Wednesday, February 29, 2012

R.I.P Kitten

Last month MDDB member Christine Lai had the shock of her life when she spotted a kitten with its rectum hyanging out. The kitten was rushed to our panel clinic and a surgery carried out to reinsert the prolapssed rectum. The plucky cat survived the surgery and was doing very well but died a few days ago. We are saddened with what had transpired.

Grandpa Pinky is happy now

When the staff of a shelter were summoned to take Grandpa Pinky away from the five foot way, which had become his home, they immediately knew that he had little chance of survival if taken in. They also felt a strong sense of pity for the old poodle cross, that must have seen some very good times during its prime. They called us and we said we would take responsibility for Grandpa Pinky. He was immediately sent to one of our panel clinics where he was examined. The vet found that he was blind and deaf and has eye and skin infection. His skin was raw and bleeding and terribly infected. Grandpa Pinky's hair, or whatever that was left of it, was removed and his skin treated. However, we dared not bring Grandpa Pinky back to our half-way-home as he would be stressed with our barking dogs, talking dogs and naughty puppies. He would also be in danger of being bullied by the younger and alpha males - his treatment had cost us about RM1,000 and his boarding had hit RM 700 when we asked our KL Pooch Rescue friends to find him a foster home. They immediately set to work and found Lee Woan Mee to take him in. Grandpa Pinky is finally in safe and loving hands. Incidentally Woan Mee had also adopted a puppy that was rescued by us and independant rescuer Eileen Ng about three years ago. We have happy that Grandpa Pinky can now spend the twilight period of his life surrounded by love and care. Any form of help to meet Grandpa's veterinary bills are greatly appreciated.


We have many many dogs that are in need of homes at the half-way-home. Photographing them is a challange as it invloves caging, chaining, grabbing and wrestling. Anyway, today we present our first segment of rehabilitated dogs that are up for adoption. If you are keen on giving any of these dogs a good, secure and loving home - please call 019-3576477 or email to

This is Laxmi and she is our resident GRO. Laxmi was rescued together with four of her puppies, all of which have been adopted. She has been spayed and vaccinated. Laxmi is very friendly and loving and is enjoys nothing more than being cuddled. She is adorable.

Fredo, was found lying down near the security post at the Klang Pantai Hospital. The security guards there were feeding him. We brought him back and found that he was running a high temperature and we believe he had spent many days in the rain. he appeared to be a lost or abandoned pet. he is a big dog and is a lovable clumsy oaf who loves to be hugged.He has been castrated and vaccinated.

Kapi of Kapar was from a litter of five pups we rescued together with the mother. The mother had severe skin disease and was completely hairless. All the puppies were okay except for Kapi who also had skin disease. Her mother has since gone to stay in one of our friend's sanctuary in Raub and her siblings have all found homes. Kapi is fine now and is a loving, happy fun-filled dog. She is a talking dog and its really entertaining when she tells a story.

This is Pavitra Pavlova and she was rescued with her 10 puppies by Mandy Chee's brother-in-law in Northport. She is a beautiful loving dog that will bring much joy to anyone who adopts her. She is also a talking dog like Kapi of Kapar and both spend hours talking to each other daily. Not advisable to adopt them together.

This is Marie - we found her wandering in Klang when she was about 5 months old. She was mangy then but has fully recovered. She is quite serious but gets playful when with other dogs. Good guard dog for homes.

Nana, was rescued scavenging along with her five puppies. Her puppies have also been adopted and she has been vaccinated and spayed. She is a very loving and genteel dog and would make a perfect for an elderly individual or couple. She has little demands other than wanting her head stroked when she places it on your lap.