Thursday, June 17, 2010


The fat dog that was abducted and thrown into the enclosure to be infected. Is this some kind of biological warfare strategy launched against dogs?
The healthy looking dog which was kept next to the dying Rottie.
The Rottie which was dying at the pound. From the signs - we believe that its distemper.
The wires in the dog catchers van.
Dr Dashant with the terrified Amgel - note that the dog was on a leash when abducted by the MPK goons. They had also tightened the wire around angel's neck.

Things work out mysteriously sometimes and what happened on Wed evening was no exception. We received a frantic call from a lady we know in Taman Radzi in Klang that Klang Municipal Council's (MPK) 'noble' dog catchers had 'caught' two dogs belonging to her neighbours. Both the dogs were on leash and were being walked by their Myanmar domestic helper. Apparently, the dog catchers had stopped their van and threatened to slap the maid and grabbed both leashes from her. They then looped the necks of both dogs - 5-year-old Angel and 14-year-old Major with wires and dragged them to their parked van. This was about 7.00pm. Now, Major is about 98-years-old in human age and is able to merely waddle about when walking and so dragging him with the wire was indeed a major assault on him. Meanwhile, the domestic helper had run back and alerted her employers. When they approached the dog catchers, the MPK workers, whom Arsehole described as being noble, became menacing. When the owners went to get their dog, the dog catchers told them to keep away or they would otherwise strangle both the dogs with the wires. To prove their point, they twisted the wire around poor Major's neck and the dog started chocking. However, by then neighbours were all out and the MPK van was blocked from leaving the area. The dog catchers then dragged both dogs and and chucked them into cages behind the van. There were two other dogs in the van - a fat white dog wearing a collar and a Rottie. After much argument both Angel and Major were released but the workers refused to release the other two. However, they promised to return them to the homes from where they had abducted the dogs. They said we could follow them to ensure that both the dogs were duly returned. Major and Angel's owner Dr Dashant and an MDDB representative followed the van but instead of returning the dogs, the dog catchers sped off to the MPK pound instead. We followed. At the pound we saw them brutally dragging the fat white dog out of the van and banging her around before dumping her into an enclosure with other dogs which have obviously been there longer. By doing this they are knowingly infecting the healthy fat dog with the various infections found in the pound. This is akin to subjugating the dog to some sort of biological weapon with the intent of killing it. At the pound some of the workers behaved like hoodlums and one of the roughed Dr Dashant up and grabbed his cell phone. We also saw that pedigrees were kept separately and one of the dogs a Rottie, was dying and from our experience we can tell it is distemper. They had placed another healthy dog near the dying dog - didn't the Selangor Department of Veterinary Services brief these pound sadists that distemper is air borne. The DVS vet in charge of the Klang pound should be removed, given to his/her failure to ensure that the dogs brought to the pound are safe from the various infections present there. What happens when owners bring their dog home and in the process their other pets are also infected? Therefore, the pound still operates as a morgue instead of a place to hold dogs pending being claimed by owners or adopted. Coming back to Dr Dashant's issue, police reports have been lodged and the family had gone to see Klang MP Charles Santiago over the issue. Mr Santiago revealed he had sent over 100 text messages to MPK acting health director Zul Abbas for a meeting but the latter was yet to respond. We believe he is hiding behind the so-called CAT committee. We would like to know why MPK was still using wires when the CAT committee and the SPCA claim that they were no longer doing so. Didn't the CAT committee claim it had successfully trained the dog catchers to use more humane methods? Weren't we told that wires were no longer used. What happened on Wed was far from it. So, this means the CAT committee had failed miserably and should be disbanded. The onus is now on the SPCA to do what PAWS, Pat Lim and Jackie Tsang have done - abandon the CAT committee. We were also told by an MPK staff that the dog catchers resort to abducting dogs to justify their claim for overtime. Whenever they work after 4.00pm - it is considered overtime and they are required to justify why they had to work overtime. Since they have been packing the pound with strays - not many are left on the streets any more - therefore they have resorted to doing what they did 0n Wed - abducting dogs. Write to the relevant people to demand for the removal of Zul Abbas given his failure to manage the dog catching unit.


Deputy Minister in charge of public complaints at the Prime Minister's Department
Datuk T. Murugiah

PUBLIC COMPLAINTS BUREAU - PRIME MINISTER'S DEPARTMENT MALAYSIA - You can make online complaints about Zul Abbas and ask for his removal

Charles Santiago will be holding a press conferene either on Sat or Sunday and Klang residents are expected to be there with banners condemning what had happened. Please join them to show your support. We will inform you of the exact time and place on this blog soon.


Anonymous said...

ohh goossshhhh!
to those dog cathers around town, whatever you did, i hope and pray will happen to u, ur families members and ur next generation. You guys are worst than an animals!! "SAMPAH MASYARAKAT" i would say!

Anonymous said...

Dr Dashant should sue MPK.

Anonymous said...

yes Dr Dashant should sue MPK!!!

Anonymous said...

it never ends... the animal cruelty by the council dog catchers... what kind of pariah barbarians will treat dogs like that! these council dog-catchers are definitely pariah barbarians. no decent human beings will do such cruel things... and to the arsehole councillor chap trying to defend these council barbarians... you are a pariah human too...

Anonymous said...


Hi, first of all this is Amir again! I'm with you on all cruelty issues so you can go to WAR if you want! I'm unfortunately against TNRelease program on dogs and cats. Change it to just TNRehome and the slate will be wiped clean. I refer to your past blogs on MDDB supporting PETA on this issue.

By the way, did you know that PETA is against TNRelease? So when are you going to change your position with PETA?
What is PETA’s stance on programs that advocate trapping, spaying and neutering, and releasing feral cats?

Sadly, our experience with trap, spay-and-neuter, and release programs and "managed" feral cat colonies has led us to question whether or not these programs are truly in the cats’ best interests. We receive countless reports of incidents in which cats—"managed" or not—suffer and die horrible deaths because they must fend for themselves outdoors. Having witnessed firsthand the gruesome things that can happen to feral cats, we cannot in good conscience advocate trapping and releasing as a humane way to deal with overpopulation.

Advocates argue that feral cats are just as deserving as other felines and that it is our responsibility to alleviate their suffering and assure their safety. We absolutely agree. It is precisely because we would never encourage anyone to let their own cats outdoors to roam that we do not encourage the same for feral cats. In fact, the act of releasing a feral cat is, in the eyes of the law, abandonment and is illegal in many areas.

We believe that although altering feral cats prevents the suffering of future generations, it does little to improve the quality of life for the cats who are left outdoors and that allowing feral cats to continue their daily struggle for survival in a hostile environment is not usually a humane option.

Nevertheless, PETA’s position has never been that all feral cats should be euthanized. We believe that trap, vaccinate, spay/neuter, and release programs are acceptable when the cats are isolated from roads, people, and other animals who could harm them; regularly attended to by people who not only feed them but care for their medical needs; and situated in an area where they do not have access to wildlife and where the weather is temperate.
Notice again that there talking about cats?


karmen said...

Hey Amir,

While your stance is against trap, neuter and release programmes, what is your opinion regarding the way dogs and cats (obviously the council doesn't care whether it is owned or not) are captured by the Klang Municipal Pound?

What is your solution in regards to the way the animals are not isolated when there are diseases spreading and furthermore, no food is allocated to feed them?

What is your opinion??? You can write a long karangan on why trap, neuter and release does not work but what is your solution to the ongoings that is the cruelty of the Klang Municipal Council ?

Anonymous said...

I believe TNRelease would not at all work in Malaysia that's for sure. But given certain scenarios and...... I think I'm looking for MDDB's solution so I'll let MDDB answer instead. You're supposed to be the experts right?

Next, the councils should and do have the right to capture strays, animals without license, owned or not, according to the by laws of the council. Doesn't MDDB know this?

For the next question, for the sake of everyone, I will not answer since MDDB never answered any of my questions in the first place.


karmen said...

So no solution in other words.

I think TNR has a role in Malaysia. It is not an immediate solution but will take some month/years for results to show.

I also think it is a humane solution. The councils have had years to prove themselves and they are selling themselves very short. The captures are becoming more brutal.

If you say by law, the council can capture animals without a licence even if it is owned, fine. But is it by law that the council not allow the animals to be collected even if the licence was paid? I see no justification in putting down loved pets just because the licence has not been paid.

Animal licences are justified if the council can actually put the money to good use. Instead, they are blatantly capturing animals and subjecting them to a grissly end.

Anonymous said...

Karmen, you said:

"But is it by law that the council not allow the animals to be collected even if the licence was paid?"

Councils SHOULD allow animals to be collected when the owner has paid for the licence, boarding fee's and compound if neccessary. See? I agree with that statement.

"I see no justification in putting down loved pets just because the license has not been paid."
And why has the license or fees not paid?


Anonymous said...

Pets that are kept within the confines of the owner's premises do not require licenses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"Pets that are kept within the confines of the owner's premises do not require licenses"

Really?, I didn't know that. I have 2 dogs at home. I don't need a license?

Anonymous said...

I was beginning my letter like this: I was very saddened n angry for what Klang Municipal Council (MPK) has done to......I don't even kno what they do, what is their purpose, their mission/duty? it certainly eludes me. It's certainly not to 'rescue' dogs, it's more like to annihilate the existence of dogs in m'sia n in the most brutal way possible....