Sunday, November 16, 2008


Good morning all,

I am still awaiting for pictures of my brothers to be uploaded here. My human visited my two brothers yesterday and says that they are both still wary of people.

Can't blame them, can we?

Anyway, my human says that the donation from all you kind aunties and uncles will pay for their medical care, neutering as well as board.

My human says that she will give a break down of the expenses incurred as well as amount of donations soon.

My human is also looking at the possibility of initiating legal action against the local council via an NGO. What do you all think? Would it be a good idea?

Woof, Woof,

Sharmini Popiko Sasha (SPS)


Christine L said...

Please take action thru NGO.

We need to ensure this does not happen again. It breaks our hearts to see animals being abused!

Stray dogs have the rights to live too.

Renegade said...

I would love to take action against the bad guys. But however much I want to do that, I honestly think that the money used to pursue this case would go to much better use if we used the money to help the injured/donate to other needy dogs.

We can never save all the dogs, but at least, we can give some a better life. I don't think we can win this in Malaysia, maybe we can, but not in the near future. Lawsuits can take years, and by then, you'd be drained of all your money. =) Hope my advice helped.

Christine L said...

It makes sense, but I believe an explanation from their side is better than nothing. As this isn't the first time this is happening, it will not be the last. They should not get away without any explanation as to why the dogs were treated as such.

Renegade said...

They should not get away without an explanation. But they could always claim to be insane or emotionally unstable.

Is it better than nothing when they say (which they may): "eg. I beat up that dog because I like it, you can't do nuttin' but move on and butt off."? I do doubt they'd be that polite.

They can also say that they were just doing their job and dog did not comply/exhibited aggressive tendencies because animals can and do become aggressive when fearful. Would you buy that?

One can go home feeling grateful and content that the dog is in great hands now, or one can go home feeling angered because the guys came up with some excuse that the ignorant public agree with.

Sometimes, we should just let it go. Forcing them to come up with an explanation when one already thinks its plain cruelty is fighting a losing battle. Dogs are unclean animals for some races (the main one in Malaysia too).

But if possible, if there is a big chance that this can be brought to justice, that would be wonderful. We just need a super rich dog lover. ;D

Christine L said...

Okay.I get you now.

I hope to see some pictures of the dog, once he/she is ready for some pic:)

Also, I do hope there'll be a good owner to care for the dog. I have one to take care of-which I adopted from SPCA, and living in a condo does restrict you to many things, esp the size of the dog.

Nevertheless, I am sure many kind-hearted owners will come up and offer help in terms of shelter and love, for this dog.

Yeap said...

Furry Friends Farm agrees that this case of cruelty should be brought forward to the court with the assistance of the Veterinary Services Department and not through NGO but through individual pet rescuers' efforts and private veterinaries' testimonials plus the testimonials supported by the Vets from the Veterinary Services Department.
Investigations should be carried out by the Enforcement Officers from the Veterinary Departments to the related Municipal's Dog Catching Contractor's Daily routine records to trace out the dog catchers in duty and to have a clear explanations from the dog catchers.
Somehow, if stray dogs are not being provoked, there will be no chances of aggressiveness from the stray dogs.
This is a very good case to highlight the importance of Animal Welfare Education to everyone who wants to handle animals for whatever reasons.

Sharmini Popiko Sasha said...

The DVS had carried out a quickie investigations and have already closed the file saying that there is no case. It looks like the DVS is standing by the MPSJ dog catchers and that is why we have taken the offer by the NGO and private legal firm to sue.

Rzeznik Janczyk said...

when we are in Malaysia, where dogs are treated like scum by the authorities as the dogs are some kind of forbidden animal, i can bet my balls to say 'EVEN WHEN THEY SAY INVESTIGATION IS GOING TO BE CARRIED OUT' they won't do anything about it and just continue torturing those poor animals. Didn't your parents didn't teach you to be kind to all living things? or you scums are just too daft to know it

Anonymous said...

It was shocking to read about the cruel way the dogs were disposed off by DBKL.As a Malaysian living abroad in Europe, (and know how loving and humane the Europeans are esp the British about the the treatment & care of dogs & other animals )I like to say 'Thank you' to each and everyone here who took up this issue and pl.continue the good work & highlight the plight of these loving & defenseless God's beautiful Creatures.
By the way before I came to England, I did not like Dogs and shamefully as a Child used to throw stones at them ! until I saw how the British treated their animals & it changed me completely.

Anonymous said...

Please terminate the contract of these dog catching companies. Please also dispose these strays be it cats/dogs humanely and show kindness to these animals.

Anonymous said...

DBKL will always say they will investigate but actually they let one or two months slip by and once the news die down the atrocity starts again. This has been happening for years. Are we just going to keep quiet and let them get away with it? We need to fight for these dogs and cats, if not we, who else can the animals depend on? I say go ahead and sue. Get all the NGOs (for animals) involved then this would serve as a lesson to all councils in Malaysia that animals too have a right. Please note that animals can't talk or fight back because we humans are bigger and stronger. Are they to be punished just because they are born in Malaysia? Isn't there a justice for these animals be it cats or dogs? All municipal councils in Malaysia should give the contract to SPCA who are professional in handling strays, etc.

mayablog said...

Hi dogs and dog lovers.

Could u do me a favor?
I am doing a documentary on cruelty on dogs
and i would like to find some muslim dog owner who can share her/his view on dogs
So that "dog is haram"kind of misconception can be removed or lessen.

Besides interview,we will have to do some filming on the owner together with their dogs.

Please recommend owner who you feel willing to speak for dogs if u know one.



pappy-tintin said...

Every dogs deserve a place in this world. They are also gods creation.

Anonymous said...

When i read and saw the pictures how this poor creatures are tortured. It made me tear and i think public should be aware on how to treat this animals. Thank you to those who have help this animal; please carry on doing your good deed and make people understand the pain that this poor creature have to bare.

For those who don't i think is never to late to start helping this animal because they can't talk but you can see it when they are in pain. DON'T BE CRUEL TO THEM.

Anonymous said...

no use if we depend on dbkl..
they are really cruel people!!! SPCA try to do something with some ngo to save this stray dogs... they also have rights to live in this world... all are god creation... pls.... DBKL shame on you!!!

Anonymous said...

Its very sad.. All the pictures and stories shared are real life incidents that happends around us. its so sick to see people pouring hot water on this poor creatures and chasing them away with sharp objects. Do we still call them HUMAN?
Its a pity that authority concern are also one of them. Is this how role play.

These animals deserve a much better life..

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone...a friend of mine sent me this. I think we all should call up the relevant people and have a word with them!