Friday, February 26, 2010


No puppy love at Selayang pound

Animal rights abused at council's dog shelter, says NGO

Kiatisak Chua
Friday, February 26th, 2010 11:03:00

PETALING JAYA: If hell exists on earth, then it must be the Selayang dog pound. A non-governmental organisation called Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) has slammed the mistreatment of canines at the pound run by the Selayang Municipal Council.

An MDDB spokesperson alleged that the dogs were not taken care of properly and some had even starved to death.

"They don't feed the dogs with proper food. In one or two of the cells, they are given only chunks of white rice thrown into the cage," she said.

"They also provide water in big old pails and puppies can't reachthe top to drink."

The horror is not limited to the pound as it is alleged that the staff goes around catching strays, going as far as entering the toilet of a coffee shop to seize a dog owned by the shopkeeper.

"That staff said that under the local authority by-laws, they can either compound the owner or seize the dog. They chose to seize the dog on-the-spot instead," said the spokesperson.

She said the reason the staff gave for taking away the dog was because the owner could not afford the compound fee of RM1,000.

"Instead of compounding owners, they seize their pets and throw them into the pound," she said, adding that some of the dog have died of tick fever as the pound is infested with the parasite.

Meanwhile, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor is upset with the council for repeatedly rejecting their offer to care and provide for the animals at the pound.

MDDB is calling on the Federal government to adopt Indonesia's and Singapore's methods in handling stray dogs.

"Although Malaysia is getting closer to being a developed country, our management of strays is actually taking a step backwards," said SPCA honorary chairperson Cristine Chin.

"In Indonesia, stray dogs are sterilised and then put back on the streets. This is working well so we should adopt the same techniques too."

Selayang Municipal councillor Gunarajah R. George said the council should not be blamed.

"Some of the strays were ill before they were caught and put in the pound. That is why some of the dogs died."

SPCA slams Selayang council

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Selangor honorary chairperson Christine Chin has lambasted the Selayang Municipal Council for rejecting the association's help to care and provide for the animals in the council's dog pound.

"The council has a heartless and arrogant attitude. We want to providefood and disinfectant for the dogs in their pound but time and time again, we have been rejected. We are not even allowed to see the pound," she said, adding that they have been repeatedly rebuffed over the years.

"Their pound should follow simple procedures like de-lousing the cages and disinfecting the dogs from ticks daily. No dog should have to die of tick fever while in the pound and if they do die, it shows how ignorant the pound is in taking care of the animals."

She said SPCA will continue to offer help to improve the dogs' welfare. "Our officers can educate the pound workers on how to disinfect the dogs."

Dog pound solutions

PETALING JAYA: Solutions have been proposed to solve the issue of housing stray animals. Following a meeting between the Selayang Municipal Council(MPS) and concerned non-governmental organisations, MPS councillor, Gunarajah R. George, said the parties concerned have agreed on the method of rounding up strays in the future.

"Workers from the pound are not allowed to seize the stray dog immediately. Instead, they will have to issue a notice to the owners first."

Gunarajah added that the staff of the pound are not allowedto enter the owner's premises without permission to seize an animal.

"If the owner is found not tohave obtained a license, a compoundwould be issued and the owner would be advised to get a licence for their pet."

During the duration of the dogs' stay in the pound, Gunarajah said that the staff must give ample attention to
the animals.

"Food, water and the cleanliness of the cage will have to be looked into."

Gunarajah believes that the reason why the pound was not in tip top condition was deu to the long festive holidays.

"Maybe during the holidays, the caretakers themselves were on holiday and did not pay attention to the welfare of the dogs.

"We are still investigating the matter. I urge the owners whose dogs are in the pound, to quickly obtain their licences and retrieve their canine companions."

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Anna said...

The first step is being taken, thats good. Hopefully the momentum of change can be maintained, this issue still needs more publicity and volunteering as well to ensure the pound is humanely run. Kudos to MDDB for bringing this issue to light!

P.S: That Ernie person should still be transferred to a different department where her enthusiasm and hardworking character will be an asset and bring benefit to the society. The Pengarah perlesenan should also issue a statement on this matter and pledge some changes