Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Grotty is one of the car park pups that Bavani has been trying to rescue. A car ran over his paw sometime last week nearly splitting the end into two.
There is possibility of nerve damage and if there is, the leg would be rendered useless and Grotty would end-up dragging the limb around.
Currently, he has been admitted to the veterinary clinic where he is being first treated for the wound before the vets determine if there is indeed nerve damage or even paralysis. In the event there is, then the best solution would be to amputate that limb.
But the report by the attending vet stipulates that there is pain and pain is always good news as it means that there is sensation in the leg.
Currently, his stay at the vets is costing a bomb due to boarding and dressing. Bavani has paid a deposit of RM300 and we have to raise the rest. We are currently looking for someone who can foster him for a month and do his dressing as well.
There is someone who will take him after that but the person is currently away traveling. Grotty is very quiet and is easy to care for. If you want to help us help Grotty, please call 019-3576477.

At the vet's after the accident. He was rushed there by Bavani
The paw which is almost split

Grotty's case reminds us of what happened to Rocky the Rockster who is now with us. A motorbike had run over one of his front paws and there was injury as well as nerve damage. His paw grew in size and soon Rocky's affected paw became bended. His bended paw became inflamed and there was danger of infection and subsequent septicemia - so we amputated the limb and Rocky is now a happy rockster. HE is also for adoption and Rocky is an adorable fellow who thinks he's THE MAN. Best that he is the only dog or allowed to be the alpha male by the potential owner's other pets. Vaccinated and spayed.

Rockster after amputation
Up for adoption
Paw had bent into two and his leg became a piece of useless log
After accident

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