Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Raining Cats and Dogs This November!

As you can see below, we have been buried by an avalanche of rescues which require urgent veterinary care. In addition to this, we also have other rescues that are being neutered and vaccinated. We simply do not have the money at the moment to pay for all these dogs. We hope that you will take our predicament into consideration and help us with your generosity. Contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated!

Public Bank Account No: 3151793708

And mail to: 51, Jalan SS7/16, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Paypal Account:


Thomas Animal Clinic & Pet Corner, Klang
We rescued this dog on Deepavali eve in Klang. The dog looked dead, but lifted her head when our rescuer approached. We hope it's not a spinal cord injury and merely some leg fractures. Dog is admitted at Thomas Animal Clinic in Klang.


Gasing Veterinary Hospital, Petaling Jaya
This puppy was found nearby Sunway SuriaMas Condominium on Deepavali, and was rescued on the night itself. We named him Milo and admitted him at Gasing Veterinary Hospital. Fractures on both swollen right limbs were identified using an X-ray. As the puppy is too young for surgery, casts will be put on both limbs for a period of 6 weeks.


Healing Rooms Veterinary Clinic, SS17
When our rescuer found this cat, she reeled in horror. The wound extended from one side of the shoulder to the next, and had extended right down to one side of the front limb. The vet thinks that the cat may have been knocked down by a car and dragged along the road resulting in the flesh being scrapped off. The cat is now admitted at Healing Rooms Veterinary Clinic, and this is going to be a long haul case which may require amputation.


Gasing Veterinary Hospital, Petaling Jaya
Firstly, we would like to thank SPCA Selangor for helping to send this dog to Gasing Veterinary Hospital for us. According to the MDDB member who went to the location, the dog's condition looked bad. We have to urgently make payment to Gasing Veterinary Hospital, and we told them that we will do so latest tomorrow (5 November, 2013) morning.


Gasing Veterinary Hospital, Petaling Jaya
As our MDDB member went to rescue the dog above, she found a puppy which was also an accident victim at the same location. According to some men who worked at the nearby crematorium, the male puppy was knocked down by a car a few days ago. The puppy was unable to move and his belly was swollen with urine and faeces, as he had not been able to defecate or urinate since the accident. One of his paws was also very swollen. He has been admitted to Gasing Veterinary Hospital, and has been named Bigfoot. The vets expressed his urine and faeces, and the chief vet said it's probably spinal injury. We are hoping that it is not a fracture, but rather a compression of the spinal column.


It has been a spooky week for us with injured puppies and dogs literally raining on us. This turn of events is a major financial catastrophe for us and we are in urgent need of financial help.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Rescues

Running a rescue group that carries out consistent rescue of puppies and their mothers is not an easy task. In addition to the countless puppies and mothers picked-up almost on a daily basis, there are also the seriously injured dogs that come our way. MDDB’s main problem is space to hold all our rescues until we find them suitable homes.

There are queries as to why we do not have a shelter – the answer is simple – having a shelter would be contradictory to the Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage philosophy. It would also not allow us to provide subsidies to others including paying for the neutering of strays which we are currently doing. This is because a bulk of our expenses would revolve around running the shelter.

What we urgently need is help from you to foster these rescues until they are sorted out – a space in your backyard is all we are asking for. MDDB is willing to provide cages as well as dog and puppy food. Please help us help them by offering a tiny corner of your living space. Those living in condos and apartments can also help by fostering young puppies for a short period of time. And of course financial contribution is always welcome. To date we have three admissions in AMC, two in Gasing Veterinary Hospital, one in Healing Rooms, one in Ara Veterinary Clinic and five in Thomas Animal Clinic. We seriously need help. If you can help either way – please private message us.

Herewith our details as well:
Thank you and greatly appreciated.


A post showing a badly injured dog was circulated on the internet. It was also shared on MDDB's Facebook page by one of our followers. The dog, of which we've named "John", was rescued and was taken to the Animal Medical Center (AMC) for admission. We were told by the vet on duty that John appears to have a broken back and could be lame. Apparently, John had been brutally beaten up and will need some intensive treatment.


Rufus and Rupert
Rufus and Rupert were spotted in Taman Sri Sinar, Segambut by a good Samaritan. They were crawling around a five foot way and appeared to have severe difficulty moving around. We admitted them at AMC, and it was found that they were both stunted. It was suspected that they were placed in a small cage as puppies and the cage was never upgraded in size. Hence, there was literally no space for them to grow. They have since been treated, and both Rufus and Rupert are able to walk now. They have also been adopted from our recent adoption drive in Jaya One.


Puppies with Dead Mother Dog
On October 11, 2013, we received an S.O.S. from Km Au regarding a litter of puppies that needed urgent rescuing at Jalan Kemajuan Subang. Unfortunately, the mother dog was hit by a car and did not make it. The informant explained that he had noticed the mother dog for quite some time, and had been wondering why she steadfastly sat by the road shoulder without crossing the road. We now know that she had given birth in the bushes and could not move the puppies to the other side. The puppies were rescued, and have all been adopted except for two that were wounded.

More details about the wounded puppies here:


In Loving Memory
Not all stories have happy endings... The dog was rescued in Petaling Jaya on the 17th of October, 2013 and was later admitted at Gasing Veterinary Hospital. The vet explained that the dog was probably suffering a brain injury. He also opined that she was an accident victim and must have been dragged underneath the vehicle. Sadly, the dog passed away on the 22nd of October, 2013 - one day after an X-ray examination.


Dog Stuck on Platform
This case was highlighted by MDDB in early October. The dog was left to starve in a "Kelong" at Kuala Sangga, Taiping, Perak. The dog had no way of getting back to shore as the platform was surrounded by water. With the help of a boatman, our rescuers managed to loop and muzzle the dog which was showing signs of fear aggression. The dog is currently being treated by a vet in Ipoh.


Feeders in Ipoh, Perak alerted MDDB when they discovered Cheng lying on the same spot for days. They suspected that Cheng was beaten up by foreign workers. One of our rescuers and her sister went to his aid, and were shocked to see Cheng literally lying on broken glasses. A pet transporter was later hired to transport Cheng from Ipoh to one of our panel vets here in Selangor. Cheng has a fractured leg and a compressed spine, and needs a lot of treatment and some time to be back on his feet again. He appears to have some Sharpei cross in him, hence the name "Cheng".


Pudding is yet another one of our October rescues and is now at the vet. The tear on the front limb was very bad as the tendons were exposed. He will be ready for discharge soon. Thus, we are urgently looking for a foster home where he will be cared for pending adoption. If you can help, please write to us at or send us a private message via Facebook.


Together with her puppies, Lola was trapped in a drain in Klang. The rescuer brought the entire family out, but all six newly born puppies died the following evening. Lola is also believed to be suffering from tick fever. She is being fostered, but broke out of the cage - the fosterer will get her restrained again. We will be treating her for tick fever first and may admit her to a clinic if she continues to be difficult to be kept within a confined area.


Dog with Nasty Maggot Wound
This is a young dog currently receiving treatment under us. The dog has a nasty maggot wound which has burrowed inside. Luckily, the poor fellow has a place to stay and we are spared of having to pay for admission.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Appeal for Donation to Settle September 2013 Veterinary Bills

September is coming to an end, and it is the time of the month again to settle our veterinary bills so as to allow us to continue bringing severely injured and maimed dogs for medical treatments. As we rely on the public to fund our operations, we would like to appeal to your kindness and generosity to help defray the medical costs of the many dogs under our care.


We received an SOS about a badly injured dog in Seri Kembangan about two days ago. Two rescuers brought him to us (we have named his Ronaldo), and Ronaldo is now being treated at a veterinary clinic. Vet says Ronaldo may have been attacked by other dogs as his injuries are concentrated to one side of his body. The injury nearer to the armpit is the most serious as it appears to have tunnelled inwards. There are some holes near the neck and shoulders. The injury to the paw is also quite bad with some of the bone and tendon exposed.


Puppy Tied in a Plastic Bag, Left Hanging on a Tree Branch with a Rotting Tail
Together with her sibling, this puppy was found in a plastic bag that was left hanging on a tree branch. Rubber bands were tied to both puppies' tails causing their tails to rot. Her brother has been adopted through one of our recent adoption drives, but this girl was in bad shape and the vet warned us that she may not make it. She has beaten the odds and is now ready to be discharged. We are looking for a foster carer to temporarily house her until our adoption drive next month.

Read more about her and her sibling here:


American Bully with Demodex and Heartworm
Two American Bullies were found abandoned - believed to be dumped by breeders. The younger female has since been discharged. The one in the picture, however, is still boarded at a veterinary clinic to be treated for demodex and heartworm. Upon recovery, she will be vaccinated and neutered. We were told that the veterinary bill for both American Bullies is still pending at the clinic.


Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd (654290-T)

Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Our Little Fashion Icons - Valentino and Patch


Valentino, also known as Little V, was dragging himself through the streets of Ipoh when Audrey found him. She immediately sought the help of MDDB, which agreed to take over the case.

Valentino was believed to be the weakest among his siblings, and thus, was abandoned by his mother when he could not keep up. The mother may also be malnourished when she was pregnant with Valentino.

When discussing the prognosis and treatment options with our panel veterinarian, the vet was optimistic that with regular therapy sessions, Valentino might stand a chance to walk. Apart from daily physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, Valentino is also receiving Traditional Chinese Veterinary Treatment on a weekly basis.

Home-style Hydrotherapy Treatment
Traditional Chinese Veterinary Treatment - Acupuncture
Valentino's condition has improved tremendously since his rescue. For video updates of the little man, click on the links below:


Patch's paws were literally crushed when he was spotted lying on the side of the road by a rescuer. Upon interrogation, employees of a nearby shop informed that the injury was at least a week old, and that Patch had remained in the same spot for two days.

Patch was transferred from one vet clinic to another; the first suggested euthanasia as an option, whereas the second refused to treat him. It was the third clinic that finally shared the same opinion as us - to give Patch a second chance in life.

The vet on duty explained that Patch's wounds were infected, and that amputations could only be performed when the infections are stopped. Patch was admitted to the vet clinic for daily wound cleansing and dressing change. However, when his rescuers visited him, his fighting spirit seemed to have disappeared. Fearing that he might just wither away, Patch was discharged and placed under home care.

One week later, Patch was brought to the same vet clinic for check-up. According to the vet's diagnosis, Patch's wounds were healing beautifully, and amputation of both his limbs was not encouraged as Patch was depending on his stumps to move about.

We are planning to get him a pair of prosthetic legs once he is fully grown. 

More about Patch here:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Embracing Another Milestone: First International Adoption

The Stray Puppy
One rainy day, a stray puppy squeezed through the gate, and sought shelter in the porch of a house in Cheras. Its mother whimpered anxiously, out in the street, in a vain attempt to call for her sole puppy to follow her. And, it was this fateful day that marked the beginning of something beautiful - the duo's journey to the Land of the Free.

The Mama Dog
The family spotted the puppy in their compound, and alerted MDDB. Our Rescue Coordinator attended to the distress call. Both mother and son were later caught in an initial plan to rehome the puppy and TNRM (Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage) the mum.

An unexpected turn of events, when the stray puppy's intelligence caught Diane Levinson's attention, led to the first International Adoption of Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better. Not having the heart to break the strong, enduring bond between the mother and son, the mama dog that was then released as part of our TNRM Project was captured again, and reunited with her puppy. The mama dog and her puppy were named "Mama Chinta" and "Toby" respectively.

Mama Chinta and Toby
The two spent several months in their first foster carer's home where they were vaccinated and desexed. They were later transferred to our Rehabilitation Coordinator's home for crate training.

Crate Training
Soon enough, this mother-son pair was ready to fly to their new home in San Bruno, Northern California.

On the Way to Cargo KLIA
In early July, Mama Chinta and Toby finally met Levinson for the first time at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Levinson Greeted the Inseparable Pair at SFO
Upon arriving home, Toby instantly warmed up to his human family. Mama Chinta, on the other hand, was shy; she was hiding in her crate most of the time, and would only venture out for food and toilet trips. Both were hostile towards their adoptive canine siblings - Yodi and Mose.

Nonetheless, with great patience, Levinson brought Mama Chinta out of her shell, and helped the two newcomers find their place in her household pack.

Toby and Mama Chinta Running in Their New Garden
Sharing a Bed
Their Comfy Little Corner
With Their Canine Sibling - Mose
Toby with His Canine Sibling - Yodi

More videos:

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Its been quite a while since this blog was updated as most of our updates are now being done on Facebook. However, having received a note from an old supporter who does not Facebook, I've realised its time  this blog is 'reactivated'. Much has happened since the last update and I'll try my level best to summarize everything and post them here in a day or two. I have  decided that this blog would henceforth  also be a conduit for me to share my thoughts in addition to our MDDB activities. So, stay tuned folks!

Founder, MDDB.