Saturday, February 27, 2010

Councillor Turns Rescuer

Puppies rescued by Gunaraj and his family

Selayang Municipal councillor Gunaraj George and his family turned rescuers yesterday when they rescued five puppies from the notorious Selayang pound. They took the puppies home and they are currently being fostered by Gunaraj's family. Gunaraj is not new to MDDB given that he adopted two dogs from us last year. One is Ginger and the other is the famous Rottie who has since been renamed Dexter by Gunaraj's family.
Having seen for himself the atrocities at the pound, Gunaraj is currently facilitating the setting-up of a advisory council made-up of animal rescue groups and independent rescuers. We have been informed besides MDDB other independent rescue groups that will be invited to sit on the council includes AnimalCare and Sherrina Krishnan's Independent Pet Rescuers Malaysia. Most interestingly, the council will also include many independent rescuers who do not belong to any rescue group. All of us got together last weekend and are working towards preparing a work paper on our suggestions. We had also discussed the need to create an umbrella body for all independent rescuers and rescue groups and have initiated the necessary paper work. We have plans to move into all the 12 local councils in Selangor. Wish us luck! Those who want to join the umbrella body or sit on the council can write to

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