Wednesday, November 19, 2008



Auntie Dr Kavita sent this pictures of my brother who was mauled by the MPSJ people.

She says he is no as frightened as he was when he was first brought there more than two weeks ago and has warmed-up to her and Auntie Dr Gowri.

My human says she is glad to have asked for my brother to be sent to Auntie Dr Gowri and Auntie Dr Kavita's clinic as he probably wouldn't have gotten over his fear if he had been sent elsewhere.

Both my veterinarian aunties allow him to roam around in their clinic for a while daily so that he would not feel cooped-up.
I am happy to note that my brother is looking dandy. BTW in the pics of his mouth, you can see the scars on his lower lip.
This was caused by the injuries to his mouth.
SHARMINI POPIKO SASHA (SPS) signing of with a big loud happy WOOF, WOOF.


Renegade said...

Souu adorable -squishes the face- 8D Good job thar!

Christine L said...

I am sooooo happy to see these pics.

The vets have done a great job, and I hope the dog will be fine around people one day.

A big smile on my face..

kv said...

Glad to see it in good shape. hope a good family would adopt him soon...

Janice said...

what a lovely looking dog. Can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt him..such a sweetheart