Saturday, July 17, 2010


Our accident victim is now at the animal hospital in Gasing Indah, Petaling Jaya. The vet has diagnosed him as suffering from diaphragmatic hernia due to the impact of the accident.This means there is a tear in the diaphragm - which is the muscle that separates the abdominal organs from the heart and lungs. Therefore the innards are now entering his chest cavity because of the tear. He also has a fractured femur and thigh bone. According to the vet the diaphragmatic hernia surgery cannot wait. He said the femur fracture isn't serious and the bone can mend by itself whilst the thigh bone needs either a pin or a plate. He says the pin costs RM700 and the plate RM1,500 and we have to decide which one after the hernia surgery is over and done. The poor boy is weak as this is one of the effects of the hernia. He has been scheduled for the hernia operation Sunday July 18. We are desperately hoping that he'll make it. We would be very grateful if anyone living in Petaling Jaya can go and visit him at the clinic. Call 019-3576477 for details.

Monday, July 12, 2010


1) WE need volunteers to help us catch five stray puppies in Subang Jaya. These puppies are about four months old and are rather frisky. They live on an open piece of land and are exposed to rain and shine. Our friend Rena visited the spot last week and says it broke her heart to see them huddled together in the rain. Four are female and its dangerous to allow them to remain there as they must be spayed. Please help us catch them. We are trying to arrange a rescue mission this weekend. Write to us with your contact details -

2) Dear people, next time you see a stray puppy - pick it up, take it home and call us. We are really saddened to hear about a stray puppy which had tried so hard not to be a stray but lost out due to lack of human compassion. A friend who helped us rescue many puppies and dogs narrated how a puppy had followed her nephew home while he was jogging. It had run about six kilometres after him. Once back home, his father had refused to allow the pup to remain there. So, the boy had to take it back where he had first seen it. We were told of the puppy and we asked them to immediately return to the place and retrieve the puppy. They went last sat only to find the puppy dead with its innards out. It must have been gored by an adult dog. We still cannot forget this puppy which had run six kilometres to find a home but failed. Please people next time you see a stray pup - take it home and call us.