Thursday, June 24, 2010


MALAYSIAN DOGS DESERVE BETTER will be participating in the three-day PET WORLD 2010 - The 3rd Malaysian International Pets & Aquatics Exhibition from Friday June 25 to Sunday June 25. The event is being held at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. We will be having an adoption drive as well as a mini exhibition on what we do. Funds in cash and kind will also be raised at the event. Please visit us.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is Toby and he was rescued by a young lady a month ago. She surrendered him to us at the end of last month and the puppy has been at the veterinary clinic since. Toby appeared to be having breathing difficulties when he was rescued and an X-ray of his lungs showed it to be very cloudy and unclear. The vet thinks it must either be pneumonia or a form of cystic fibrosis. He eats well but is very thin and cannot put on any weight. We are worried about Toby and hope to find him a foster home where he can be fed several times a day. We are currently feeding him rice and chicken in addition to the food the clinic provides but are yet to see changes in his weight. However, his breathing is better and we hope Toby recovers soon.


The fat dog that was snatched by dog catchers who created chaos at Taman Radzi last week appears to have been found. Thanks to an SPCA committee member who helped us by going to the Klang pound to look for the dog. She had a hard time finding it because the dog had lost tremendous weight and her collar had been removed. Her rescuer identified her from her teats. But we have our doubts if this is the same dog. So, we will be doing another series of photoshots when she feels better. If this is another dog and she has been saved - its her karma not to die at the pound in vain. AThis proves what we have been saying - that dog catchers snatch people's pets and then remove the collars to make them look like strays - is true. The poor dog was brought to us on Monday and she is still weak and sick. That's what the pound does to dogs. Furthermore if she is indeed that fat dog, she was whacked and bashed around before being flung into the enclosure. We hope she makes it - a lot of the dogs that spend, even a few days in the pound, were known to drop dead eventually.It is all because of the lackadaisical attitude of the local councils and their lack of empathy for dogs. The sick dog is currently admitted at a veterinary clinic where she'll probably be until she is well again. She will also be spayed and vaccinated before being rehomed. We welcome any form of sponsorship for her.

Upon arrival at the pound
Not feeling too good
Very weak

Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear people,

as all of you know MDDB's rescue work is never ending with puppies and dogs being taken off the streets almost on a daily basis. But we have also been rescuing from the pound and most of the puppies rescued come with distemper or parvo. We keep them at our quarantine center and treat them for at least six months before they are ready for adoption. We currently have several such older puppies and are in need of your help to pay for their medical needs. Those who are coming here through Malaysiakini - WELCOME. Please go through our blog and every little help we get from you would be greatly appreciated. Here are the young ones that currently need your help. All have been vaccinated and neutered.
Besides, them we also have younger puppies as well as an accident victim at the Mayo Veterinary clinic in Subang Jaya to care for. Updates on that later.
This is Mona and she is one of the last two surviving puppies from the Klang pound rescue that were still under our care. Mona tested positive for distemper after her rescue and had all the clinical signs. She was one of the five distemper puppies fostered by Mandy and was returned to us about three months ago after she tested negative for the deadly infection. All the other four had succumbed to distemper with Mona being the only survivor from the group of five. Since she was on a drug regime to counter distemper, Mona developed demodex and is now under treatment. We believe we would need to treat Mona for demodex for only two months going by the six months we took to treat Luca, whose condition was really severe.
Mona's side profile
This is Queen and her feline friend Tommy. Queen and her two siblings were born to a six month old pup during its first heat. The family was rescued by by a MDDB supporter from Kajang anout a year ago. They were directly brought to our vet in Klang and two of the pups, including Queen, and the mother tested positive for distemper. One puppy died, whilst the mum, Queen and the other sibling survived. Only Queeen had skin problems after the treatment. Her sibling lives with her human family in Sri Petaling, whilst her mother was adopted by a family in PJ. Queen is currently in the final phase of her demodax treatment and we hope to rehome her and Tommy together. Tommy was given to us as a kitten by a family that had seriously neglected him.
Tommy and Queen - best of friends
This is Monique. Monique and her sister were given to us when they were about a month old by independent rescuer Eileen Ng. Both pups were suffering from a severe skin disorder whereby the mites were actually found under the skin layer. The vet had advised for the pups to be put to sleep. Soon after that they tested positive for parvo and Monique's sister did not make it. Monique was in a worst off condition than her sister but we were determined to ensure that she survived. We got the vet to put her on drips and nursed her at our half-way-home around the clock whilst the vet made daily house calls to check on her. Today she is a vibrant and highly excitable puppy who is out of quarantine and ready for adoption.
Monique again.
This is Kapi who was rescued from Kapar. She was rescued together with her mum and four siblings. All had severe skin problems with Kapi and her mother being the worst. All have been adopted and her mother sent to live on a durian farm in Raub. Mum dog, who had no fur at all at the time of rescue, is healthy now and is very happy in her new home. Kapi, meanwhile, is getting better by the day and her skin is improving by the day. She is a very clever young dog who can open her cage and she often does this. Her favourite activity is letting herself out of the cage and 'partying' when no one is at the half-way-home.
Naughty but clever Kapi.
This is Mimi and she was given to us by a pork seller who was advised to put her to sleep because she tested positive for distemper. The pork seller refused to tell us where he got her from and we didn't ask him too much questions for fear that he may change his mind about giving her to us. She was about two months when she came to us. The intensive distemper treatment has resulted in her suffering from skin problems as well. Mimi is very shy and came out of quarantine about 4 months ago. Mimi again
Mimi lagi
Pogo was rescued from being caught by the Klang dog catchers by a Klang resident some months ago. He was the only one who managed to escape. He had severe skin problems and had been treated for it. He is in the final stage of his treatment and is ready for adoption.
Pogo lagi
This is Tiger. He too was rescued by a Klang resident from the dog catchers noose. He suffers from mange and is currently undergoing treatment. He is a very hyper fellow and loves his evening play sessions at the half-way-home garden. He has at least to to three more months of treatment before his skin condition gets better.
Tiger again
This is Shankar and together with Mona is the last of the Klang pound pups still with us. He suffered from parvo and corona virus upon his rescue. He had had an existing skin condition which became worse during his treatment and subsequent treatment. The vet told us he has no lesions anymore and his fur would probably grow back in a month or two with treatment.
Please help us help these pups. We are in the red after paying for Lester's treatment and are depending on your generosity to help these unfortunate young canines. To those who came here from Malaysiakini - please go through our blog and feel free to call any of the numbers to speak to us.

Cheques in favour of:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd (654290-T)

and mail it to:

c/o No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C, Bukit Jelutong, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor.

Or bank into:

Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd

Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708.

Details: 019-3576477, 012-3739007, 017-2081844


Forrest with Mr Ng at the last MDDB adoption drive
Handsome Forrest was adopted by Mr Ng Ting Heng at our last adoption drive. Forrest and his human took to each other almost immediately after meeting. The little pup had gone through and amazing journey from the tim he was rescued from the Selayang pound in March. Here's wishing Forrest and his humans all the very best.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Taman Radzi residents and several animal activists attended the meeting organized by Klang MP Charles Santiago today. Also at the meeting was Klang Municipal Council (MPK) acting health director Zulkifli Abbas who has been avoiding Mr Santiago for several months now. Mr Santiago had made over 100 attempts to contact Zulkifli the past two months but the latter had not responded. Meanwhile, at the meeting owners of the two dogs brutalized by the MPK dog catchers voiced out their anger.
Both the dogs were on leashes when they were grabbed from the family’s Myanmar maid. When questioned whether pets which are kept confined in their owner’s premises needed licenses, Zulkifli said the purpose of the license was to merely indicate that the pets have been duly vaccinated. To a question by MDDB if vaccination documents and veterinary records were sufficient as opposed to a license, Zulkifli said YES. He spoke about the CAT committee and several people, including some residents, told him that having a one man show in the guise of a committee was not justifiable. Many of those attending know of Pat Lim and are aware she had quit the committee because she believed it did more harm to animal welfare that safeguarding it. One man even went to the extent of saying it was ridiculous to call a so-called committee dealing with so-called canine issues CAT. Zulkifli was asked to remove the CAT committee from MPK as it did not make sense for an outsider to involve himself in Klang affairs. Instead, it was suggested that a committee comprising local residents who are dog lovers and pet owners be formed instead. Zulkifli was also questioned why MPK was yet to allocate a budget to purchase food for the dogs at the pound. His answer was wishy washy and he said the pound workers collected food from the SPCA twice weekly. However, from the feedback we get, they are there only once a week and at times not at all. When asked why the entire pound was closed-up with zinc panels, Zulkifli said it was to keep the dogs from running out but we do not buy this. We believe it is to prevent us from seeing what’s going on inside. He also told us we were welcome to have adoptions at the pound and we are going to take his word on this. When asked about the dog catcher’s gross behaviour on Wed, Zulkifli said he would investigate the matter and take the necessary action. He was given two weeks by Mr Santiago to come back with a report. About wire loops still being used, Zulkifli said he was not aware that the catchers were doing it. He said he did not know what was going on on the ground. We see this as an admission of being a weak boss. Therefore, this is reason enough for him to be removed. MDDB is now in discussion with the Taman Radzi residents on a TNR exercise in their housing estate. We cannot divulge much now as it may be sabotaged. However, it will be announced when implemented soon.
Write to the relevant people to demand for the removal of Zulkifli Abbas given his failure to manage the dog catching unit.


Deputy Minister in charge of public complaints at the Prime Minister's Department
Datuk T. Murugiah

PUBLIC COMPLAINTS BUREAU - PRIME MINISTER'S DEPARTMENT MALAYSIA - You can make online complaints about Zulkifli Abbas and ask for his removal


We cannot help but notice how the CAT committee person continues to strengthen the fact that the CAT committee does not serve the interest of strays and dogs dumped into the pound. The CAT committee comes across as more of a public relations outfit for local councils, their dog-catchers and their paid dog bounty hunters. This is evident in the statements made in the CAT honcho's a.k.a Arsehole continued assertion that the dog catchers are unsung heroes. He is also actively propagating the catching and killing of strays not realising that this method will only result in the increase of strays due to the dynamics involved. This is indicative that the one-man CAT committee is clueless about the management of strays. The CAT honcho has also tried to discredit MDDB by purportedly publishing comments from a so-called retired animal control officer from a foreign country. Apparently, according to his blog, the chap praised him and told him that CAT's method is the best. This made us double-up with laughter. Arsie knows nuts. In developed countries, animal control officers, are people who attended courses in community colleges in stray management. They are also given the authority to arrest and prosecute. The pounds in these countries generally come with a fully-equipped veterinary facility and the place is hygienic and clean. One holding cage, which is the size of one enclosure, is meant for not more than three dogs. Dogs are treated and put through a behavioural test and subsequently put-up for adoption. They are only destroyed if they are not suitable for adoption because of being fierce. The animal protection laws are also very stringent in these countries and pound workers can be prosecuted of they are cruel towards the dogs at the pounds. We were told by some who comes from Ireland that several local council pound workers in his town were sent to jail some years ago for abusing dogs under their care. The CAT creep further posts another ridiculous comment that MDDB has no website and therefore may not be legit. This is the dumbest statement any arsehole can make. IT TAKES RM400 GET A WEBSITE, WE CAN SPAY FOUR DOGS WITH THAT MONEY, YOU MORON! Anyway, he also did us a favour via one of his posts in which a non-existent person purportedly lambastes us. HE mentioned our name. It has brought us a lot of calls and inquiries as his blog appears in Malaysiakini. Thank you for the publicity. As for the SPCA, the time has come for the organisation to very seriously decide whether it wants to be in the dog catchers PR vehicle known as CAT or form another committee that will really look after the interests of strays and pound dogs. Your reputation is at stake if you stick with this creep. Please also look at this recording in which Zulkifli openly admits that he's a lousy boss.