Saturday, August 13, 2011

Another horrid Sunday - James Dean is dead.

James Dean, didn't want to eat yesterday but ate a little when we started to hand feed him. Today he was in pain and biting on to his blanket. He has been rushed to the vet and but died. This is the worst news that we have had - because James had been with us for a while and we had tried everything possible to ensure that he continued living. HE had gone through two surgeries - and we thought he would survive. Matter of fact one of the reasons we had wanted to cover-up and extend the corner section of our half-way-home is that James Dean could have a place to live which would enable him to enjoy the fresh air. Vet says his kidneys had failed him. R.I.P James, we love you. We tried but we failed. We are sorry to have let you down.


Anonymous said...

The Big Guy Loves Him More..All Dogs go to HEAVEN

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about this guy.RIP.For some reason i like his name very much.