Saturday, February 20, 2010


Dying puppy being rushed to the SPCA by the activist
An emaciated dog hoping for some food and water
A dead and bloated dog in one of the enclosures

If the Klang pound was bad, the Selayang Municipal Council pound is mayhem at its worst. These pictures were taken by an animal activist who has been trying to bring change to the Selayang pound for years. The pictures were taken today morning (21-02-2010). According to her there were many dead dogs lying around and some had been packed in black garbage bags and placed at the entrance of the pound. There were a lot of blood on the floor and according to the caretaker the dogs have not been given food and water at all because ‘they did not have containers.’ He said the Department of Veterinary Services people have not been to the pound for about a month. The dogs are dropping dead of starvation and dehydration. The place is a nightmare and even some of the councilors have voiced their concern to us. So, people we have to go back to doing what we did for the Klang Pound which had brought about some change. Please forward this to as many people as possible and write to the people whose e-mails we have included in this post. Please also sms the local councilors to tell them that we will not tolerate such cruelty. According to the activist erica chum - she has been highlighting the deplorable state of the pound for the last three years but no one had taken the initiative to do anything about it. She says she has seen many horrific things during her almost weekly visits to the pound - such a dog with one eye popping out once. She also alleges that dead puppies were simply washed into the drains. According to Erica, the vet who's supposed to go the the pound does not do so anymore because of the new location at Rawang. So, she says the dogs are left to die of starvation. These are serious allegations. However, we are sure that people , who had not bothered to do anything so far, will all rush to the pound soon. Whatever, it is - let justice be done for the voiceless.


Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan & Pelesenan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300

YAD. Dato' Paduka Raja Dato' Hj. Wan Mahmood b. Pa' Wan Teh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3337099

Tn. Abd Rahim b. Abd Wahab
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-6767002

Tn. Lim Ching How
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Tn. Hj. Mohamad b. Abdul Rahman
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Tn. Dr. Ramli b. Jusoh
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Pn. Maznah bt. Abd Aziz
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Tn. Samsudin b. A.Rahman
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Tn. Md. Sabri b. Md. Taib
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Tn. Zulnizam b. Shahrani
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Tn. Chee Chu Sang
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Tn. Tan Hui Chuan
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YM Tengku Zulpuri Shah B. Raja Puji
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Tn. Gunarajah a/l R.George
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Tn. Roslin b. Mohd. Rosli
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Tn. Lee Khai Loon
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Selayang MP YB William Leong


Anonymous said...

Why are the councillors coming to YOU for help?? What is the point of voicing our concerns to these same councillors if they themselves have no idea what is to be done?????

Anonymous said...

They came to us because they were not able to bring change even when the matter was brought-up at the full board meeting. When you write to them - they have an excuse i.e people are writing to them about the pound - to bring-up the matter at the full board meeting again and again and again.......


Anonymous said...

I am quite aware of the workings of a council and the power that most councillors wield. We are not talking about some major policy and/or legislative changes but about simple management of the pound. Please highlight which particular councillor from the list above has claimed to have championed the cause as he must be either lying thru his teeth or is truly ineffective in his role as a councillor. As councillors, they should know the proper authorities or bodies they should approach in order to effect change. An NGO DOES NOT have the jurisdiction or authority to do so , so for the councillor(s) to have gone running to MDDB shows how very little they know......or care. And for any matter to have reached a full board meeting, there would have had to have been prior discussions on the subject. So if the councillor(s) in question can't even get food and water provided for these poor animals, they have no business sitting in the council. So please name said councillor(s), who appear to hide behind blogs and activists without lifting a single finger.

Lee said...

Can't councillors just provide basics like plastic pails for water????? No budget for even a RM2.00 plastic pail?????

Anonymous said...

Selangor Pakatan lead Government, please wake up!

Anonymous said...

It was better under Barisan when political party members were made councillors. Grouses were then directly brought-up to the government. Pakatan has introduced a lousy system where NGO representatives are also made councillors. Only PKR, DAP and PAS members should be allowed to be ahli majlis. Their political parties can be made answerable if things go wrong.

Anonymous said...

"An NGO DOES NOT have the jurisdiction or authority to do so......"

NGOs may not have the power or authority but they are lobby groups that nring about change. NGOs toppled the BN government in five states in the last general election. PKR would not have made it without the NGOs. In developed nations, politicians work very closely with NGOs to lobby policies through.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree that NGO's are indeed agents for change. I am in no way questioning the effectiveness of NGO's. I do however find that councillors seeking NGO's help in this particular incidence as rather suspect. A councillor would surely know how to go about getting food and water for the pound. Please also take note that a forthnight ago, a councillor did indeed visit the pound and found it to be FINE!!!!!And yet these images emerge 2 weeks later.

And FYI, it was under BN governance that atrocities towards animals have been taking place for decades. Might I remind you'll of the infamous DOG CATCHING competition which was mooted by then Menteri Besar Khir Toyo and MPS at that time!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

>The pictures were taken today morning (21-02-2001).

the date stated there is incorrect. please change it >_<

Anonymous said...

When will MDDB going to visit selayang pound - pls let us know in yr blog

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

Some people are going tomorrow - Wed. Please write to us - we will give you the details.