Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This handsome dog Rex was rescued and adopted by a nice family but he has bitten the family members who now think they cannot handle him.
There is contemplation to put him to sleep. One of our independent rescuer friends was instrumental in Rex's adoption and rehoming is rankled with what had happened. The family cannot be blamed because they kept him in spite of him biting two members not long ago. They also take him for walks twice a day.
We notice that he has not been neutered and male dogs that are not neutered and not allowed to mate can go berserk. Our friend has also noticed that he plays a lot with his THAT and this could indicate that he is horny.
Anyway, we think that he should not be put to sleep and our friend will take him to be neutered as soon as possible. Currently she is facing an emotional meltdown because of this as well as well as a few other rescue cases. We understand this and have given our word and commitment that we will house him and find him a home.
That is the least we can down for a rescuer friend who is shedding tears of anguish because of the misfortune that has befallen these unfortunate dogs.
We believe Rex would make a great guard dog. Call 019-3576477 if you think you can help Rex.

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