Friday, November 4, 2011

JUSTICE needs help

This is Justice and he was beaten until his back bone snapped into two.
The perpetrators also broke his pelvis in several places and the atrocities against this poor puppy was committed at a location (in Kuantan) where such an incident should not have happened at all.
Luckily for Justice, he was rescued by a Good Samaritan who is going all out to ensure that this puppy gets the best.
Justice is now under our care and is admitted in a veterinary clinic in Petaling Jaya where we are hoping that he would undergo surgery to reattach his severed spinal bone and cord.
Justice wants to live and we can see this in his eyes.
In spite of having been brutalised, there isn't a tinge of aggression in Justice and it can be clearly seen that this puppy has placed its trust in the people who are caring for it now.
The surgery will cost quite a bit of money and the expense does not stop there.
We do not expect him to ever walk again but believe the surgery will restore some bowel control which will enable us to eventually, when he grows-up, to commission wheels for him.
Right now we do not have sufficient money for the surgery as well as post-surgery care, which includes buying drugs that will possibly help his transacted bone and spinal cord regenerate.
We are therefore hoping that you will help us help Justice get the surgery he urgently needs.
We are hoping that the surgery can be scheduled next week. Please help Justice live.

Our account details are as follows:

Public Bank Account Number: 3151793708.
Community Development and Integration Initiative Bhd (654290-T)

Alternatively you can also send cheques in favour of Community Development And Integration Initiative Bhd and mail it to No 48, Jalan Jeriji U8/75C, Bukit Jelutong, 40150, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

You can also contribute via Paypal.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another dog hating episode

Friends have been telling us that dog owners living in Taman Aman Siara, Selayang have been having a hard time given that there are several dog hating people who have threatened to kill their dogs.

Their grouse is that the dogs bark at odd hours.

This statement is ridiculous as dogs will bark when they hear strange sounds and sense strangers and strange presence in the neighbourhood.

Those who complain of the sound of dogs barking are without doubt not only intolerant but lack intelligence. It must be explained to them that dogs can only bark or growl and not speak and sing!

Anyway, the latest crap that came from one of these dog haters was the threat to kill the dogs with nail embedded cheese.

Apparently his inspiration comes from a picture that has been widely circulated in cyberspace in recent times. Sadly, this is what many dog lovers have to put up with when living in an intolerant neighbourhood.

The dumbbell who posted the comment also speaks of dogs being killed this way in Cheras. Is this admission of sorts?

This is what he said in his post:

"Nails wrapped in cheese ...........mungkin ini care terakhir bila keaddan dah tak terkawal.......kat belah Cheras depa dah ramai ajar penduduk yg degil tak nak jaga hati jiran tetangga.......lalu anjing jiran pon Rest In Peace........jiran boleh tido dengan Peace........"

We also strongly believe that this man, who calls himself Incik Mohd Eborg Ghazali (HP NO: 012-6370638 -!/eborgonline?sk=wall) is openly threatening to kill people's pets because he knows that the Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), which is the biggest dog abuser in Selangor, will back him up.

MPS Health Department director Dr. Razif Bin Zainol Abidin is known to be a dog hating individual who will go to any extent to kill as many dogs as possible.

We were also told that the residents of Taman Aman Siara have been continuously harassed by MPS about their dogs but not allowed to apply licenses for their pets.

We cannot let this go on - therefore dear people please be prepared to lodge mass police reports this Saturday against Incik Mohd Eborg Ghazal and MPS.

MDDB will prepare two sample police reports as well as work on getting simultaneous police reports lodged at the same time at various police stations in the state this Saturday.

Stay tuned. Please also circulate this as widely as possible.