Saturday, July 24, 2010


Dear MDDB adopters,

this is a reminder that you have to call and inform us that you are taking your pet for spaying at our panel clinics. If you recall, we explained to you that once your pet is ready for neutering you need to call us so that we can make the appointment for you. We will only forward your cards and payments to the clinic when we make the appointment for you. This helps us keep track of the adopted pets that have gone in for spaying. One of our panel clinics told us that several people have taken their dogs there for spaying saying that they were adopted from us. However, these people had not called us prior to going there. The vet declined to do it for them because we had not called him and told them to call us first. But we are yet to receive calls from these adopters. Since we are given special rates, the vets will have to know for sure that the pets are from us. So, please, please call us and allow us to make the first appointment for you.
Thanks and regards.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


We received a call form Selayang Municipal Council (MPS) councillor Gunaraj George asking us if we would be attending the first meeting by the council on the management of its pound and strays. We were stumped as we were not informed of the meeting. Upon investigation we found that Mr Arsehole was up to his tricks again. He had convinced the MPS Health director Dr Razif Zainol that he's the main authority and independent animal welfare groups should not be invited. He's been invited together with the SPCA. Now, we all know what Mr Putrid Arsehole is going to do - he will debunk all our hard work in exposing the cruelty and call the dog catchers and EVIL ERNIE saints. He will do this because he had told someone that being a PKR appointee, it is his responsibility to protect all agencies linked to the state government which is being led by a PKR MB. THIS IS A WARNING. In the event he does this, we will castigate none other than state executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar who is apparently the one who is making Arsehole think he is invincible. We will bring the matter right up to party adviser Anwar Ibrahim. Don't think we will not do it. Arsehole does nothing for the strays nor is he a rescuer - the rescue groups are kept out from the meeting but this idiot, who obviously has his head stuck up his own posterior, wheels himself in and lies that he is an expert on strays and stray management. Arsie also better stop flagellating himself with the delusion that his Pestnegative has done so much for strays and their management. This has been proven wrong over and over again. Anyway, since we have not been invited - we will not attend. But we will continue to watch and monitor. DO NOT UNDERMINE AND DEBUNK THE EXPOSURE OF CRUELTY IN THE MPS POUND AT THE MEETING TOMORROW. WE HAVE PEOPLE WHO WILL INFORM US WORD FOR WORD WHAT YOU SAID IN THE MEETING.