Wednesday, February 24, 2010


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What happened here?





There are some very serious questions that need to be answered. According to a friend who has been going to the pound for the last three years, these three dogs were alive when she went to the Selayang Municipal Council Pound on Sunday. However, they were all dead and bundled-up when she went the follwoing day. There are now allegations that these dogs - which were sick - were drowned. It didn't cross our minds that this could have happened until several people wrote to us asking why the dead dogs in the pix were wet? It breaks our hearts to see the pictures of these dead dogs - look at the big brown guy with the collar - he looks like someone's much loved pet. As it is Ernie - 013-6064446 admitted that she seized dogs without issuing compounds and owners were fined RM1,000 to reclaim their dogs. There have also been many complaints that she does not allow anyone into the pound - this is reflective even up to today when members of the public were told that they can't go in and feed the dogs. Local council pounds must be accessible to the public - that's how its supposed to be. We are also concerned about a black patch where a dog had been purportedly cremated - why was this carcass cremated when the rest were wrapped in garbage bags - was this dog really dead when it was set on fire? These are the questions which need answers. Anyway, according to rumours the SPCA was told that it was barred from yesterday's meeting because it had gone to the pound to take pictures in the wee hours of the morning. The MPS people didn't tell them this but an individual did. Many of the dogs had also been killed on Tuesday and six more were brought in on Wed - wonder how many of them were seized without the owners being compunnded? More to come.


Anonymous said...

burn alive!!real cruetly!!

Cas said...

We need to report this to PETA asap. I've already informed them two days ago but it would be great if everyone can alert them of this cruel fate!!

Anonymous said...

maybe we can get the local tv to help??

Anna said...

Have you brought this up to any newspapers yet? Please do, I think the public needs to know. And we also need to have a resolution. If changes are underway, that is good, but the pound has to be open for the public to view it as well. That would also serve as public education on pet responsibility

GoDdEsS M said...

please kill this man. please kill this man NOW.