Thursday, January 22, 2009

My sister the Doberman's recovery


ME - very very tired

Sister Doberman on Jan 15

Sister Doberman onJan 15

Sister Doberman on Jan 5

Sis Doberman on Dec 18

Sis Doberman on Dec 16 when she was found by my human

Hello everyone,

firstly my apologies for not blogging for quite a while. I have been very very tired from puppysitting my sister Shalini Cheenapop Kiki-Mae. She is a pawful and it is really really really tiring just watching her.

Anyway, my sister the Doberman is doing fine - just take a look at the pictures and you'll see for yourself. The transformation with good food, medication and regular baths is simply miraculous.

My human tells me that this has further convinced her against putting down doggies - no matter how teruk they are.

I agree with her because I strongly believe that my sister the Doberman can live a full and happy life with proper veterinary care.

Will update more on my sister the Doberman as well as my brother who was brutalised by the MBSJ goons.

Till then,

Woof, Woof,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)


kv said...

Really glad her's health was getting so much better, kudos to her caretakers...

Kev said...

I saw the photos and am really delighted to see that the Doberman is a much healthier dog now. Well, done to her caretakers.

It's sad to see that the SPCA in Malaysia does not have any authority to apprehend pet owners who ill-treat or ignore their pets. Each time I watch Animal Planet on Astro, I become more angry with our authorities - especially our trigger happy Majlis Perbandaran and Dewan Bandaraya - that know nothing but killing animals for the sake of killing, or because the animals are filthy. They do not make an attempt to help them live.

It is my hope - and i believe, the hope of pet lovers - that the rich who claim to be charitable, help build a good veterinary hospital in each state which is fully-equipped to help treat any domesticated and wild animal. Such facility is non-existent in most states. Even if they exist, we know nothing of their activities or the facilities that they offer.

Jess said...

What a fantastic recovery... God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Great job! You just created a miracle.

Anonymous said...

As i pass along jalan mengkuang.. one afternoon, i saw this helpless dog. I passed again that same evening n if im not mistaken it was a tuesday, pasar malam day. my heart tells me to help that dog. But due to my limitations, i could not do much..(Im sorry)!!
But being a christian, i was thought to pray for everything. so i said a simple prayer for that dog. THANK GOD that the good LORD JESUS answered the prayer as when i pass by the second time as i mentioned above i saw this 'good samaritan' standing in the middle of the busy road trying to rescue 'sister doberman'. If im not mistaken, or may i call u auntie? (I think i saw u as an indian lady). With all do respect i just wanna say thank you for doing such a great thing like what u have done n keep up in doing your good deeds.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr. Thomas n associates for giving ur best as i recognize it is ur clinic (in the photo) for doing ur best in all cases. You too have teated my dying dog to life in the past. Keep up the good work n thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Well done. Keep up the good work. These criminals who abuse dogs must be jailed. Amr Gohar (Dr)

Anonymous said...

This blog makes me really mad and really happy at the same time. I stumbled across this after searching for something completely unrelated, I am so glad there are kind people out there that can help these animals - I just wish that everyone was as responsible and caring.... The country where I originate people treat animals VERY badly, they have NO rights, I try my best to educate people around me on caring for these loyal and beautiful creatures.

100wui said...

Thank you for making a difference.

Anonymous said...

MDDB has my interest at heart coz they try their best to save all our animal sisters and brothers. I had on several occasions seeked the help of SPCA to rescue dogs or sent dogs and cats to them but sadly and frustratingly, all they say is this must be put down, we are not a charitable org, there are too many animals here and so on and on. For GOD's sake, you are the custodian, do somthing rather than give excuses all the time. If there are too many animals to cater for, then why dont you go and get a bigger place. ARe you trying to tell us you dont have the money and the ability. I thought your big sponsors were the 'mat salehs'

You just dont make enough effort. But MDDB keep up the good work. I will support you always!

BiLLa said...

In this era of pet care and the love all of us showing towards all pets and especially a Doberman, I wonder how this could happen to a Doberman. I myself own two Dobie's, a male and a female and I personally feel that they are the wonderful most pet anyone can own. I would like to thank you for being so kind and made sis Doberman's life better. GOD bless Doberman's.

wwendee said...

It is unbearable to see a loving dog being in such painful condition as I have a dobe myself. Thank you for helping the little ones. Is the dobe still with you?

wwendee said...

It is unbearable to see a loving dog being in such painful condition as I have a dobe myself. Thank you for helping the little ones. Is the dobe still with you?