Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ready for a home: Santarina will be at the adoption drive in Summit Subang Jaya.

Thursday April 7, 2011

Santarina needs a home

SANTARINA and her five siblings were rescued from a dump in Kapar about five months ago. All her siblings have been successful in finding homes except Santarina.

To make matters worse, she has been returned to canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) by prospective adopters.

“Santarina is a very intelligent canine who is calm and cool all the time. She is observant and is also what we call a ‘talking’ dog,’’ said MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai.

Lai went on to explain that “talking” dogs usually try to communicate with people and this is misunderstood as howling.

“We hope that people will understand and give beautiful and intelligent Santarina a chance to find a home,” she said.

Santarina will be among the dogs and puppies put up for adoption at MDDB’s adoption drive in Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday.

The adoption drive, to be held at Summit’s main entrance from 11.30am to 7.30pm, will have many other puppies looking for homes.

Lai is also asking for public help as some of the puppies have been put up for boarding in various places because two dogs sent to MDDB’s half-way home came in with distemper infection.

“Because of this we have to pay for boarding as well as pay for distemper treatment which is very expensive,’’ said Lai.

The two infected dogs are doing fine and are quarantined at the half-way home.

Distemper treatment includes putting the dogs on a high protein diet as well as giving them immune boosters and medicines to prevent pneumonia and other secondary infections, said Lai.

“We need financial help to see us through this bad period in our half-way home,’’ she said.

Those who want to help can check for details at MDDB’s blog at

Members of the public can also contribute donations such as rice, bleach, detergent canned and dry dog, puppy, and cat and kitten food at the adoption drive.

For details, call 019-3576477, 012-3739007 or write to or the MDDB Facebook page.






薩塔麗娜(SANTARINA)將會與其它的狗狗出現在MDDB的領養活動,地點在Summit Subang Jaya這個星期日(4月10日)。









有關詳情,請致電019-3576477,012-3739007或訪問:或寫信至:malaysiandogsdeservebetter1@gmail.com或MDDB Facebook頁面。


Cuddly and furry: Guests at the event preview held by Petz PowWow for pet owners.

Pet owners’ charity meet

WANT to help independent pet rescue groups? Two organisations have lined up two separate activities to raise money for them.

The first event called Petz PowWow is organised by Petz Unleashed Sdn Bhd and revolves around creating a fun-filled day for people and their pets.

Scheduled to be held on April 16 and 17 at Mines Square, Mines shopping mall in Seri Kembangan, the event will include the participation of several animal welfare organisations and pet product companies.

Among the groups given a booth at the event is canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) and HOPE.

Petz Unleashed’s Lukman Kusuma said guests can participate in various interesting events such as the Best Dressed Pet Contest, Most Photogenic Pet(s) & Owner Contest and Best Pet & Owner Lookalike Contest.

“Petz Unleashed will be running their own contests such as Owner and Pet Food Eating Contest for which Canadian Pizza will be sponsoring pizzas,” said Lukman.

Pet food company Royal Canin will also launch its breed-specific food range for the Golden Retriever and Rottweiler at the event.

Lukman said the key objective of the Petz PowWow carnival was to provide a fun-filled outing for pet owners and their families.

“There are few avenues in Malaysia where pet owners can spend a day or two with their pets in a fun atmosphere. We are trying to provide such avenues on a regular basis and I am glad that more companies are coming forward to support us,” added Lukman.

Details are at, or call 012-2863471.

The second event is organised by the country’s leading adoption portal on April 23 and 24.

The event, which is in conjunction with the portal’s third anniversary, is a charity fair held at Sunway Pyramid’s Orange Wing, LG2 from 12pm-8pm’s Andy Koh said the event would be attended by seven leading animal welfare NGOs — SPCA Selangor, PAWS, HOPE, Save A Stray, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, Paws Mission and AnimalCare.

“They will be making available an assortment of merchandise and sharing knowledge on responsibly managing pets,” said Koh.

He said that six altruistic merchants would be offering exclusive art and crafts for sale, donating the profits to charity.

In addition to various interesting products on sale, the event will also have exciting stage activities, performances and contests, offering alluring prizes and giveaways.

Taking this charity campaign a step further, and has partnered to kickstart a month-long online donation drive to raise funds for the NGOs, where the latter will donate 50% of sales from’s animal lovers, so people unable to attend the event can contribute as well.

For more information, visit