Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ERNIE - 013-6064446

We had an incredulous tele-conversation with Ernie who is in charge of the pound. She admitted that she was in-charge of the pound but denied that she had ill-treated the dogs there. We told her that not giving them food and water was ill-treatment and she claimed the dogs were fed rice. Which we do not believe.
She also said one of the pictures we uploaded on Mondayof a dog - which apparently died of starvation - was also not her doing. She said the dog had been fed but it had refused to eat and hence starved. She said it must have refused to eat because it missed its family very much.
Apparently she had removed the dog from the owner's house because it did not have a license. We asked her if she had compounded the owner first before seizing the dog

Ernie: Kompounnya Rm1,000 manalah dia orang boleh bayar?
(They compound is RM1,000 - how can they afford to pay).

We: If they loved their dog - they would pay the amount and do the necessary. So, did you not compound them at all?

Ernie: Mengikut undang-undang kami boleh kompaun atau sita terus. Saya tak bagi kompoun, saya sita terus.
(Under the by-laws we can either compound the owners or immediately seize the dog. I didn't give them a compound - I seized the dog on the spot.)

She also admitted that she goes on dog-catching rounds and that it was true she had even gone as far as entering the toilet of a coffee shop to seize a dog purportedly owned by the shopkeeper.

THIS IS SHOCKING! This woman does not compound owners but seizes their pets on the spot and throws them into the pound.

Since, she told us that she did not think they could not afford to pay the penalty - allegations that she prevented dog owners from seeing their dogs must be true.


PLEASE lobby for that change.


Those who mcan, please also lodge police reports.


Dr. Razif Zainol Abidin
Pengarah Kesihatan & Pelesenan
Tel : 03-61370757 Faks : 03-61388300

YAD. Dato' Paduka Raja Dato' Hj. Wan Mahmood b. Pa' Wan Teh
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3337099

Tn. Abd Rahim b. Abd Wahab
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-6767002

Tn. Lim Ching How
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2325011

Tn. Hj. Mohamad b. Abdul Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-6347237.

Tn. A Rahim b. Ahmad Kasdi
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3864986

Tn. Murugan @ Murugeshu a/l Arumugam
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-6935569

Tn. Hasbullah b. Mohd Ridzwan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2917011

YBhg. Dato' Hj. Mazlan b. Hassan
No. Tel. Bimbit: 013-3990545

Puan Sian Eng Keng
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-2881387

Tn. N. Gopalan Krishnan a/l Rajoo
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Tn. Zulkifli b. Hamzah
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Pn. Khatifah Zamani bt. Sulong
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-2342889

Tn. Dr. Ramli b. Jusoh
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Pn. Maznah bt. Abd Aziz
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Tn. Samsudin b. A.Rahman
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Tn. Md. Sabri b. Md. Taib
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Tn. Zulnizam b. Shahrani
No. Tel. Bimbit : 013-3973930

Tn. Chee Chu Sang
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Tn. Tan Hui Chuan
No. Tel. Bimbit : 012-3586988

YM Tengku Zulpuri Shah B. Raja Puji
No. Tel. Bimbit: 019-3296564

Tn. Gunarajah a/l R.George
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3925995

Tn. Roslin b. Mohd. Rosli
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Tn. Lee Khai Loon
No. Tel. Bimbit: 012-3718064

Selayang MP YB William Leong



Anonymous said...

What kind of human being is that...

Anonymous said...

The compound for unlicensed dog is RM1000? This is ridiculous. DVS or MPS please review the law. Do you fine Mat rempit RM1000?
The dog owners are actually doing you a favour by keeping the strays off the street yet that imbecile woman has the nerves to trespass into somebody's home to catch their pets. If she trespasses into my home to catch my dogs,I would not hesitate to flog her senselessly and then caged her without food and water.
MPS - please educate your staff. Unlicensed dogs also have lives and they are loved by their owners. Instead of having stupid dog catching contest, please have a campaign for people to adopt dogs and waive off the license fee.

Anonymous said...

A senseless human being like her should be jailed for animal cruelty. She should be charged with trespassing and animal cruelty.

Anna said...
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Anna said...

Whens the protest? And maybe its time for TV3 to get into the act as well.

Hopefully Selayang Pound will be more responsible than DBKL and take some swift, transparent action.

Eg: Transfer this lady to a department that might be more suitable for her (Suggestion: Public Hygiene Department: FINE PPL RM1000 if they dont flush the public toilets).
Eg: Improve conditions of the pound: Inexpensive kibbles, or rice+chicken heads/neck, cow stomach/heart/lungs, all that stuff ppl don't eat, water troughs in each cage.
Eg: Access to the pound for animal welfare groups - to ensure an acceptable level of living conditions, to do any extra feeding/cleaning/medicating they volunteer to do
Eg: Instead of spending so much money on dogcatchers, just hire a few student vets (under supervision of a qualified vet, as well as NGO witnesses) to do mass spaying of animals. Students get the practice, licensed vet and NGO ensures things are done properly as well.

So many other suggestions, lets try to make a change instead of hiding and just washing hands. If the Pound can change for the better, that would be a good thing all around.

Jessica Tan said...

She's malay??? AS THE CARETAKER OF A DOG POUND, she's muslim? *ponders* anyway, gosh she's gotta be one free woman of leisure who deliberately goes for dog hunting rounds just to throw them in a pound. WTF -__- even to the extent of toilets. Somebody pls throw this woman somewhere she belongs.. in a mental hospital.

wait a second. I dont see them doing such things to cats or other pets. Why are dogs the ones having to be mistreated like this again?

DogLover said...

If I ever see her ANYWHERE she's gonna be the one forcefully dragged from the premises and locked in a cage with a hoard of hungry TICKS.

Anna said...

Those ticks were disgusting ... how can the workers even dare to go into the place like that ... and a simple spraying of Bayticol would have fixed that problem too

Anonymous said...

Can someone take tat bitch face and put into the FB. I wish one day someone came to her house , drag her loves one away like what she did to all the dogs!! she is F &*&%^%^King physco.
and RM1000 for owners who dont have liceince for thier dog is just way stupid.!! they are so many mat rempit out there, why dont they waste their time on that, That ERNIE should transfer from dog catching to MAT rempit catching. she will do a good job on that, goin to houses and take someone sons away!!

Anonymous said...

ANNNA i support your idea.. should get TV3 in....

Anonymous said...


It is unfortunately all politics... local councils are part of the state govt.
First, we have to pressure the state govt to act.
How to do that? We have to provide the solutions since the politicians are too blur up there to find a permanent solution... or they don't really care two hoots about the whole issue.
Before that, all animal welfare groups in Selangor should form a coalition of animal welfare groups. Call this group say ARC... Animal Rights Coalition.
ARC can now become a political pressure group. ARC can present a petition and pressure the mentri besar and state exco (they are the ones who run the state right?) to provide a yearly grant to ARC to pick up and rescue stray animals from the streets and also provide a piece of land for a no-kill animal sanctuary where rescued animals can be safely housed, with proper medical care and food pending rehoming.
ARC will be the voice of the homeless animals and fight for their rights.
Why should animal rescuers beg for donations and dig into their own pockets to rescue animals when it is the community's fault in the first place. Animal rescuers are doing the job of the state govt in the first place by removing strays off the streets and rehoming them. The state govt has failed us, the tax payers. Since the state govt cannot or does not want to do its job, let ARC do it for the state and in return a yearly grant will be given to defray the costs of rescuing and rehoming animals.
Penang state has given a piece of state land to an animal rescue group for a sanctuary, why can't Selangor also give a piece of state land to ARC to start a no-kill sanctuary? Both are Pakatan Rakyat-controlled states.
It can be done, but requires political pressure which only a coalition of animal welfare groups can exert.
So, MDDB can take the lead by forming Animal Rights Coalition or ARC.... it will be the umbrella group for all animal welfare groups in Selangor and individual animal rescuers can join as members too...
What thinking you MDDB??? Let's be pro-active... form ARC, pressure the state govt to provide a grant and a piece of land... fight the councils who abuse dogs in their pounds, fight the dog contractors who use cruel dog catching methods...
ARC will derive its strength from the tens of thousands of animal lovers who support the various animal welfare groups...
Let's do it !
From: Straydog

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

Superb idea Straydog. Matter of fact we suggested this at a rescuers meeting a week ago. We will implement this. Call us - we can work on this together.

Anonymous said...

Compound RM1,000 for having dogs without license...where is the black and white statement??? Ask them provide black and white.

Anonymous said...

MPS, please remove Dr Razif and Ernie from their positions, they are abusing their power. Heartless basta**s.

Anonymous said...

Has this ARC been established? How do we join and offer help? And is this Ernie lady still around? Can i still email on this matter?

Anonymous said...

Comment by yao siew Lian — March 9, 2010 @ 8:03 PM | Reply

2.Ven. Phra Piya Thammo,
Rumah Pangsa
Blk A-7-9- Jln Padang Tembak,
11400 Pulau Pinang,

Dear Devotees,

Before I commence of my letter-writing toward. All of you, I would like to inform all of you that I am not satisfy with the lawyer, Dato YIP KUM FOOK due to his bad inspirit impressions because he sent an inspector to come to our Buddhist Temple to arrest me without any good reason, moreover, the lawyer, YIP KUM FOOK is not satisfy with Chief monk.

When the Chief monk had me to go to his Temple already and he went away and left me alone to take care until Chief monk come back to the Temple first and he also told me not to leave the Temple if any committees or the chairman want to chase me out, you don’t leave the Temple at all understand? Then I said, alright? To the chief monk! On the second Day, YIP KUM FOOK came to our Temple and talk to me. He tired to make some inquiry from me and he asked me, where I come from? I told him that I came from Penang.

Then, I told to the lawyer (YIP KUM FOOK) that the chief monk came to Penang and fetch me and invited me to accompany him to go to his temple in K.L. I am not aware that YIP KUM FOOK is not in a good terms with the chief monk, chief monk already in this way, YIP KUM FOOK try to create trouble with me unnecessary. That is why, the lawyer want to chase me out of the Temple. Then I asked the lawyer, why you want to chase me out of the temple? Moreover, the Temple is not belonging to you, UNDERSATAND? Then, I asked him, who are you? I don’t know you at all, you have no right to chase me or control me at all, UNDERSTAND? You are just like a layman only. Do you know the regulations that any the chairman or committee cannot control the monks and the Nuns at all, also UNDERSTAND?

I scolded him like that. Then the lawyer (YIP KUM FOOK) is not satisfy with me and he told me that he will called the police to come to the Temple and arrest me. I told him to go ahead and called the police to come and arrest me. I won’t run away, I said to him like that. I have done nothing wrong toward you, why you want to arrest me? He said, he doesn’t like me to stay here. I asked him, why? Again. After this he got very angry with me, then he phoned up to the police and the police came to the Temple and told me to leave the Temple.

I told to the inspector of the again, 1 am sorry, I won’t leave the Temple because the chief monk had instructed me not to leave the Temple without his consent, UNDERSTAND? Then the inspector told me to leave, again. I told him I cannot leave the Temple because the Chief Monk hasn’t come back yet. This time, the inspector got very angry with me and he took out his handcuff and try to threaten me, then I immediately show off my hands for him to lock me up but he scare, then again, the inspector told me leave the Temple again but I still don’t want to leave the Temple.

Then I phoned up to the chief monk again and I told him that the inspector insisted want to arrest me, you better come back to settle the case for me. After this incident, Chief Monk came back to the Temple and take me to go to another temple and stay their. That’s all about this incidents! Last of all, I would like to inform all of you, that no committees or the chairman can control all the monks and Nuns at all also UNDERSTAND? “They are higher than the King,” also! So how can the laymen, the committees and the chairman to control them: – EVEN THE KING ALSO RESPECTED THE MONKS AND NUNS. Why the chairman doesn’t respect the monks and nuns? They will carry the sins later on, UNDERSTAND?

Yours in Dhamma

Ven. Phra Piya Thammo
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-48272710