Saturday, December 11, 2010


We were disturbed to read this in another blog. Our question is whether the vet had handled the dog roughly as we know for a fact that the pound workers drag the dogs by the neck with their nooses and smash them around. Did this happen on the day the vet was bitten?


The MPK was suddenly told last week that the local DVS would cease helping the council after an assistant veterinary officer had apparently been bitten by a dog at the pound which he was trying to put down.
However, a quick alert to Datuk Dr Aziz solved the problem within 24 hours.
The good news now is the DVS are back to offer their professional service to the pound.
Canines are put down every Tuesdays and Thursdays at the MPK pound.


And this person actually says it good news that there is someone to put the dogs down. All these charlatans should bloddy well seek other more humane ways such as mass neutering. However as long as cursed beings intent on strengthening their self interest are around such an exercise is something the local councils will not even look at.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This girl whose siblings have all been adopted is still available. She has been vaccinated and spayed.

MDDB is desperately seeking homes for the many puppies and dogs under its care. The rescue group hopes those looking for pets will visit the adoption drive and provide loving homes for puppies and dogs there on that day.

Venue: Summit Subang Jaya, main enterance
Time: 11.30am to 7.00pm
For inquiries please call 019-3576477 or 012-3739007 or visit

Those wanting to donate dry and canned dog and puppy food, dry and canned cat and kitten food, old newspapers, dog and cat shampoo, old towels, rice, cages, detergent and bleach can drop the items off at both the adoption drives.

Monday, December 6, 2010


We rescued this dog several months ago after she had met with an accident and was lying by the road side. She was unable to move her legs due to a serious back injury but after months of treatment was able to stand-up and walk again. however, one of her legs is still wobbly and tends to buckle-up. Last week, some renovations were being done in the place where she was staying and one of the workers had left the gate open. The dog strolled out and cannot be found. We believe she is hiding somewhere as she is a very frightened dog. Please help us look for her around - Wisma Dicor, Jln SS17/1A, SS17 Subang Jaya - which is across the road from Atria.
Please also call 012-3739007 for details as well as to inform if you have caught sight of this poor girl.

Here's looking at you butt face!

WE are immensely amused by a single character calling itself many names that is currently trolling in our comment section. Calling itself Mohandas, R, Russel Chia and Alfred E.Neuman among others – this creature’s main intent is to discredit MDDB by making baseless allegations and not providing evidence to back it up. Anyway, another rescue group was also attacked the same way and as a result the group has disabled the comment section on its blog. However, we will not do so as we are against any form of censorship. So, we are going to allow this jerk to go on with its multiple ID’ed slander because we must be doing it right for this idiot to get all worked-up. Going by the content, this creature appears to someone’s lackey intent on doing a hatchet job. Hey lackey, don’t keep on harping on the obvious – YES, WE OWE THE VETS MONEY!