Monday, July 20, 2009

Is this fair?

Two weeks ago we were invited by some students from KDU to participate in their Rave2Save event. They were organising a fund raising and pledged to hand the proceeds over to that established animal shelter in Ampang. We never asked them for any money - all we wanted was a venue for an impromptu adoption drive. We were happy when the students asked us to bring the 50 over pups we rescued off the streets to be put up for adoption. However, the student in charge told us a few days ago that the big organisation does not want us there because 'we give our dogs and puppies up for adoption for free while they charge for adoptions.' Apparently, the organisation had also pressured the student to keep us out and we have been told not to come. The guilt-riddled student then told us that he would make arrangements for us to bring our puppies in through Petfinder, which will be there. We declined as we didn't want to put the students through more pressure.The organisation accuses us of giving our dogs and puppies away for free - what they don't realise is that we do not place a price over the heads of the poor canines like they do. Adopters give us donations for the pups and dogs they rescue and the minimum we have received is RM5. We take whatever they give us if we find that they are capable of giving the dogs and pups a good homes, good food and veterinary care. We also make arrangements for them to neuter and vaccinate the dogs and pups they have adopted at a discounted price at our panel clinics. The adopters are also required to fill up forms and sign a contract with us promising us to take good care of their pets. The contract also allows us to confiscate the dogs and puppies if we find the adopters not keeping up to their end of the bargain.We also sponsor the first vaccination. So, pray give us your feedback - is this a case of personal egos getting in the way of helping the strays? The same thing happened when Furry Friends Farm started rescuing dogs from Pulau Ketam - nasty things were published about the sanctuary in the media by those affiliated to the organisation. Is this fair? All we want is a venue where these unfortunate puppies can be put-up for adoption. Why deny us that? Why deny the poor strays a chance to secure homes? We want to hear from you - please tell us what you think.