Wednesday, March 16, 2011


We were alerted to Petnegative Anthony Thanasayan's tweet "Don't Field Ean And Teo In Next GE, Say Animal Activists" and would like to warn him not to speak for those whom he and his cronnies do not represent. MDDB and several other real animal welfare groups - are manned by volunteers who are animal activists at every sense. They rescue, rehome as well as treat and manage cats and dogs. We do not emerge to give press conferences and issue statements only when something happens. Two articles, one in the Malaysian Chronicle and the other on Free Malaysia Today states that the memorandum submitted in parliament by Malaysian Animal Welfare Society (MAWS), Malaysian Animal Rights Society (ROAR), Petpositive, and Lawyers for Liberty against Teo Nie Ching and Ean Yong Hian Wah - is a protest by animal activists and civil society groups. These people better be informed that they only represent themselves and not animal activists whih includes us. We will be writing a strongly worded letters to the chief editors of both portals and request their reporters to be more careful when wording such articles.


Anonymous said...

So folks reading this, what does this tell you?
It clearly shows that what ever the cause, what ever the issue, what ever the situation, when push comes to shove - The Chinamen will always look out for their kind.

The ChinaWoman kills cats, 2 China Men politicians offers help, and then now one so called animal activist movement led by Chinamen speaks up for the 2 Chinaman politicians.

I just wonder if MDDB would react differently if the 2 Chinaman politicians were not chinamen?

Anonymous said...

Stop being a racist. MDDB is focused on bringing the Serdang Kitten Killer to book and do not want to be diverted. Matter of fact MDDB is the ONLY animal welfare group which has initiated police and DVS reports against the woman and have even gone to the extent of helping both departments to compile investigation papers. I think you do not know us nor know who had initiated MDDB. Take your racist butt out of here will ya?