Friday, January 13, 2012


Friday January 13, 2012

Shelter holding an adoption drive on Sunday

DOZENS of puppies and dogs, under the care of canine welfare project Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB), are currently in desperate need of homes.

MDDB adoption coordinator Christine Lai said adoptions were usually very slow during the end of the year.

“We believe this is due to the festivities and school holidays,’’ said Lai.

She added MDDB hoped that some of the puppies and dogs would be able to find homes at its adoption drive in Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday.

Will be missed: A wake will be held to remember Strong Boy Hee.

“We will be having only one adoption drive this month due to the Chinese New Year celebrations and hope that at least a few of our dogs and puppies will be able to find homes,’’ said Lai.

The adoption drive, which will be held at the shopping center’s main entrance, starts at 10am and ends at 6pm.

Those wanting to donate items such as dog and puppy food, bleach, soap, old newspapers, dog and puppy shampoo, rice and other necessities could drop off the items at the venue.

Meanwhile, Lai also said MDDB would be conducting a wake for one of its canine representatives and ambassador Strong Boy Hee on Saturday.

Strong Boy was killed by a python while on a hike with his owner and her friends in Ampang Jaya on Jan 9.

The wake will be held at, which is located at 27-G, Block J, Jaya One, Section13, Petaling Jaya (Same row as fast food outlet Wendy’s).

According to Lai, the three-year-old dog’s demise was a big blow to MDDB and its volunteers.

“He meant a lot to us and we will miss him terribly,’’ said Lai.

She added the wake was open to the public.

“Please come and join us in remembering Strong Boy but please do not bring any donations in cash or kind for MDDB at this event,’’ said Lai.

She said the wake was exclusively held to remember and reminisce about Strong Boy.

For details, visit or


Dear all,

we have only 15 bags of 10kg rice packets and 30 kgs of kibbles left at the half-way-house. This was from the batch we raised in Oct. Adoption has been slow and the number of dogs at the HWH is overwhelming. We need about 15 kgs of rice and 12 kgs of chicken liver daily to feed our HWH residents and our outside strays. We are also finding it difficult to source for liver on a daily basis due to the big amount and need a freezer and a fridge to store food. We also desperately need a washing machine to wash all the towels that we use on our dogs. Our helper says she cannot manage had washing anymore as not only is the number of towels massive - the bleach is also damaging her hands. We cannot afford to use our funds as we are in the midst of tying-up our debts at the various veterinary clinics where our dogs are being treated. We will gladly take your old appliances off your hands. Please write to for details. Thank you.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


MDDB has organised a wake of one of our top canine volunteers Strong Boy Hee this Saturday. Strong Boy died in a tragic incident involving a phyton last Sunday. He will be sorely missed.
The wake will be held on Saturday Jan 14 at 7.00pm at which is located at 27-G, Block J, Jaya One, Section 13 Petaling Jaya (Same row as fast food outlet Wendy’s).

Everyone welcome.


MDDB will have its first adoption drive for the year in Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday, JAN 15.
The event which will be held at the main enerance of the shopping complex will start at 10.00am and end at 6.00pm.
We are hoping to find a home or va fosterer for Napopelon at this drive and we hope with all our hearts that someone will come and give him a home.
Those wanting to drop off items such as rice, dog and puppy food, bleech, soap, dog and puppy shampoo, old newspaper and towels as well as anything else that can be used for our dogs can do so at the drive.

NAPOLEON a.k.a PYRO needs a home.

Monday, January 9, 2012


WE have organised a wake for Strong Boy Hee this Saturday. The event will be held at 7.00pm at which is located at 27-G, Block J, Jaya One, Section 13 Petaling Jaya (Same row as fast food outlet Wendy’s). Let's all get together and celebrate Strong Boy's short time with us and the joy he had brought his human companions. Please DO NOT bring any donation in cash or kind for MDDB at the event. The wake is exclusively to cherish Strong Boy's memory and if you want to bring something - bring some food. Drinks are available at Alt.Space.