Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The pound as of yesterday morning.

Chicken brought by Evelyn and husband to the pound
Rice mixed with chicken head boiled in water mixed with curry powder.
Do you understand the logic of this????????
Serene with her bag of kibbles
Does this dog look overjoyed?
"Happy" dogs at the Selayang Hell Hole
"Happy" puppies
Puppies - luckily they have all been rescued
"Happy" dog?
One of the puppies which was eventually rescued

Do you see this dog wagging its tail?
Is this dog happy as claimed by certain quarters?
Faces of despair
Dear people,
these pictures were taken by our friend Evelyn who went to the pound with her husband early enough to snap some pictures. She also brought some boiled chicken meat dusted with brewers yeast. Another friend Serene had also joined them with several bags of kibbles. They were there before certain parties induced the pound management not to let anyone, except them, into the pound. The puppies you see in the pix have all been rescued by AnimalCare when its founder went there later in the afternoon. The puppies are currently under the joint custody of MDDB and AnimalCare and will be transferred to our half-way home if no one adopts them by March 15. Apparently, the pound people had boiled some chicken head in water tampered with curry powder for the dogs. Going by the pictures, do the dogs come across as being overjoyed with their stay in the pound as claimed by an unscrupulous few? See for yourselves people. Link to download video:
Please also save the lives of this dogs by fostering or adopting them as pets or guard dogs for your homes, factories and farms.Please help them.


Anonymous said...

Certain people are playing politics. The dogs' lives are not important to them but the image of the council and state govt is more important. That is why animal welfare groups and individual animal rescuers have to unite under an umbrella coalition to present a formidable front to such unscrupulous people. If they want to play politics, then the coalition is strong enough to 'play politics' with them.
By the way, i have contacted MDDB via email regarding helping to form a coalition of animal welfare groups. No reply from anyone yet?
From: Straydog

Anonymous said...

We are working towards that Edward. We have a registered association at our disposal and are working towards turning that into an umbrella body for all independant rescuers and rescue groups. The fine tuning will be done when we all meet for the roundtable discussion on March 6. Please bring a photostat copy of your IC so that we can include you as well. We can really do with someone like you on the team. Please also excuse us for not responding promptly - we are very caught-up with the pound issue currently. Call 019-3576477 and maybe we can talk.


Anonymous said...

Sorry - I know you're not Edward. I was just speaking to Edward of PETSA and the name stuck in my head.


Anonymous said...

Thank you to MDDB, Animalcare and all the kind samaritans for helping these helpless puppies and feeding the pound dogs. Job well done.

The dogs in the pound definitely look depressed. They are certainly not happy as purported by a certain blogger and he even contradicted himself on certain points. Please do not paint the council in a good light because pictures don't lie. It is time for the local council and DVS to reflect on their actions and come up with positive solutions to help these poor strays.

As a tax-payer and Malaysian, I know how local councils work, not only in the management of strays but on other issues as well. If a tick-infested pound with minimal food and water and inexistent medical facility for the animals are considered OK, then I am loss for words.....

Also, I will continue to donate financially to MDDB and Animalcare as I have PERSONALLY seen how they work. I know they are not highlighting these issues to trick public's money. They are doing it for the poor strays and to create public awareness.

Keep up the good work

Dog Lover

jingjing said...

Oh my god! I thought the chix was covered with ticks!!

Anonymous said...

dont get me wrong.. but why they add curry powder into the rice... this will upset thier difestive systems
to me this is evil.. they gave them food tat they are not suppose to eat.. is like TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT...

Anna said...

Anyone noticed how new the kuali and buckets looked? Sort of refutes that bloggers post who said the pound was wonderful.

I hope that the new items are signs of a change though, but the public still needs access to view, adopt, retrieve and rescue. If Selayang Pound are making a change, they should be PROUD and show everyone what they are doing. Don't just bluff and hide and pretend and forget. We're good at that, lets do something different this time

Anonymous said...

Anna, the bucket was given by us and the basin by Animalcare. You are right, they never had these before. They must have bought the kuali.