Friday, February 3, 2012

Slash victim

This dog was found wandering with a massive slash wound on its back. Apparently according to people in the area the dog was slashed by some drunks loitering there. Once at the vet, it was discovered that the dog also suffered from some kind of an infection in either its womb or ovaries as there was blood and puss coming from its vagina. Sadly, there was a male dog with this female but was too fierce to be handled. So, he had to be left behind. According to the vet the slash wound, which was badly infected as well, was several days old. We will be transfering the dog to one of our panel clinics for treatment and hopefully the dog will survive through this nightmare. It is also very weak and traumatised. It is very disturbing that there are people who find it so easy to harm animals are there amidst us. We also attribute this to the mentality acquired due the the way dogs are treated here by the authorities. When low life and morons see how the local authorities treat dogs like rodents - they feel that it is acceptable for the to kill these wonderful creatures they perceive as pests. Damn all of them including those who want dogs to be placed in pounds as opposed to TNRM. Sponsorship urgently needed for this poor dog.

New accident victim

Someone called us to say that he had spotted a dog that was lying still without moving at a residential estate near Subang Airport. We asked for his help to send the dog to the vet and the diagnosis is that both the dogs front paws are fractured. One of the affected limb has severe nerve damage and will have to probably be amputated once the dog has recuperated. We hope that some kind soul will come forward to adopt the young dog once its veterinary issues have been settled. We are urgently looking for sponsorship and fostering for this unfortunate dog. Please write to for further details.

Rescued Shin Tzu with bad tail injury

Amputated and castrated.

This Shih Tzu was rescued by Zainab and it had a severe injury to the tail. We arranged for the dog's admission at our panel clinic and the vets decided to amputate the tail. He has also been castrated and will be put up for adoption at our next adoption drive. The cost incurred for surgery, castration and amputation is slightly less than RM1,000. We are seeking urgent sponsorship to settle the bill as the dog has been removed today and sent for fostering. Details please write to

Koncked out after surgery.

Dog with bad fracture

Mei Yee told us about a dog she wanted to rescue which had suffered a severe fracture. We told her to do the necessary and that we would raise the funds for the dog's veterinary care. The dog Mocha has undergone surgery and is on the road to recovery - the total cost has come up to about RM2,500. We would be grateful for sponsorship of this dog. We would also like to thank Mei Yee who from the first day had taken the initiative to do as much as possible whenever she had spotted a dog in need of help. Otherwise, we would be grappling and struggling with this dog together with the rest of our rescues as when they come - they come in a big group.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Grandpa Pink needs help urgently

This is Grandpa Pink, a poodle mix, that was rescued from a five foot way. He is deaf and blind and very very old. We urgently need someone who can give him a place to stay until his final days which we feel will not be long. All Grandpa Pink needs is a room over is head, food to eat and some TLC. Grandpa Pink suffered from some kind of skin infection but is fine now. We cannot afford to keep him our panel clinic any longer as the boarding fee is killing us. We cannot take him to the HRW because there are far too many dogs there now. Please help. Please call 019-3576477. (We had thought that Grandpa Pink was Grandma Pinky on the day of his rescue.)