Wednesday, February 3, 2010


THE Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Adoption drive will be held this Sunday, Feb 7 at the Summitt Subang Jaya. With countless puppies rescued on a daily basis,we are desperately trying to find homes for all of them. Those wanting to help MDDB with donations in cash and kind can also come to the adoption venue to drop off their contributions. MDDB urgently needs rice, dry and canned puppy and dog food and puppy shampoo.

Event: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Adoption Drive

Date: Sunday, Feb 7

Venue: Summit Subang Jaya – near the Starbucks entrance

Time: 11.00am to 7.00pm

Details: 019-3576477, 012-3739007


This mum and her three pups were rescued recently from Meru, Klang. A distraught schoolgirl who had been feeding the mum and pups called for help as she said her family was not too keen on what she was doing. According to her, they were not dogs lovers and frowned upon her feeding the poor strays. The girl told us there were four pups but when one of our volunteers rushed over - she only found three pups with the mum. She brought the three pups and mum over and we have packed the little ones off to a paying fosterer as we did not have the space for them at our place. The mum was sent to the vet's to be neutered. Two days latter, the schoolgirl called again to say that a man had brought and left the missing pup at the spot where the mother and her pups used to loiter. We believe he must have taken the pup home and then decided that he did not want it anymore! Our volunteer rushed over to Meru to get the pup and brought it to the vet's where it spent the night before our fosterer picked it up the following morning. The next morning just as our fosterer was about to leave the clinic with the pup, a lady bringing her dog to the vet's spotted the little fellow and asked if she could adopt him. After a short interview, she filled up our adoption forms and took him home! We will visit the pup in his new home to ensure that all is well. Meanwhile, the siblings have been put-up for adoption.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is Kapi and she was rescued from Kapar, Klang. Kapi suffers from a severe case of demodex and given our past experience with Luca - we know we can help her.
She is a very smart girl and is quick to show her displeasure by grumbling when things don't go her way. We think she is about seven months old.

This is Queen and she is a distemper survivor. Queen, her two siblings and their mother were rescued from Kajang about five months ago. Queen's mother was a puppy herself and the vet told us that she could not be older than six to seven months when she had her puppies. Out of the three puppies, two, including Queen, had tested positive for distemper. The other puppy did not make it and died in her fosterer's home after fighting the infection for over a month. Queen was also in a bad condition but pulled through. She now suffers from yeast infection and we think this could be due to the cocktail of drugs she had been fed during her illness. She is currently on the road to recovery.

This is Ricola and we believe she was dumped because of her disability. Ricola, is about three months old and suffers from rickets which has made her front and back limbs bowed.
She was found dumped behind a mechanic workshop in Jalan Melawis, Klang. We think she was dumped because she was very clean when found by one of the mechanics who brought her to us. She walks very slowly due to the condition of her limbs.
All three are currently being cared for by us and we welcome fosterers for Ricola who is very healthy in spite of her bowed limbs.

Monday, February 1, 2010

This is what happens.....

There are three puppies that are not ready for adoption and perhaps will never be suitable as pets unless they are 'rehabilitated' with generous doses of love and compassion. These three puppies from the Klang pound are currently undergoing a rehab programme at a friend's place - where they are allowed to roam free in a large enclosure as caging them up will only aggravate their already damaged morale. Out of the three - the one named Gizmo appears to be the most troubled and has bitten several people after his rescue. However, we were told he is responding well to being bribed with food. Please take a look at his pix and see how he glares - can you see the hatred and distrust in his eyes? It makes us wonder the torture he must have gone through being caught. Only time will heal his emotional and psychological wounds.

Ah Chai

Sorry, had posted some wrong pictures just now. This is the correct pix of Ah Chai on the day of his rescue. The black and white pup is Gizmo.
Ah Chai and his new dad
A new Ah Chai - confident and looking forward to a new life - check out the hot pink collar

Ah Chai undergoing last minute veterinary examination before going home.

Ah Chai was one of the puppies rescued by AnimalCare from the Klang Pound and handed over to us. He had a brother who looked exactly like him but the poor tyke died of parvo in spite of us trying our very best to keep him alive.
Ah Chai was a very frightened little puppy but overcame his fear after he was shown some kindness.

Anyway, Ah Chai survived his ordeal and was adopted by Mr Tan who lives in Sekinchan. Mr Tan took an instant liking to Ah Chai because he was small and cute. He said this would enable him to keep Ah Chai indoors.

Ah Chai is now living happily in his new home and from what I heard he has overcome his fear of people and is quite a hantu.

We are happy that things have worked out well for Ah Chai - this is what we work so hard for. This is also why we tolerate our reputation being dragged through the mud by zealots who claim to be animal activists simply because we are serious in ensuring justice for the voiceless.

Knowing that puppies like Ah Chai have been given a second chance in life is more than enough for us........

Sunday, January 31, 2010



WE have some good news too today. Remember Cindy Cinderella, the dog that wanted so much to be rescued when AnimalCare volunteers carried out their rescue at the Klang Pound in Dec? But they were not able to take her because of her facial injuries as there were no vets at the place the dogs were being taken to. When we heard this we offered to take her in and treat her. We were told by the vet that her facial injuries were probably acid scalds. However, Cindy had tested negative for parvo, distemper and heartworm. When Cindy went in for spaying, the vet discovered that she had already been spayed. So, we believe Cindy must have been someone’s pet. Anyway, one of our friends and supporter Ms Kalpana offered to adopt Cindy and came to collect her today. Initially Cindy was frightened to leave the clinic but after some coaxing, she followed Kalpana into her car. Kalpana took Cindy to her regular vet and was told everything was fine with Cindy. Cindy merely had a slight mite problem and would be going in for her first round of vaccination next week. We are happy things worked out well for Cindy Cinderella. She is one of the luckiest rescues from the pound. Please help by giving another dog at the pound the same opportunity Cindy Cinderella was given. We will vaccinate and spay the dog for you. Call 019-3576477.

Nothing's changed.


We were happy when informed things had changed for the better at the Klang Pound. We heard that a shelter had sent in ten additional cages to prevent overcrowding. But our relief was short lived when we received pictures taken on Saturday which showed us otherwise. There were only two cages including the one we bought for the pound. The photos were from someone claiming to be a DVS employee who was sympathetic to the plight of these dogs. According to him a group of dog lovers had visited the pound and washed all the pails and bowls that had been provided by us before filling them up with water and food and placing it in the enclosures. He had added the bowls had been empty and filled with feces. There was also no detergent for the bowls and pails to be cleaned out. He also said:

the place looks and smell the same (didn't DVS send over detergent and disinfectant?)

there are still 4 to 5 month old puppies in the enclosures (so the story about the MPK no longer catching puppies is a mere concoction?)

a white dog with brown spots that was in a picture taken about ten days ago has a seriously injured paw. The injuries had turned septic and when a couple of dog lovers wanted to take the dog for treatment, they were told the MPK bosses had instructed pound workers not to allow anyone to take any dogs out. (didn't the DVS treat injured dogs? Didn't MPK's Zakaria say the council had waived all forms of payments to encourage people to adopt the pound dogs - then why were the workers instructed not to allow anyone to take any of the dogs out? Isn't denying the injured dog treatment an act of animal cruelty?)

• there was a paralyzed black dog in an enclosure with 7-8 other dogs (why was the dog not segregated as it was in danger of being trampled by the others in the enclosure?)

there were some newborn puppies in the makeshift guardhouse near the entrance but the mother was nowhere to be seen and the door was actually closed shut. The puppies would definitely die of dehydration and heat if they were not brought in (isn't this cruelty of the highest order?)

What you can do to help.

1) Adopt a dog or puppy from the pound. PLEASE HELP THEM. (We will pay for all the vaccinations and neutering.)

2) Bring food to the pound

3) Visit the pound to see the sad sad situation

4) Lodge police reports against:

a)Selangor state executive councillor in charge of local councils Ronnie Liu

b) MPK president Mislan Tugiu

c) MPK Health department's acting director Zulkfli Abbas

d) MPK dog catchers

e) Majlis Perbandaran Klang

5) Send e-mails voicing your displeasure to: