Sunday, February 28, 2010


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The people in charge of the Selayang Municipal Council pound are cheap low down criminals. They have killed all the sick and mangy dogs and gone out to get new dogs to create a picture that the dogs in the pound are healthy and well. The targets are people's pets - even after so called self-proclaimed big shots had had meetings with the council representatives - the crap still happened. Six puppies have since been rescued in spite of the council people saying that they would not catch puppies. Apparently Ernie - 013-6064446 has been up to her tricks again and had instructed that all collars and chains be removed from new victims. This tan and black dog came in with a chain around its neck . What we learnt was that it was snappy and this prevented them from removing the chain. The poor dog was infested with ticks as big as peanuts and we have rescued it and sent it tp the veterinary clinic to be deticked. Its so traumatised that we still cannot remove the chain. These people will not change if not pressured- Please continue writing and sending SMS to the relevant people highlighting Ernie 013-6064446's dirty tricks. Or better still call Ernie's boss Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin at 012-2252240. He has the authority to stop this. He is also the person who turned down SPCA's offer of food and slammed the phone on them. What is this reflective off? - THAT HE DOESN'T GIVE A TICK'S POSTERIOR IF THE DOGS DID NOT HAVE ANY FOOD AND WATER! Call Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin at 012-2252240 now and bring change to the hell hole known as the Selayang Municipal Council dog pound.


Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan & Pelesenan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300

YAD. Dato' Paduka Raja Dato' Hj. Wan Mahmood b. Pa' Wan Teh
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Tn. Tan Hui Chuan
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YM Tengku Zulpuri Shah B. Raja Puji
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Tn. Gunarajah a/l R.George
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3925995

Tn. Roslin b. Mohd. Rosli
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Tn. Lee Khai Loon
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Selayang MP YB William Leong


Anonymous said...

Just no end to it. It is definitely a people problem. Why do councils employ people who hate dogs to run their dog pounds and dog catching teams? And the State Exco is behaving like eunuchs and is powerless to do anything about it.

The so-called CAT is a joke and has discredited itself, they too are like eunuchs. They should disband or resign from their posts and maybe get themselves euthanised.

And the various councils do not even have to take orders from councillors or the state exco?

Wah! Those warlords at the councils really have a good deal, have a job and do anything they want, no need to take orders from anybody, not even from the Mentri Besar and the state exco.

Wonder if there are any vacancies at any council dog pounds, I would like a job there. If MDDB knows of any vacancies do let me know eh, before you guys rush to take up the jobs too.

From: Straydog

Anonymous said...

Just to ask, the photo of the dog is the same ephoto from your wednesday post, so not new dog caught. What is your proof that this all happen after wednesday? please clarify. tx.

Anonymous said...

I was there to bail this tan & black dog in mps hell pound yesterday. It is full of tick

Anonymous said...

MPS killed all old dog, place a few newly caught pet dog there to dude the public. Careworkers told me Ernie insytructed them to take out colar from the dogs. The tan & balck dog is undergone de-tick treatment in a vet in Kepong cost RM250

Anonymous said...

I saw there were 3 small bag dog kebble donated by rescuer, MPS has never provided any dog food at all.

Anonymous said...

There were several other dogs as well as the five puppies rescued by Gunarajah. These dogs and pups were not there on Wed. We were barred from taking pics. The black and tan dog had been brought in on Wed.


Mellissa said...

Why the hell are Malays being left in charge of dogs!? They can't even touch dogs! They have never shown any passion towards dogs, of course they will ill treat the animals like that! If they can't touch the dogs, they can't take care of them, can they!?

Janz said...

U're absolutely right, Mellisa... MALAYS shldn't be in charge of DOGS related issues since they are not allow to touch thems and MOST OF ALL they do not hav PASSION N LOVE for dogs... PLS APPOINT THOSE WHO HAVE PASSION N LOVE IN THEM FOR THE ANIMALS to be in charge or else the situation wil always be the same as those ppl WILL ONLY TALK BUT NO ACTIONS TAKEN....

Mellissa said...

I am sorry. I am NOT trying to be racist, but this is a fact. They are more equiped to take care of cats, but not dogs.

Janz is right, if the right person is not appointed, the situation will not change. We need someone who actually have passion towards dogs to make a change.

Even better if we can have someone who is passionate towards ALL animals. That way, even if they can't touch these dogs, they will do everything in their power to make sure they are taken care of as well as possible.