Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another accident case

We rescued yet another accident case from Kapar yesterday after receiving a call from a frantic student. Mandy who went to pick the dog said that the poor thing was bleeding through the penis when she got to it on Friday afternoon. According to the vet, this poor male dog may have been lying down when a car probably ran over its back, fracturing its hips and injuring its nerves and internal organs. Both the back limbs are splayed and the boy also has problems standing on his front limb. There was blood in his urine yesterday but it stopped with medication. He is on pain killers now but appears to still be in pain. He is also suffering from severe incontinence and urinates when carried. We do not know what to do for him at this juncture - we are seeking another opinion - before we decide if it would be better to end his misery. This poor young dog is yet another case of lackadaisical attitude by some members of the public when accidents involve dogs.

Friday, July 2, 2010



Dear people,
we are in dire need of help as dogs and puppies have been literally raining on us the past month and we are strapped for cash. There have been several rescues of accident victims, the latest being Friday evening. (We will post pics of this dog later.) Last week also saw us picking up a neglected dog that the owner had wanted to abandon - luckily his mother had alerted us. Mother dogs and new born puppies have also been picked-up the last fortnight and we currently have with us four sets of mums with newborns. The puppies with these mums come up to 27 babies. In addition to this , we have our bigger pups which suffer from demodax and mange.
We are appealing for your help. Please help us to help them.

Cheques in favour of:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd (654290-T)

and mail it to:

c/o No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C, Bukit Jelutong, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Or bank into:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd

Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708.

Details: 019-3576477, 012-3739007, 017-2081844

Saturday July 3, 2010
Funds needed for rescued dogs

THE director of a non-governmental organisation is appealing for public help to fund a canine welfare project initiated by her organisation called Community Development and Integration Initiative (CDII).

Firoza Burhanudeen said CDII’s Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) canine welfare project was in dire need of funds to treat, foster and rehome the dogs and puppies rescued regularly.

“The number is increasing by the day and our expenses are also escalating,” said Firoza.

“Normally, we rescue the mothers as well and neuter them before finding them a home or sending them to live on farms.

“As the mothers are strays, most of the time the puppies are weak and need a lot of care and nutrition before they are ready for adoption,’’ said Firoza.

She said MDDB also funded independent rescuers to neuter as well as treat dogs and puppies rescued by them.

“We also take care of puppies and dogs which are rescued from the pound and these usually cost us a lot of money in veterinary care as they usually come infected with either distemper or parvo or both which they get from the pounds,’’ said Firoza.

She said caring for dogs and puppies infected with distemper and parvo was expensive as it involved a lot of supplementary care.

According to Firoza, MDDB is also caring for eight older puppies with severe skin problems in its half-way home.

“This usually involves at least six months treatment before they are put up for adoption,’’ she added.

Firoza added that MDDB’s rescue and advocacy could only continue with public support.

“We need funds urgently as we do not receive any corporate or permanent funding as not many perceive animal welfare as something important,’’ she added.

Firoza is appealing to Malaysians to come forward to help MDDB in its quest to help the strays.

“Help us help these unfortunate dogs and puppies.

“We are in dire need of your help as we are in the red due to escalating expenses which includes the monthly rental and utilities for our half-way home,’’ she added.

Those wanting to help MDDB can visit or write to or call 019-357 6477, 012-373 9007 for details.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Just look at the number of cars and traffic in the area - yet no one cared.
The number of cars parked near the dog - yet no one cared.
The poor boy - lost his life in vain.
We are posting this with a very heavy heart. A friend, Eileen, who is an independent rescuer called us this morning to say that someone had informed her of a dog that had met with an accident in PJ – somewhere in Taman Megah. This is Eileen’s message after the dog had been found dead. She had also sent some pics.

The dog died right in front of a newly opened cafe in Taman Megah nearby to Lim Kok Wing institute. He has a collar on. Was believed to have been hit by a car, Both rear legs have been crushed and can't move. Have been there for several days but no one came forward to help. Somebody left a packet of rice but doubt the poor boy could move to eat. What has our society come to??? Poor dog in terrible suffering May he RIP. May his death not in vain but help raise awareness that people can do something for injured dogs.

The person who had called told her he was informed the dog, which had a shattered leg, had been lying there for the last three to four days. We are shocked – why didn’t anyone even bother to help this poor dog. What about its owners – did they know that their dog was missing? We made immediate arrangements to rescue the dog but when the caller went back to the scene this afternoon, the poor dog was dead. However, it was still alive when he had passed by in the morning. We shudder to think the pain, fear, hunger and thirst the poor dog must have endured these last few days. Why didn’t anyone even think about calling the SPCA, PAWS or even us – as we are certain that there would have been many people who had seen this dog. What is most appalling is that people can actually sit and eat at the restaurant while the dog was lying there dying! If anyone of you happen to come across this blog posting –SHAME ON YOU! Dogs are mammals just like us that also undergo all the pain and emotions that we are capable of experiencing. Had he been rescued on the day of the accident or even the second or third day – the dog may still be alive. So, we beg you people – next time you see an injured animal on the streets – don’t look the other way. Help it! If its money that you don’t want to spend – you can always call us for a reimbursement – we will pay you back even if it takes our entire month’s salaries. This lack of apathy towards animals in need of help is indicative of a defective society. We just can’t believe that not even one person had cared enough to help. To motorists, next time you hit a cat or a dog – please do the right thing – doesn’t just drive or scoot off. RIP doggie – we wish we had known of you earlier.


Cataract in one eye
Beautiful little girl
This five-month old Labrador puppy was sent to be put to sleep by her new owners after they found that she was blind. She has cataract in one eye and has very minimal sight in the other. She is a very loving pup and we strongly believe that she should be given a chance to live. She is being cared for by one of our friends after we felt that she would be better in a home environment than in our half-way-home. We are hoping to surgically restore her sight at least in one eye but have been told that the procedure is rather expensive. Given this, we implore you to help us help this poor little girl.


Dog at the clinic
No sensation in one hind leg
Stuck in the culvert
On the day of her rescue

About two weeks ago we received a call from a lady in Damansara that an injured dog was lying by the side of the kerb. Our volunteers rushed to the scene and found the dog unable to move and they think she must have been hit by either a car or a motorbike. She was also partially stuck in the opening at the edge of the culvert. They managed to get her out and rushed her to Mayo Clinic in Subang Jaya. An X-ray was taken and it showed injuries to two parts of her back bone. She has some sensation in one of her hind legs and has no sensation in the other hind leg. Both her front limbs are ok. She is still in Mayo Clinic and we are waiting for Dr. Susanna Brida-Hofherr to return from overseas on Friday, July 2. Dr Brida-Hofherr is a certified veterinary acupuncturist and may be able to help the dog. We are also hoping the dog will lose some weight as this will help her recover better. Please help us help this poor girl with her treatment.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The dog on the day of her rescue
Fighting for her life at the clinic
Please get well soon
The dogs that have been rescued from the pound - all very friendly
One of the pound dogs - at the back of the cage which is not doing too well.

The girl that was rescued for us is currently in a not so good condition at the vet's. We have been told that her heart is weak and her kidneys as well as her liver is damaged. We are puzzled as to what could possibly be causing this at the Klang pound. If you recall, several puppies rescued not long ago all died of the same thing. What is happening at the Klang pound? In addition to this girl - we are also sponsiring the treatment of four more dogs rescued from the pound. They are under our care now. Two seem to be ok but the other two appear to be doing poorly. One of the dogs doing poorly is wearing a collar. This is what the pound is good at - take in healthy dogs and infect them. Not surprising as the so-called team advising the Klang pound is made-up of a bunch of morons who think the only way forward is killing as many dogs as possible.


The Thambiyah children with Heroine.
Heroine taking a quick nap before going to her new home.
We received a frantic call from our friend Fatimah Zainal last Wed that there was a little puppy playing around the guardhouse of her housing estate in Puchong. She was worried the puppy would be run over by residents' cars. We told her to pick the puppy up and send it to one of our panel clinics and Fatimah did this Thursday afternoon. We picked her up the same evening and groomed her before taking her to our adoption booth at the PET WORLD 2010 Exhibition the following day. Lucky heroine was almost immediately adopted by the Thambiyah family at the exhibition. Heroine now lives in a nice bungalow in Petaling Jaya with another puppy. Thank you Fatimah for helping to remove Heroine of the streets. The Thambiyah family could well afford to buy the many pedigree puppies on sale at the exhibition but choose to give a stray puppy a home instead. They also adopted another puppy from another rescue group. Thank you Thambiyah family.