Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is the current print for our T-Shirts - it is sold at RM35 each. The first print cost us RM27 per T-Shirt and this means RM8 would go into our funds. Since it was too expensive - we did not print 100 as planned earlier but only 40. Therefore there may be a little waiting time for T-shirts as we would need to get reprints.

Please call 019-3576477 f0r orders.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wesak Day

MALAYSIAN DOGS DESERVE BETTER members will be participating in the annual procession organized by the Buddhist Mahara Vihara in Brickfields to commemorate Wesak Day.

About 30 of our members and supporters will walk the 12km route to remember the dogs that perished in Pulau Tengah and Pulau Selat Kering after being abandoned by the residents of Pulau Ketam.

Since a popular Wesak ritual is freeing birds and animals to liberate them, our people will walk to symbolise the loberation of Malaysian dogs from cruelty and prejudice.

Come join us - you can spot us from our Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better T-Shirts.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Please help us help this dog

During our reconnaissance trip to Pulau ketam three weeks ago, we came across this dog which belonged to a rather well-to-do family. They had a big compound but yet choose to place their dog across the street from their house. The dog was kept boarded-up in a tiny cubicle which had no entrance or exit. The makeshift prison was perched on the jetty and given its poor condition may topple into the sea anytime. We hope that this will not happen as if it does, the dog will surely drown. During our trip, we fed the dog about 20 char siew paus. the starving dog gulped down the food in a blink of an eye. During our trip on Thursday we knew why - we saw the dog being fed with only leftover white rice - most of the rice thrown to it fell through the gap of the cage leaving the poor dog with hardly much too eat. According to the daughter-in-law of the house, the dof had been kept boarded up even before she came to the house as a new bride seven years ago. We want to get the dog out of its hell hole and need help to do so given the expenses involved. We would also probably have to buy the dog from its current owners - as they do not want to give it to us. We would also have to hire a boat which will cost us anywhere from RM300 to RM500 to get the dog off Pulau Ketam. Going by the dog's physical condition - we would deefinetely have to admit him to a veterinary clinic for prolonged treatment. We thought of getting Furry Friend's Farm to rescue the dog for us but they cannot in anyway antagonize the people there as they have to rely on the boats owned by Pulau Ketan residents for their own rescue mission. So, we understand their position on this. So, please people, please help us free this dog from its suffering. We have to do it quick because the owners may resort to getting rid of the dog now that we have approached them for it. Details: 019-3576477


Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better accompanied Furry Friend's Farm founder Sabrina Yeap and blogger TV Smith on a rescue mission to Pulau Tengah on Thursday. The trip to the desolate island was gut-wrenching given the choppy waters. After seeing the place for ourselves, we now view the folks of Pulau Ketam with more didain and contempt than before. It is not easy to imagine that people can be so cold hearted and evil. We were also aghast to read in a local daily the comments made by the island's DAP chief - the fool actually insinuated that the dogs would one day eat the villagers. We recommend the DAP removes the idiot from his position as he is already giving the party a bad name. Anyway, two dogs were rescued on that day - one of it being the puppy made famous by TV Smith. The puppy is a terrier cross and looks like it must have belonged to someone on the island, who perhaps, decided that they didn't want it anymore. We also know for a fact that that the Pulau Ketam people are irresponsible dogowners - we found this out during our reconnaissance vist to the isl;and three weeks ago with several other rescuers. Most homes with dogs did not have proper shelter for their 'pets'. What shocked us most was a dog thatv had been boarded-up for the past seven years. The following post is about that unfortunate dog. Anyway, the other dog rescued during the mission was a brown male which we initially thought was a female due to its bloated stomach. The vet told us eventually that his stomach was bloated due to liver infection - probably caused by eating carcasses and drinking salt water. herewith pics of the dog as well as one with the terrier puppy.

Monday, May 4, 2009



Dear all,

we have many many dogs and puppies and they will soon be featured at

We hope to find them homes soon as only when they are all adopted can we move on and rescue more dogs and puppies for rehoming.

So kind people - please help us help them by circulating this link to all your friends and family.

Woof, Woof, Woof,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)