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Malaysian canines deserve better

Malaysian Dog Nov 19, 08 4:22pm

I refer to the letter Dog-catching: Malaysia's reputation at risk.

As an independent animal rescuer, I am very glad that we have caught the attention of the writer who is with the London-based Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre's international department.

My fervent wish is that Hogan would now consider venturing into Malaysia to help homeless animals like what his department does in Russia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

I am imploring Hogan to do so as I, like other independent animal rescuers, can no longer emotionally handle seeing stray animals, especially dogs, undergoing tortuous lives here.

Unless an established organisation like the Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre comes into the picture, the situation in Malaysia in regard to the treatment of strays will remain the same.

For the record, following an article in a local English daily about the dog which was brutalised by the MPSJ dog-catchers, about RM4, 000 has been raised to go towards its welfare.

A well-wisher had also paid the compound and rescued the dog and its companion from the Puchong dog pound and both canines are now recuperating at a veterinary clinic.

The money donated by so many kindhearted people, who were equally disturbed as us with what had happened to the dog, will go towards the medical care, vaccination, de-worming, neutering as well as accommodation charges for both dogs until they are ready for adoption in a few months time.

Thanks to the two young dedicated veterinarians who are looking after the dogs, the injured canine, which is still traumatised, is slowly beginning to respond to them.

I am also certain that many Malaysians are unaware that there are a good number of independent dog rescuers here who use their own resources to save many of these dogs from the clutches of death.

Most of them compromise on their own needs as whatever they earn goes towards their cause.

All these indicate that in the event Mayhew Animal Home & Humane Education Centre decides to venture into Malaysia, the organisation would receive overwhelming support from people who care about the welfare of these strays.

So, please, please seriously consider coming to Malaysia not only to save our strays but to also give us independent animal rescuers hope that better days are ahead for these unfortunate animals.

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