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Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) monthly adoption.

Date: Sunday, Dec 18

Time: 10.00am to 6.00pm

Venue: Block NB1, Jaya One, Sect 13, Petaling Jaya ( facing Station 1 and Old Town White Coffee.)
Details: 019-3576477, 012-3739007

Meet Napoleon a.k.a Pyro who desperately needs a home.


Christmas week gets more exciting with the Pawsome X'Mas Bazaar in Aid of Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) & Stray Cats Rescue And Treatment Community Help (SCRATCH)...feast yourself to delicious home made cakes, cookies, yummy food, snacks and for all yo...u shopaholics..Xmas cards, decor, handmade crafts, fashion, jewellery and lots more of bargain stuff can be obtained at fantabulous prices. Kids Costume Contest, Craft competition, Photo with Santa, Live Band, Silent Auction and plenty of gifts to give away to our Lucky Draw winners (Get your Raffles tickets TODAY). Plenty of adorable doggies and cats to be adopted on this lovely Christmas week..

Calling all those interested in booking stalls, volunteering, sponsoring, taking part in any of the above to call Shobie 016 6610262. WE LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR KINDNESS IN ANY FORM...

Bless...from the Organisers: Bruno M with the support of MDDB & SCRATCH..

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First he says this is a humane method. When the going gets hot he says otherwise? So which is which?
OPINION WANTED. This was a dog catching 'training exercise' between MBPJ and MPK. Dogs were caught to be brought to be euthanised. The picture you see is deemed as 'a humane way' of catching dogs. Do you all think what you see in the picture is humane? Please share - you response will be feedback for us. This 'training' escapade was organised by Petaling Jaya councilor Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan who is well known as a euthanasia proponent. He has written some hogwash trying to discredit us and at the same time posting this picture which instead of supporting his ramble only implicates him further. To make matters worse some 'rescuers' are also in support of his ramble simply because they dislike us and in the process are discrediting themselves as well. As far as we are concerned, rescuers must hold firm to the anti-euthanasia stand and propagate TNRM instead. We want you opinion - do you think what you see in the pix is a humane method of catching dogs? In order to twist out of his first post - he writes another one to squirm out of his folly. We know how dog catchers get the dogs and the method shown in the picture is certainly not it. If this was not the right way, then why is everyone standing still and just watching? as usual he is pandering to and supporting the local council because his survival depends on them. And he alleges that Kuning is dead when in actual fact he is well and alive in FFF. Dogs are smart - and a true dog lover will know the level of their intelligence - what Thanasayan has written here indicates that he does not know dogs as well as he claims.

And since he has mentioned Dr Xavier Jayakumar yet again - we have a message for the good doctor.

Where is your follow-up to the meeting organised by Hannah Yeoh? She did her part - did you do yours? Or were you busy pandering to your lackey Anthony Thanasayan's whims and fancies?

Sunday, November 27, 2011


KAH-KA_KA!!! I just baca that stupid MDDB response to Justine's letter!!! The writer sudah GABRA oredy!!!

She say the term "catching strays humanely" don't exist and people who use this term ialah OXYMORONS!!!


TAN SRI LEE LEE LAM THYE ALSO SAY IN THE NEWS - "Catching strays must be done humanely and not in a cruel manner"! SO MDDB CALLING TAN SRI AN OXYMORON ALSO?




(ks-môrn, -mr-)
n. pl. ox·y·mo·ra (-môr, -mr) or ox·y·mo·rons
A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist, humanely catching strays

The most common form of oxymoron involves an adjective-noun combination of two words. For example, the following line from Tennyson's Idylls of the King contains two oxymora:

"And faith unfaithful kept him falsely true."

Other examples of oxymora of this kind are:

Less often seen are noun-verb combinations of two words, such as the line"The silence whistles" from Nathan Alterman's Summer Night, or in a record album title like Sounds of Silence.

Oxymorons are not always a pair of words; they can also be devised in the meaning of sentences or phrases.

A twisted and constipated sense of logic

Anthony Thanasayan amazes us with the level of his stupidity. Here he pretends to be someone else and writes this to himself. Anyway, we think we should reply to this letter craftily written by this fellow whose tenure as local councilor is numbered.

Hypocrisy From One Animal NGO

A dog-catching training joint exercise by MBPJ and MPK

Hypocritical Animal Activists


I am a dog lover from Kuala Langat and have been following the exploits of many local animal activists and their groups through newspaper articles and of course, the internet for many years.

I am writing this letter because I can no longer stand the level of hypocrisy portrayed by some of these so called animal activists especially the one named MDDB.

I am saying this because it seems to me that based on some of the MDDB’s hypocritical statements, they actually do not want council dog catchers to be trained to catch strays more humanely and they would rather that dogs that are caught be put to sleep immediately.

MDDB: The term 'catching strays humanly' is akin an oxymoron because such an action does not exist. And to suggest that we prefer that dogs caught are put to sleep immediately is not only highly malicious but also vindictive on the part of Thanasayan. Everyone who knows the work done by MDDB will know that we are anti-euthanasia. We do not condone euthanasia and this is a known fact. What is the point of 'humanely' catching dogs and puppies only to deprive them of a second chance and to sentence them to death? Only a stray hater and euthanasia proponent like Thanasayan would actually condone such an act.

It also seems that the MDDB does not want pet owners to license their dogs with their respective councils. So I guess, they’re also against the pet responsibility practices that are practiced all over the world.

MDDB: Responsibility towards animals, pets or otherwise is a two way traffic. MDDB does not see why dog owners must get licenses and make themselves targets of local councils when local councils have no respect for licensed dogs. There have been many instances where licensed dogs have also been killed - so what's the point of getting a license when it does not guarantee your pet's safety? The local councils must come out clear on the purpose of the license first. Can they do that?

When the Selangor state government announced in the newspaper that they were planning to build a state managed animal pound complete with full facilities which would include veterinary services and perhaps animal adoptions, many agreed it was a good idea.

Canine Advisory Team Canine Awareness
After all, the councils without pounds could in turn, use these facilities and therefore avoid committing cruelty cases whereby they subsequently leave the animals in a vehicle for days under harsh weather without food before euthanasia.

MDDB: If it was to be a state managed facility, the state should be the one building it - perhaps through one of its many GLCs. But why was it Thanasayan, that the proposal had to be put out by a glorified dog catcher from Australia whom you had brought into the picture? And your claim that everyone is agreeable to a centralised pound is baseless. We do not agree to the proposal and so doesn't some of the people in this picture that you have posted. Imagine someone from Klang whose dog has been caught traveling all the way to Sepang to look for their pet? And you actually think that having pounds will stop brutality against dogs??? Explain the Selayang pound then - its a well-set up pound but then again, we know what goes behind the locked gates, don't we?

Would the recent animal abuse case whereby Majlis Perbandaran Kajang was involved, happen if such a facility actually existed? I doubt it!

MDDB: Thanasayan, explain Selayang. They had a facility - a proper pound - yet animals are being tortured in there with many pets succumbing within days. Do you want us to post pics? What you are doing in Kajang is exactly what you did in Klang and tried to do in Selayang. You used the situation to wheel yourself into the council to get their support so that they will vouch for you which would in turn make it easier for you to continue your tenure as councilor. You have also made use of the rescuers who exposed the tragedy to get into the council. That was a very low down thing to do. I hope they have learnt that they cannot trust you at all.

In fact, with such a building in place, it would be compulsory for captured strays to be kept for a number of days before conducting humane euthanasia.

MDDB: There is no such thing as humane euthanasia. Taking away life is never humane.

Today, councils without facilities either practice shooting to kill or to catch and euthanize on the very same day.

So you could imagine my confusion when I read the statement by the MDDB, “Luckily the soil was not suitable for the project and the entire plan was temporarily flushed down the toilet”.

MDDB: Really? If you were so compassionate Thanasayan, why not propose the millions of RM that would have gone into the pound to be used to initiate TNRM? Matter of fact, why not put up a modern veterinary facility where strays are brought to be neutered and their ears notched for marking before they are released back to their natural environment. Why not use that money to initiate campaigns to educate people on the importance of learning to co-exist with other living creatures? Apparently clinics for strays are going toe be opened in some states in India - why not propose that here if you truly believe in the humane treatment of animals.

The MDDB people also condemned Mr Anthony Siva Balan Thanasayan when he brought someone to talk to the Majlis Perbandaran Klang dog catchers and showed videos of how to approach stray dogs in a friendly rather than an aggressive way.

MDDB: Yeah, right. Soon after "Mr Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan' brought the glorified dog catcher to talk to the dog catchers - they were caught hurling dogs around and were suspended for a week. And if we recall right - the friendly manner which you are talking about here is to trick the dogs with food - to deceive them into believing that the dog catchers want to help them in order to lure them into the truck that will bring them to their deaths. The humane way also included petting the dogs and tricking them into following the dog catchers back to be killed. Dogs are highly intuitive animals - they would not go with these people if they sensed that they were walking into death traps.

By the way, from the statements in Mr Anthony’s blog, the SPCA Selangor was also present at the event.

A quick search on the internet revealed that the SPCA Selangor themselves on many occasions held similar talks and conducted demonstrations on humane dog catching to many a council.

I believe the WSPA and RSPCA also did the same.

So why didn’t the MDDB condemn the SPCA Selangor, WSPA and RSPCA as well? Are they afraid of the larger animal welfare organizations?

MDDB: This senseless statement is proof that this was written by none other than Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan. We are protesting of trickery used to get dogs because we are afraid of the big organisations? Isn't this a twisted and constipated sense of logic?

This strange but true revelation proves how hypocritical and shameless the MDDB really is!

MDDB: Hypocritical and shameless because we are fighting euthanasia and propagating TNRM? Again a very twisted and constipated sense of logic ain't it?

These are the very people that I believe, are trying to undermine the good efforts of many others in trying to solve the stray related problems in Malaysia.

MDDB: Killing is never good effort. It is taking the easy and heartless way out of dealing with the problem of strays. A good effort would be the initiation of the TNRM method.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

Justine Pang

MDDB: Try harder Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan.

Friday, November 25, 2011


TV personality calls for support for adoption drive

HAVING too many puppies and dogs in need of homes, canine welfare group Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) was in a quandary until Kota Alam asseblyman M. Manoharan stepped in to help.

Manoharan, who has helped MDDB on several occasions, has once again allowed the rescue group to use his service centre to have an adoption drive.

The adoption drive will be held at the entrance of the service centre, which is located at 7A, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang, from 10am to 5pm.

The service centre is located between the Klang traffic police station and Hin Hua High school.

Big heart: Wong with her fans at the adoption drive in Kinrara recently.

MDDB supporter, popular television and radio personality Angel Wong Chui Ling, said it was kind of Manoharan to help MDDB.

“MDDB needs as much help it can get in order to rehome the many dogs and puppies it has under its care,’’ said Wong.

Wong is also hoping that a puppy that was scalded with hot oil named Napoleon will be adopted this Sunday.

“He has been through so much and he deserves a good home. Those who want to give Napoleon a home, please adopt him this Sunday,’’ said Wong.

Wong who has been supporting MDDB since its first adoption drive almost three years ago had attended the rescue group’s adoption drive in Bandar Kinrara 5 recently.

Meanwhile, MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai said MDDB was in dire need of funds to pay its veterinary bills which has come up to almost RM100,000 to date.

“Besides the usual spaying and neutering, we also handle medical cases and this has really pushed up our veterinary bills,’’ said Lai, adding that donations received have become insufficient to meet monthly expenses.

In addition to the veterinary bills, MDDB also needs RM600 for the rental of its half-way home in Klang, RM200 for electricity and RM150 for water every month, said Lai.

Those wanting to donate in kind to MDDB such as canned and dry dog and cat food, shampoo and rice can drop them off at the adoption drive.

For details, call 019-357 6477/017-2081844/012-373 9007 or visit and its Facebook page.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


A puppy that was badly scalded with hot oil willbe among the 10 puppies and dogs put up for adoption by canine welfare project Malaysian dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) in Klang this Sunday.

The adoption drive will be held at Kota Alam Shah assemblymanM. Manoharan’s service centre at 7A, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa, Klang, from10.00am to 5pm.

Theservice centre is located between the Klang traffic police station and Hin Hua High school.

The little puppy Napoleon was not even two monthsold when he was splashed with boiling oil.

Terribly in pain with almost his whole bodyscalded, Napoleon had wandered around some restaurants in Kepong whimpering inpain when he was spotted by a Good Samaritan.

The man took the puppy and handed it over to MDDB.

That was four months ago and Napoleon is nowhealed and well after two surgeries.

Although he has gone through much pain, Napoleonis a happy puppy who likes the company of people.

Napoleon is currently one of the puppies that MDDBis urgently looking for a home.

MDDB supporter, popular television and radiopersonality Angel Wong Chui Ling, is one of those fervently hoping thatNapoleon will find a good home soon.

“He has been through so much and he deserves agood home.

“Hopefully he’ll find a home with a family thatwill love him and enjoy his cute antics,’’ said Wong.

“Those whowant to give Napoleon a home, please go to Klang and adopt him this Sunday,’’said Wong.

Wong who has been supporting MDDB since its firstadoption drive almost three years ago had recently attended the rescue group’sadoption drive in Bandar Kinrara 5 recently.

Many people had come to meet her as well as adoptdogs and puppies from MDDB.

Being a diehard dog lover, Wong said she would doanything within her ability to help destitute dogs find loving homes.

“They deserve all the help they need. Please helpby going to the MDDB adoption drive this Sunday,’’ said Wong.

Meanwhile, MDDB adoprion coordinator Christine Laisaid MDDB was also in dire need of funds to pay its veterinary bills which hascome up to almost RM100,000 to date.

“Besidesthe usual spaying and neutering, we also handle medical cases and this hasreally pushed up our veterinary bills,’’ said Lai, adding that donationsreceived have become insufficient to meet monthly expenses.

Inaddition to the veterinary bills, MDDB also needs RM600 for the rental of itshalf-way home in Klang, RM200 for electricity and RM150 for water every month,said Lai.

Thosewanting to donate in kind to MDDB such as canned and dry dog and cat food,shampoo and rice can drop them off at the adoption drive.

Fordetails, call 019-357 6477/017-2081844/012-373 9007 or visit malaysiandogsdeservebetter.blogspot.comand its Facebook page.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


LITTLE Pyro a.k.a Napoleon was splashed with hot liquid, believed to be oil, when he was barely two months old.

The stray puppy had been wandering along with a big wound that almost covered his entire back when he was spotted by a Good Samaritan.

The man took the puppy home and placed it under the care of canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB).

MDDB admitted the puppy to a veterinary clinic where he underwent surgery and was treated for his injuries.

Although he was not expected to make it, Napoleon beat his odds and is today a strapping happy six-month old puppy.

“He is a happy puppy and shows no signs of having undergone such a harrowing experience and trauma,’’ said MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai.

Napoleon will be among the many puppies that will be put up for adoption by MDDB this Sunday at Jaya One shopping complex in Petaling Jaya.

The event will be held at Block NB1, which faces Station 1 and Old Town White Coffee, from 10.00am to 6.00pm.

“We hope some will come forward to give Napoleon a good home as the puppy deserves a chance in life,’’ said Lai.

She added that Napoleon had undergone some basic training at the clinic and understood simple commands.

Lai also said that Napoleon loves around people and is the happiest when he’s being fussed over.

“It’s amazing how the puppy is still trusting of people after what had been done to him,’’ she said.

Those wanting to donate to MDDB in cash and kind can also drop off the items at the adoption drive.


or call 019-3576477, 017-2081844 or 012-3739007.

Why haven't the local councils changed their ways?

LOCAL councils are the biggest dog abusers in the country. We have said this over and over and over again. We have conceptualized and executed exposes, jumped over fencing and taken photographs, confronted the Selangor state government as well as written to the Federal Government to put an end to abuse of dogs by local councils in Selangor.

Yet, nothing much has happened since and this is because of the interference of Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan with the help of Selangor executive councilor Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

Anthony Sivabalan Thanasayan even had the audacity of bringing into the picture a glorified dogcatcher who acquired the tricks of the trade from Australia.

According to him this individual would teach the council dog catchers humane methods of dog catching. We called the man in question and he confessed that he was in animal control and was introduced to certain people in the state to whom he had given the drafted plan of a centralised dog pound in Sepang.

Luckily the soil was not suitable for the project and the entire plan was temporarily flushed down the toilet.

This story is also in one of the links.

Anthony also refuted our expose and said that our pictures were doctored even though the local councils literally admitted to the cruelty.

And of course who would forget Anthony's words of praise for the cruel men, they call dog catchers, who have no qualms about looping a dog's neck as swinging it around before chucking the poor animal into the truck.

He said they were noble people doing their noble job for the greater good of the people. He also professed that he had wheeled himself to Klang and taught the dog catchers to humanely catch dogs.

He said they were no longer using wires.

Barely a week later the dog catchers threatened a Cambodian maid taking her employer's dogs for a walk and looped their necks with wire.

The residents blocked their path and called us - we caught them red-handed with several pets in the van which also had several dozens of wire loops.

As usual he made untrue statements and derailed our efforts - these stories can also be found in the links.

But we gave the toughest fight ever and the dog catchers were suspended for a week.

But Anthony still went all out to protect them and this was further evidence when we exposed the Selayang Pound.

The same pattern ensued with him going in and calling us liars even though we had ample photographs which were dated accordingly as well as first hand witness accounts.

Why was he doing this?

According to several councilors, that he had spoken and tried to convince to support him - Anthony had said that since he (and they) were Pakatan Rakyat, it was their responsibility to protect the Pakatan Rakyat government by buffering any possible scandals.

That the poor dogs were tortured and made to starve to death was of no significance to this charlatan.

For him 'protecting' the Pakatan Rakyat government - which will ensure him an extension as councilor with the support of Dr Xavier was far more important.

He thinks he has a place to hide behind Dr Xavier - we hope Dr Xavier knows that he has to distance himself from Anthony's designs given that the general election is around the corner.

Dog rescuers and lovers are after all voters.

If any change were to take place re local council and dog catching - it has to start in Selangor as the state has the biggest number of local councils.

Out of the 12, many do not have pounds but hold the dogs in the lorries until they are euthanised or drop dead from thirst or hunger.

To make maters worse - some of the councils hire private companies and this arrangement has evolved into a big business.

Last year it was revealed in the Selangor Legislative assembly seating that the Sepang Municipal Council had contracted two companies to catch dogs in the municipality.

The figures given were also baffling - apparently the contractors managed to catch 20,000 dogs a month - meaning that the contractors caught and average of 667 dogs a days. Just imagine the kind of money they had made with a rate between RM25 to RM40 per dog.

And the Sepang Municipal canine bounty hunters bring to mind what had happened to Turbo Vong -

If they can do this to pets - imagine they way they treat the poor strays.

So, people continue to fight the good fight against the dastardly local council but remember that you are fighting this fight which could have been settled long ago if not for one crooked selfish individual who has been collectively booted out of the picture by mainstream rescue groups and shelters.

As far as MDDB is concerned - we are distressed whenever we hear about local council brutality against dogs. But as usual we have a plan - a plan which we will soon execute. Please read our links.




1) Independent Pet Rescuers' Sherrina Krishnan called today asking if we could help a mother and five puppies that were rescued by Roselin last Sunday. Apparently the family had tested positive for Parvovirus and the clinic they were in could not keep them much longer. We do have a quarantine room for parvo patients but given that our HWH is bursting at its seams, we did not risk placing the puppies there. So we asked for the family to be brought to our panel vet in Klang where they were tested again. But this time the test was negative for parvovirus but the smell of the feces was certainly the parvovirus stench. Since we did not want to bring them to the HWH, the doggie family was sent to one of our paying fosterers. Sherrina provided the funds to pay the fosterer whilst we bought food for them and will be paying for all the veterinary costs as the the eventual spaying of the mother. One little fellow had a couple of maggot wounds on him whilst another fellow had a wound near his neck. But it was not serious. The mother was so malnourished that she had little or no milk at all. So, we bought a big bag of Science Plan for puppies for the entire family. Lactating mothers should also be fed with puppy food.
2) MDDB member Irene collected several puppies from a Malay family in Cheras last week. Apparently a mother dog had brought the puppies one by one and left them outside the house. But she never returned after that. They took the puppies in and cared for them and called Irene asking for help. Out of the three puppies one was a runt which was quite weak whilst the other two were very robust. We have taken in the robust puppies whilst Irene will care for the weak one. The two puppies were sent to the HWH to make way for a disabled puppy which lost the use of its hind legs after an adult dog bit it. Several members of our team, which includes Irene, are good with disabled dogs and they have worked wonders with our disabled Patrick, Mr Gwing and brain-damaged Precious. All three live with them.


Saturday morning tragedy

As we were rushing to complete our daily chores at the HWH before going to Gasing for Justice's surgery on Sat, we stumbled upon a very sad sight on the way to the market to purchase our daily ration of meat and liver.

We saw two puppies with maggot wounds in a small padang on the way to the market.

We aborted our plan and rushed the puppies to our Klang panel clinic.

Our vet told us that the wounds looked about a week old and the maggots had eaten their way really deep inside the puppy with the neck wound.

The other puppy was not that bad and the we reckoned he had been able to lick the wound which was on his side. As the vet fished out the maggots and cleaned-up the deep wound, the puppy gave out painful cries that would break any heart.

We were also told that the puppy had probably been starving for over a week as it would not have been able to look around for food given the female puppy was also running a very high temperature.

We immediately rushed off to buy Brands Essence of Chicken and the puppy was put on drips and fed essence and prescription food.

It opened its eyes for a while and we left it there at the clinic where the puppy to be fed essence every two hours. That afternoon the vet called to say that the puppy had died.

This is what we have to put-up with on a regular basis - pitiful suffering and eventual death in spite of us doing whatever possible to save a life.

The puppy's groans still remain clear in our minds. We are also asking ourselves how the puppies had ended at the padang? Were they dumped there?

According to the vet, the puppies must have been bitten by adult dogs that come to the padang which is also a feeding station serviced by a dog feeder in Klang.

The lady told us that she had not seen the puppies whenever she is there to do her feeding every night.

We believe the puppies must have gone into hiding every time the big dogs were around after they had been bitten.

How can we educate people not to dump unwanted puppies? How do we drive home the message that they would not have needed to dump if they had only spayed their dogs?


Someone posted here about a dog residing in Wat Chetawan in Jalan Gasing needing help. MDDB members responded and the dog and old Labrador was brought to Gasing this Saturday. She had TVT and a bad case of fungal infection. She has been given the first jab for TVT and also given meds. We need someone to help coordinate to ensure that she is being given the meds because we feel the monks may not have the time to do so. Apparently one of them bought this old lady and another Labrador but sadly they have not been cared for properly. If anyone can take this old lady in, we are sure that we can convince the monks to give her up. Please call 019-3576477 or write to

Saturday, November 12, 2011


The total cost of RM8,000 paid for the surgery. Heartfelt thanks to our compassionate donors
Justice responding well to Reiki with Tania
Being healed
Listening to Tania's reassurance
Being told that he is much loved'

It was a very harrowing experience for the five of us who were at the Gasing Veterinary Hospital for Justice's major spinal surgery. We were all jittery as we knew the risks involved in the surgery which was being carried out to align the puppy's completely transacted spinal column.

We were duly briefed by the surgeon that there is a possibility that joining the spine may be a futile effort if the broken segment had degenerated from the time the MRI had been taken more than a week ago. We hoped for the best as we sat waiting for the outcome of the 2 1/2 hour surgery which began at about 3.30pm.

But prior to the surgery Tania Leong did some reiki on Justice and we were amazed to see how well he responded to it. Tania as well as Myers also reassured Justice that all will be well, and it appeared he understood that we cared and wanted him to fight his odds.

Once the surgery was over, the surgeon told us he was able to join the severed spinal column together with a long pin but unfortunately while he was operating, he was not able to see any nerves in the area. This means Justice is paralyzed and would probably need wheels to move around.

We were prepared for this as our only hope is for him to regain bowel and anal control with the surgery as well as subsequent physiotherapy and acupuncture that we would be arranging for Justice.

Justice woke up less than 1/2 hour after surgery but looked confused and spaced out but appeared much better several minutes after that. We massaged his head with some essential oil given to us by Tania and left Justice to rest after reassuring him that we loved him and wanted him to recover.

After what we had experienced today we can now say that Justice has become a dearly loved puppy. He will stay at the veterinary clinic pending recovery and will receive physiotherapy and acupuncture there.

Once his wounds are healed, he will go and live with an MDDB member who will give Justice the love and care he deserves.

At this juncture we would like to say that the credit for saving Justice's life belongs to Hargovin Dhillon of Kuantan who had contacted us and followed through to ensure that Justice received the necessary care.

In spite of the tragedy that had befallen him, Justice is indeed lucky to have found Govin.

Please keep Justice in your thoughts as there are still risks such as infection. All in RM 8,000 have already been paid for the surgery.


Waiting to be prepared for surgery
Being prepared for surgery
Justice being operated on
The surgical site
Justice after surgery

Insertion of pin
Aligned spine
Spaced-out after surgery
Still spaced out
A little better