Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please, Please Uncle James, Please


I was very happy when my human told me that a human Uncle called James Hogan has taken an interest in the mistreatment of my stray brothers and sisters here.

My sincere thanks to my sister Cleo’s human, Auntie N, who had brought this sad state of affairs to his attention.

My only hope is that Uncle James would come here and help set-up a really humane shelter/sanctuary for my countless stray siblings.

Please Uncle James, please come to Malaysia and set-up something here to give my stray kith and kin a ray of hope.


Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS) signing of with a melancholic woof, woof.

1 comment:

Renegade said...

This is starting to look good. =D Hopefully this will work out. But it's a shame that they closed the case.

I talked to my dad and he said that the best thing will be to gather supporters from our country so that there are not just one or two people suing the people but many, like a hundred or so. xD (has read about too many fiction class action lawsuits in the novels by John Grisham)