Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We rescued this male dog - a hit and run victim - from Kajang about a week ago. He has a badly fractured right front limb as well as an infected left eye. According to our vet, he is very week and his injured limb would take some time to heal. The injured front limb is now in a cast. According to the person who had alerted us, the dog had been lying by the side of the street for several days without anyone bothering to help. We are hoping that someone would come forward to help with its medical expenses as all our resources are currently being sucked-up by the medical care of our distemper puppies. Please write to malaysiandogadeservebetter@gmail.com or call 019-3576477 for details.


Monday, October 26, 2009



Hitam was a fine dog and a very clever one at that. During the peak of the Pulau Selat Kering rescue mission, Hitam had often eaten to his fill and regurgitated the food on the desolate island for the abandoned dogs to eat. MDDB had suggested to one of those involved in the rescue mission that both Hitam and his rescue partner Kuning MUST be removed from the kelong once the rescue mission was over. But an idiot told us that they should remain there because they ‘had a good life’ there. However Sabrina Yeap of the Furry Friends Farm removed both Hitam and Kuning but was pressured by the kelong owner to return the dogs because thieves were stealing fish from his floating fish farm. Luckily, Sabrina only returned Hitam otherwise Kuning would also be dead. We are rankled – Hitam should have NOT been sent back. All we can do is weep in his memory. Here’s a video clip put together by Donald Tan who had also participated in the rescue mission.