jennifer and why didn’t Sharma correct the misconception when Jennifer asked her the question?
CONCLUSION: The case of Justice the special care dog has been utilized by the MIAR idiots to cover their shit which will be revealed in the following post. The lies and fabrication is not unusual especially coming from a group which has several big secrets to hide.


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Jack Oh said...

1) That Aileen was twisting and turning her facts. I have SMSes from her asking when we were going to take Justice back. Now she refuses to give?
TRUE for SMSes. Aileen did asked to take back the dog. She have only a few staff in the shop. Aileen can't coop with it. There is one time the dog is sick during her care. Aileen refuses to give back that

time because she wants to take care of Justice till he is really well. For the 2nd time, Aileen reluctant to let go before getting Eswaran's permission. After getting Eswaran's permission, she did let go.

2) We went there with Eswaran's consent. We had a long conversation with him two days in a row.
That is your side, Aileen needs a confirmation with Eswaran before releasing it. That is to avoid any problem. But sadly, more problem arise.

3)So, the question here - they say we did not bother about him and that its our responsibility. But why when we went there, she tried to stop us. What's her motive?
This question is answered on 2) or 3)

5)What we see in the video is Aileen standing and talking - probably complaining? Do you all see Justice being dragged away? Do you see her trying to stop us?
She is explaining about the dog. If you refer to the police report, there is no mention about Justice being drag away. You are assumming it causing negative feed back. The audio in the video clearly stated

that aileen wants a confirmation with Eswaran.

It is situated at the side but not being a sideshow. She can put it near the main door it can be a main show if wanna publicize it for marketing. She can even put her 3 legged cat in front. Come to the shop

again. Check out the biggest and most comfortable place that she can offer for Justice at the time.

FYI, the police report is not to report that MDDB is stealing their own dog. (is stated in the claim at the police report) The police report is for the accusation of MDDB that the shop exploits the dog for the

shop. In fact, MDDB asked us to take care of the dog when no others willing look after it at that moment. Aileen agree and took the responsibiliy to take care of Justice.

When MDDB comes and take the dog, how is the dog? The dog is well fed and healthy despite his condition. She fulfill her promises in taking good care of him. But unfortunaetly, she is condemned of her

actions. She is trying her best to look after the dogs after.The real thing is the wellfare of JUSTICE. Aileen took care of it. She did what she promised.

I have provided evidence and come clean with all the questions. There might be some unanwered question. Please ask me and i will gladly answer all.


MDDB has been making false accusation on Aileen. Damage has been done. I hope MDDB will make a public apology and remove all false allegation in the articles in their blogs. For the rest of the people,

now you know the truth, please do not spread unnecessary rumors. For all the supporters thanks for being with us in our hard times. Highly appreciated.

Let's hope there is real JUSTICE for all of us.