Thursday, August 11, 2011

What do we do - opinions please.

Remember this puppy which was rescued in Semenyih? Reco and Mikheala had fetched it from Semenyih and brought it to our panel vet today. According to the the puppy was very afraid of humans and made a lot of noise but it appeared to calm down when touched and petted.
The vet also called us and told us that both its back legs were broken and its back could be injured as well but they couldn't do much because it screamed every time someone went near it.
He said since the leg fractures were old, they were probably healed and the pain was more psychological than anything. He also said that the dog was wagging its tail every time it cringed in fear.
For us this is a sign that it is begging for mercy.
(Remember the dog that was brutally killed by the Batu Pahat Municipal Council - it was wagging its tail profusely as they were brutalising it.)
Anyway, we have been advised by the vet to euthanise the puppy because it was very difficult to treat it because of this.

However, there are options of fitting it with wheels but to do that it has to lose its fear for people. We believe the puppy is very frightened of people because it must have been severely and cruelly beaten-up.
We also think that the pup must be shown love - hugging and caressing so that it will learn to trust people before any form of treatment can be started.
It is difficult for us to give this pup individual attention because we have far to many to care for and it may be stressed at the half-way-home.
Can someone please foster this puppy and show it some love so that it will overcome its fear of people? 019-3576477.

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Trinity said...

I don't agree with putting the dog down.

First I am in no position to have my say since I can't foster the pup or take care of it in any way.

But as you say it is begging you for mercy mean it is still hoping, hoping desperately someone will be kind. He is young and there is still a chance for him to learn to trust people again.

And so long there is a small chance should we not grab on to it? It is why we hold on so hard to a no-kill policy right?

I hope we can give him a chance as so many have already been lost because of people's own cruelty. I hope someone will find it in them to foster him.