Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Please Help Me Help My Brothers And Sisters

Hello everyone,

my name is Sharmini 'Popiko' Sasha and I am a doggie activist.

My main scope of work is to create awareness among people on the importance of having compassion for us dogs.

Sadly, many of my kind are treated very unkindly and even cruelly by humans here.

We are Malaysians too, even though we have four legs as opposed to your two.

So, please human friends, do treat us canines with a little kindness and compassion.

Do not hurt us as we too feel pain, anger, humiliation and sadness.

Go the extra mile by lending a helping hand when you see us in trouble.

As it is, it ain't fun being a stray, given the scarcity of food and shelter.

I know that personally, I know nothing about being a stray as I was born in the comfort of my human's home but my mumsie was a stray until she was found and rescued.

My mumsie tells me that she was pregnant, tired and hungry as it was not easy to find food on the streets when a canine was heavy with puppies in her belly.

It's my mumsie's painful experience that has spurred me to embark on a journey to do what I intend to do for my stray brothers, sisters, uncles and aunties.

Do also please vist my blog regularly as I would be posting on how you can help us help disadvantaged Malaysian dogs.

Your friend Sharmini Popiko Sasha signing off with a big Woof, Woof.

P/S BTW I will be turning 2 on Dec 31st this year.

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Teo said...

Ya, stray dogs deserve a better treatment, please , everyone outthere, dogs have feeling too, they feel the pain and sadness too, we need to create a culture with more reindly to the 4 legged friend out there... they are the innocent group!!