Thursday, August 11, 2011


Its sad to note that our society is evolving into one that is lacking in compassion - we were rankled to learn from an independent rescuer friend about an MKA certified purebred Labrador that a wealthy family acquired for more than RM2,000 which they decided to euthanize recently for a whimsy reason. They had sent it to a shelter for the job to be done. Here's what she says:

"I was asked by a friend to help her rehome the dog because the children had lost interest in the dog and it was neglected. Also there was no maggot wound initially. It was some skin problem that caused the neck area to go bald, wet and stinky. I recommended them to another vet as their first vet was expensive and ineffective. It was treated so she said but after it was sent to the shelter, I was told there was a maggot wound infection because it was not cared for properly and flies must have laid eggs on the raw patch. So in some ways she tried to treat it but in the last resort due to maggot wound infection and the time and money she has to further spend, she decided the best way was to get rid of it. "

The dog apparently had a wound in its neck which became a maggot wound. The rich family decided that they did not want the dog anymore as they were not willing to pay for the treatment of the maggot wound which wouldn't have cost much.
So they sent it to the shelter - their maid and driver helped deliver the dog to the shelter where it was ordered to be put down.
Maggot wound are not serious and for it to reoccur means that whoever is supposed to care for the dog did a shoddy job.
So, its not the dog's fault that it had a maggot wound in its neck - its the owners' fault for not treating the wound when it was still fresh.
By the time our friend learnt about this and went to the shelter - the nasty deed had already been done. The poor dog which was about only 2 years of age was no more.
It had already been euthanized because these people who were poor excuses for human beings wanted it dead.

Killed in cold blood simply because cruel owners did not want to spend what they could easily afford to treat their dog.


We also learnt that the parents of a young girl that was fostering a distemper survivor dog had had the dog put down as well. We are not sure but we think the girl had desperately asked for the dog to be fostered at our adoption page.
What is our society coming to?


Anonymous said...

We can only wait when these human animals get their due. I'm sure they will. What about the shelter that put down the dog? Have they no compassion or brains? Or is it the $$$ that made them so submissive and follow instructions.

marina anakcikbob said...

poor little doggy.. :'(

Carmen Lee said...

Really can't understand how these people think! What kind of education they got from their family and from school? What kind of education is they giving to their children?